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  1. Weirdly, annoyingly, none of Tottenham's fullbacks are natural or even highly competent at WB, except for I think Danny Rose. So playing three at the back feels strangely sub optimal. I think the spurs squad suits 4-1-2-2-1 (the Barcelona version with two wide AMs, or the version further above with two central AMs). In central midfield, Dele Alli is an amazing Mezzala, and surprisingly so is Sissoko, whose poms and physical attributes will be on display if you make space in the middle for his runs. I also think 4-3-2-1 (I used knaps' version, no name) suits us. I won the league with that tactic, although from Feb/March the AI started playing more defensively against me and I started to struggle a bit. The benefits of this tactic is that it benefits the natural position of more of our players, plus Winks can get more game time. But Son won't. Maybe switch between a fluid, wide men tactic and a narrow, central heavy one depending on opposition/ squad availability? Either way, squad is really good. PS- at the beginning of the game, we have lots of injured players. When they come back, I recommend putting them on lower training and playing only 45 mins max in the under 23. Lamela ended up missing 50% of games for me, and Rose 40%, they kept getting recurring injuries
  2. Have only tried the first tactic, no name 4321. Just won the league with spurs with 4 games to go. This tactic tore it up till February. Now I don't know if what happened there was at my end - jadedness, squad management, who knows. But around then I started drawing games, suffered a couple of losses. Since the last update, it went back on track, but I did get into the practice of slowing tempo, increasing roaming, and passing into space after going one goal up. That seams to have worked again. But the match engine has done some weird things. Mainly, my AMCL is getting a lot of poor ratings. 6.4, 6.5... like 9 times out of ten, considerably below a 7. And I rotate, so it's not just eriksen, Lamela or Son. Also, I fail to convert chances way too much, and my defenders have started getting poor ratings also. Deep, low crosses into the far post are way too effective. If I see one coming, I know the opposition has scored. Bittersweet then. I won the league but some ofy best players have underperformed. Others, though, do brilliantly. The wingbacks, and the MCR (Sissoko especially) are doing great. I think it needs a lot of work but I can confirm, then, that the first no name tactic does really improve results. And it was unbeatable at the beginning.
  3. He's deeper and generally holds up play, but may run when it suits. My guess.
  4. I mean, obvious pass is on, but what does lamela do ? He waits, then the opposing defender spazes a tackle, sending the ball to eriksen for a tap on just as iniesta might craft a final pass IRL. Who needs tiki taka when you can have tiki tackle football!
  5. The ME is unable to reflect an effective possession tactic right now, in my experience. It's sterile possession, inexplicable loss of possession away, or a more fun direct game. I'm opting for the latter. I see fewer stupid last ditch tackles acting as key passes for my team instead of my five star rated wonderkid. Hard to suspend disbelief when the match engine is throwing clangers at you. Direct is much more believable to watch. Just give up for now
  6. That doesn't do it, it only makes him do throws and some kicks to defenders. Many tines he'll kick it nowhere instead.
  7. Main problem with that tactic is I wonder if my great start didn't have more to do with its success, that and the beta me code. I've departed from it in my second season as I was putting in sterile performances. I now play fluid and attack, higher tempo and more often direct. That said, it could be a second season thing. But for me the engine now ruins the complete wingback play, and shorter passing is poor. Very often the final pass will come from an opponent's tackle. Dumb and frustrating. That said, your tactical set up is different from mine. In the DM position, I had to have someone on D who held up the ball. DM or anchorman, sometimes DLP. In MC I tried to have people going fwd, so no DLP even on support. Almost always a BWM(s) and ADV plm. Finally I always tried to have a bottom centre triangle on D, and at least one A role on each wing. Both your IFs are on support. I put siggy on S but Lamela always on A. That said, anybody's guess is fine, the ME has killed short passing running at defence sides IMO, until the next patch.
  8. I found that he was on fire to start in the F9 position, was getting a few tap ins from Lamela runs and the like. Got 17 league goals and top PL scorer my first season - but he's not the most consistent I'm guessing, because he slowed right down. He was on 17 goals from week 32 onwards - and just didn't add any more goals. The classical counter tactic isn't working so well in my second season. I'd got to such a flying start in my first season, there were times when we were so tight at the back and resilient in matches you just felt like we were getting results off a high. Not so in my second season. Financial constraints due to the new stadium have forced me to look at regens. I have a 4.5 star rated Argentinian SW/DC coming in. Now, he's 175cm ish, so I can't see me playing him in DC, so I'm tempted to try and see how FM14 handles sweepers / liberos. If there's no invisible line, it might be interesting - Verthongen could be a competent SW while I develop this teenager as a libero. But his transfer is a good year away so for now I'm tempted to try El Shaarawy at F9 to see what happens.
  9. Actually, this looks like a fix. http://www.sigames.com/news/14318/Football+Manager+2014+is+out+now Oopsie, there.
  10. I have the same problem, I have a booklet but am not getting prompted to put in the code. Anyone know where I can do so manually? Have tried re-installing, nada.
  11. This happens way too often unfortunately. If you follow the assman advice of upping their asking fee by too wide a margin, you risk the same outcome. So I negotiate the offer. Usually I insist on summat ridiculous that doesn't sound in pecuniary terms - eg loan back and %40 of transfer value (not profit), while staying near the player's valuation. They reject it and it seems like the agent doesn't come into it then.
  12. Rubbish. Bought for Tottenham, got injured a bunch, played mediocre, sold the second season for a minimal profit. Avoid.
  13. I play F9 instead of a treq - and there soldado is my first choice (though he could do with better passing / creativity!) Siggy's not done well at F9, but lamela and el shaarawy are pretty nifty at it. I play DLF (s) when rotating (damiao or kane)
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