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  1. Just started a United save and many players are coming up and looking for new contracts about immediately. So far i've asked other players to resolve and it seems to hold them off and perhaps sort this out in the future?
  2. I love this tactic with a passion and I've been using it for a long time now. Now with FM17 I'm getting clattered with this tactic. I use Man Utd. I've lost 4-0 to a Bayern team in pre season half stuffed with regens. I've been beaten 6-2 by Spurs. I've lost 4-1 to West Ham. What is going wrong? The same tactic with same personnel gave my spectacular results before. Carrick (my key DLP, otherwise Schweinsteiger) both are decent on strength but keep getting pressed out of the ball. My centre backs are jokes with often all 3 of them converging on one player and basically leaving play
  3. I have a Belarussian Right Winger as well who just kicked Lazar Markovic out of my Man United team. Only 5 star player in my first team with Pogba and De Gea relegated to 4 stars after his arrival
  4. Hey Thanoulas, I've been trying to update to 0.42, it says the update is improperly signed, and now I cant seem to load my existing savegame (it crashes) P PS - I've authorized apps from anywhere, I have the latest FM and 0.4 version now
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