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  1. Just started a United save and many players are coming up and looking for new contracts about immediately. So far i've asked other players to resolve and it seems to hold them off and perhaps sort this out in the future?
  2. Watford Everton do end up having realistic positions in the leagues over all my sims. But yes OP has a point the Mazzarri 5-3-2 is ridiculously hard to beat with most conventional FM tactics. I always keep a 3-4-1-2 (any 3 at the back tactic seems to work) tactic fully trained as my third tactic and I don't have to face this problem anymore.
  3. I dont get it, is it some in joke? 8/10 match reports have this line, the other two have "weighed 2kg more than the...". Please include variations in match reports.
  4. No. It has happened between turns (when moving forward after pressing continue) and during matches in 3D
  5. What the title says. This happened in 16 beta, 16, 17 beta, one of the previous updates and now after this update. Graphics detail is at very low, Resolution is 1440x900 with 200% zoom and Retina enabled. I've uploaded the relevant screens. Let me know if FTP is needed as well.
  6. Thats good insight, something I discovered the hard way in my last match of the season. When a team is motivated to attack and end up playing 4 or more players in proper attacking roles, the 3-6-1 can leak goals if even one of the defenders gets dragged out of position. (the DLP-D or the CM-D acts as a 4th defender) Was 4-2 up against Arsenal in the FA cup but Giroud/Buitink (they played him first season) dropping deep and turning wreaked havoc, also Smalling with acceleration 12 isnt a right fit for this system. As the season went on my team became really fluid at this tactic and in fact my covering defender Bailly ends up becoming the highest rated player based on tremendous interception numbers. The problem is if he misses his interception and the forward gets the ball then it inevitably creates a scoring chance. I'm going to experiment with switching to wide mid role or possibly even retrain Mkhi as wingback (AM says its possible) and deploy a 5-3-2 once i'm ahead. But all in all despite being super stubborn in tactics and having tremendous luck in the form of Martial and Shaw having golden patches, I won the league with only 1 loss, lost FA cup on penalties due to an inspired Arsenal, and won the Europa against Southampton. PS - Thanks SI for fixing my wide players from shooting from the byline.
  7. I would try deploying the back 3 as CD-D, CD-C and CD-D instead of stopper roles. Probably the players rushing forward to close down is creating gaps for wide players (especially wide players in a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1) to move into when a midfielder comes ahead with the ball.
  8. did this for United and Rooney, immediately all the English players declared their concern and asked me for a meeting - I dont remember the exact words but using the first or second choice option in a calm manner, they were okay with the move and i shipped him to loan to Lazio So all in all go ahead, player power in FM16 or 17 isnt a lot.
  9. I added PI's of close down less and much less about two weeks after start of season, noticed defence was a lot more stable. As per my experience in previous games the PI of close down less for defence paired with TI for close down more for whole team means the defence will close down in a balanced manner unless they have a trait otherwise. This is just my observation might be difference that I've not noticed.
  10. Correct, I had Pogba as DLP D in FM16 but I noticed it was leading to the game bypassing Mata, that all being said, this is a situation where a person in CM-D not DLP-D is closing down a player, gets blocked by another CD who shouldnt be there. Then when face to face with a player, he runs away from him instead of making a key tackle. The role and choice of my player doesnt explain why my back 3 are all standing within the space that should be occupied by 1 guy and why the screen is running away.
  11. True I was 3-1 up away from home against a top side so they threw the kitchen sink, but the movements of the individual players (smalling, bailly, Pogba) are all wrong wrong wrong
  12. Sorry about that, This is the exact details of my Setup, formation and individual player instructions (relevant ones) are in OP. Regarding Pogba as CM-D instead of CM-S. Its not my first choice but what tends to happen is once in a while he starts taking shots from way way outside the area and at the same time Schneiderlin prefers left in mid 3 and also isnt able to distribute the ball as effectively. CM-D allows Pogba to focus on dictating the tempo from deep. However, Pogba is an effective defender so I would not expect him to have the sort of poor anticipation, decision making, tackling as demonstrated in the screen shots, especially when we're comfortably winning.
  13. Sorry about that, I used to have a Screengrab tool on my mac for the previous beta but this was a ragepost
  14. Hey so after a bit of tweaking I've gotten the 3-6-1 formation working in FM17 using the template provided on this forum of Cryuff's 3-4-3 diamond. This tactic gave me tremendous success with Man Utd (and Leicester and Villa and several other clubs) in FM16. Starting a beta save I noticed I was conceding a lot of goals with this tactic compared to before, I conceded 4 goals each to Bayern, Spurs, West Ham and Chelsea. Formation Bailly Smalling both have Close Down Less, Jones has close down much less. Pogba being CM-D has close down more by default. The entire team has been asked to close down more, use tighter marking and prevent Gk distribution, higher line Here you can see my back 3 is retreating after a quick break of play to Hazard. Hazard pushes up, cuts the ball back to Mikel as a result the other 3 Pedro Costa and Willian have to retreat back. Chelsea are 1-3 down at the Bridge so they're playing 4-2-4 with Pedro and Costa up top. Mikel passes it to Pedro, whos running towards the ball making himself an easy forward pass, this is where the problem starts as Bailly is running with him and obviously outmatched for pace, Ideally it should be Pogba or Schneiderlin (my CM-S on the left) who should go to press him. Now Pedro has sucked in both Pogba and Bailly, leaving me a man short at the back against their front 4 if he passes through. Which he easily does, somehow managing to slip the ball between bailly and pogba both massive players with great ability and anticipation, in a while i feel they pretty much blocked each other, Now all Costa has to do is receive the ball and slip in Willian or Hazard. Ideally you would expect Shaw at ML to cover Willian while Smalling drifts wide to cover Hazard or atleast cut the passing lane. But instead I get 4 defenders in the space of 1. the death diamond. Jones is stationary and Smalling has pushed into Costa. Over here you should see Pogba facing Costa and making a mad tackle to get the ball but instead hes running back, Bailly should be looking at Willian and cutting that off but hes looking at Hazard. (maybe thats just animation) Sure enough hazard receives the ball and well then its Chelsea to he just hands the ball to Romero. but really guys, how do I solve this problem of players who have total understanding of the tactic and each other doing this. Even against Mainz I had a situation in Europa where my covering CB Fosu Mensah went 15 yards up field to press Muto leaving space to their two wingers to cut in and get goalside . Against West ham this happened with Zaza and Feghouli getting space to cut in. What should I do. ?
  15. I love this tactic with a passion and I've been using it for a long time now. Now with FM17 I'm getting clattered with this tactic. I use Man Utd. I've lost 4-0 to a Bayern team in pre season half stuffed with regens. I've been beaten 6-2 by Spurs. I've lost 4-1 to West Ham. What is going wrong? The same tactic with same personnel gave my spectacular results before. Carrick (my key DLP, otherwise Schweinsteiger) both are decent on strength but keep getting pressed out of the ball. My centre backs are jokes with often all 3 of them converging on one player and basically leaving players free on the far side. I've conceded plenty to crosses. My shots on target ratio is sub 50%. I drew against Everton at home having 26 shots but only 5 on target, most of them are inside the box but just a bit to the side. Anyone else trying this on 17 ?
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