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  1. How many times have you posted on this thread? It seems like you’re almost half the posts, and you’re quoting yourself like you’re someone else.
  2. How is the regen generation for Denmark in your save? Are you getting any first teamers coming through?
  3. It’s a measure of how good you are at the skill or mental. If the player has a 10 in passing, the ME is going to play him like he has a 10 in passing, period. He won’t magically play like a 20 passer sometimes, he will play like a 10 passer with the variation you will get from form. I think this is really the Crux of the issue. If a player is on good form he will play better on average, and vice versa, same as in real life. Some players go on hot streaks and then return back to the previous ability, reflecting the attributes staying the same but form going up, and some players go on a hot stre
  4. I believe if you go to the CL page in game, go to rules, and then follow along the path of games you would be taking you should be able to see the reward amounts for placement/wins and losses and whatnot.
  5. Wow the complaining on this forum has really taken an uptick recently eh? We’re not even complaining about the ME anymore, we’re complaining because of 4 patches that probably took you 5 minutes total to download. 0 people at SI care if FMSE has to be updated lmao, they want to patch issues as quickly as possible so people playing their game, with or without mods, can play.
  6. I’m not getting defensive, I’m just not sure why you A. Are on the official forums of a game you don’t find fun complaining about it B. Don’t have anything better to do but complain about things you don’t like. You want spontaneity and a game that doesn’t follow real life trends. In what ways is that a sim game? If it’s not a simulation sports game, it’s an arcade sports game, there’s only 2 ways of making sports games. Absolutely you’re allowed to voice your opinion, as am I. Your opinion is that the game isn’t fun, my opinion is that if you think that you should spend less time pos
  7. 1. Yes you do, that’s the point. Have you ever watched a good park player play? It’s greens to 21 get off my court. 2. Yes obviously every pass doesn’t work. Please google the word “hyperbole” for me and report back on your findings. 3. “I don’t want my sim game to simulate real life” ok go play FIFA or Pes that aren’t sim games. 4. I’m not sure what the point of this paragraph was tbh. 5. Sounds like you were doing well, and that would be a 4231 my good sir, most likely with Messi playing in the amc as an f9. Barcelona may or may not have a rich history of using this
  8. I and the 50,000 people who are online at any given time on average would like to disagree. If you want a arcade soccer game with spontaneity, go play FIFA or Pes my guy. I’ve had a blast on FM20, it’s easily favorite video game of all time. I don’t enjoy COD, but you won’t see me complaining on their forums about how it’s “not fun”. It’s obviously a massively successful game with a huge audience who find it fun, like FM. If you have issues, raise them, don’t just come on and claim it’s not fun, because there’s 50,000 people who at this exact moment would like to argue that.
  9. Fm is a soccer simulation. Does it approximate soccer exactly? No. No sports game does. In 2K you can green light (100% make) every shot if you’re good enough, in Madden receivers make insane catches or running backs truck 5 guys in one play, in MLB you can smack everything out of the park. In PES every single shot has a good chance of going in and in FIFA every pass works. No game can 100% simulate the sport, it gets as close as it can. When you look at the game you can’t pay attention to every single thing that happens, you need to look at trends and abstracts. When I watch Liverpool and My
  10. I remember reading through this thread in like December and thinking the exact same thing. It’s always funny to me when someone changes a setting and acts like their game is broken.
  11. Yep, you get 50% off. You’ll pay the full price and then it puts 50% back.
  12. My guess is that the issue is with the support mentalities and low mentality, your players aren't going to be looking to create offence for the strikers as they're focused on avoiding risks and retaining possession. Based on the system, id imagine you have a major hot spot on your heat maps somewhere just above the midfield line and slightly to the left. If i'm right this is happening because your midfield is sliding towards the treq (due to moving into channels and much shorter passing) at the same time as your CF is dropping low, causing you to have 4 players sitting towards the left-middle
  13. Your primary tactic is as I predicted wayyyyyyyy too aggressive. You have a total of 4 players who take defense seriously, and one of them is your winger. I can see how this team would tear up the championship, you probably just dribbled through every team you played with an AP and Mez both on attack with the dribble more ti on. This obviously isn’t going to work when the opponents are better than you. You’re liable to commit everyone but your CB’s to the attack, completely emptying your flanks and your midfield, and even they are both Ball players meaning they have a high mentality. A le
  14. You said you’ve played previous versions, so you probably have more experience FM experience than me, but since quarantine I’ve put in about 2K hours. I’ve been promoted a number of times, but never demoted and then promoted back, so I’m not 100% what the AI reaction is to that. If you dominated the championship to such a degree, my guess would be your tactic is significantly over agressive. I had a very similar situation when I was promoted into the Bundesliga, my team dominated the second division, but got dominated once we started facing upper first division talent. I found this to be bec
  15. I believe I've seen an SI employee mention before that regens attributes are effected by where the player is generated. The specific example was of South American players being predisposed to having a high technical skill. I assume this happens for other regions as well, but I haven't seen any specific patterns. Has anyone else noticed any other regions having something like this?
  16. Can be done with the editor, costs 5 bucks.
  17. I think if personality had a bigger impact on performance the PA issues wouldn’t be as bad, personally. If model citizens actually looked like they were giving it all on the pitch every game while players with awful mentales would rarely perform to their attributes standards. I think this would help the 19-21 year old situation as often players in that range playing in the CL are comparable to their more veteran counterparts physically and technically, but lack the intangibles like experience and dedication the older players possess.
  18. I think we just need to let him be boys, he wants regens to appear 10 seasons in... i think it’s a lost cause lmao. Him complaining about teams having regens in the second season and complaining about older regens in the second season lead me to believe he’s not actually sure what he’s mad about. 17 and 18 year olds play for first teams all over Europe, it’s called a wonderkid, and obviously he had the setting ticked to fill rosters as there’s 0 other ways to get regens that old.
  19. I don’t think a lot of the people who post things like this actually think it through first, from the people mad about their youth intake, to people complaining about AI goals vs. Human goals, ... etc. It wouldn’t make sense for SI to make their game stupidly difficult or inherently against the player as it would drive away the people that pay their salaries. People seem to forget unlike most other sports games A+B=C is not true for FM.
  20. Bought a Peruvian striker with great passing and vision for 300k, paired him with a striker who was all about scoring and got him to win Golden Boy and U21 player of the year And sold him to Hampton for 40 million and a 30% sell on fee.
  21. If you’d like to watch a video about why you create 4 CCC and yet don’t win, here you go. In my save as RC lens, my highest paid player is making less than a million per year, and yet we thumped Man City 3-0 in the champions cup. We were not the better team, we had less CCC, possession, shots and shots on target, and we gave up way more free kicks, and yet, I won. Welcome to football, where the only thing that decides who wins is which goal the ball hit the back of more often. The game is also very bad at deciding what a CCC is as my center backs almost always have at least a half chance
  22. While this is true, you will find the best wonder kids coming out of Barca, PSG, etc., these will most likely also be the most expensive 15 and 16 year olds in the game. Barcas players often have 50+ mil release clauses. I would suggest scouting players based on attributes, not their parent club. Something you may not have heard yet is that the stars are an estimate, not a definitive rating. Because star ratings are coming from a specific staff member (you can change this in the responsibilities tab under reports) they are subject to that staff members bias, as well as other things such as cit
  23. The stars are relative to your team. If you watched two teams in the second division of Bulgaria play eachother in real life they’d all probably look similar in skill level, but one of them has a backup level Premier league striker he’s going to look like a god. Translating this to fm, he would probably be a 4 or 5 star player on the second division teams, but a 2-3 star player for a premier league team. Potential works similarly. If you have an 18 year old who has 5 star potential, but then you bring in a bunch of good players, his potential may drop down due to his maximum ability not being
  24. This. My ideal line up is a bunch of giants.
  25. I’m not especially knowledgeable about any of the tactical side of things yet, I picked the game up due to quarantine, but I’ve put in over a thousand hours and have read a lot about tactics and whatnot and think I might be able to help. I started my first few saves on lower division teams with a plug and play and quickly climbed until I was into the nations first division and then I’d get smashed every time. I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong until I actually watched a full game through. It was tedious, and it didn’t exactly show me everything I needed to see, but it did show me the ge
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