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  1. How is the regen generation for Denmark in your save? Are you getting any first teamers coming through?
  2. It’s a measure of how good you are at the skill or mental. If the player has a 10 in passing, the ME is going to play him like he has a 10 in passing, period. He won’t magically play like a 20 passer sometimes, he will play like a 10 passer with the variation you will get from form. I think this is really the Crux of the issue. If a player is on good form he will play better on average, and vice versa, same as in real life. Some players go on hot streaks and then return back to the previous ability, reflecting the attributes staying the same but form going up, and some players go on a hot streak and their form increases overall, reflecting growth in the attributes stemming from good form. I think we could simulate Bale coming back as him having very very low (like maybe 10%) match sharpness. He’ll be able to play and have good attributes once he’s back in the swing of things, but it may take him quite a long time to reach that point.
  3. I believe if you go to the CL page in game, go to rules, and then follow along the path of games you would be taking you should be able to see the reward amounts for placement/wins and losses and whatnot.
  4. Wow the complaining on this forum has really taken an uptick recently eh? We’re not even complaining about the ME anymore, we’re complaining because of 4 patches that probably took you 5 minutes total to download. 0 people at SI care if FMSE has to be updated lmao, they want to patch issues as quickly as possible so people playing their game, with or without mods, can play.
  5. I’m not getting defensive, I’m just not sure why you A. Are on the official forums of a game you don’t find fun complaining about it B. Don’t have anything better to do but complain about things you don’t like. You want spontaneity and a game that doesn’t follow real life trends. In what ways is that a sim game? If it’s not a simulation sports game, it’s an arcade sports game, there’s only 2 ways of making sports games. Absolutely you’re allowed to voice your opinion, as am I. Your opinion is that the game isn’t fun, my opinion is that if you think that you should spend less time posting on its forums about how much you don’t like it and more time playing games you have fun with. As I said, If you have anything constructive to say, please suggest it to the developers, don’t just “not fun”. And I’m not telling you it bc I don’t want you to play FM, I’d like as big of a community as possible for the game. I’m telling you to because you’re spending time complaining about it rather than doing something you enjoy or something productive with your time.
  6. 1. Yes you do, that’s the point. Have you ever watched a good park player play? It’s greens to 21 get off my court. 2. Yes obviously every pass doesn’t work. Please google the word “hyperbole” for me and report back on your findings. 3. “I don’t want my sim game to simulate real life” ok go play FIFA or Pes that aren’t sim games. 4. I’m not sure what the point of this paragraph was tbh. 5. Sounds like you were doing well, and that would be a 4231 my good sir, most likely with Messi playing in the amc as an f9. Barcelona may or may not have a rich history of using this tactic.
  7. I and the 50,000 people who are online at any given time on average would like to disagree. If you want a arcade soccer game with spontaneity, go play FIFA or Pes my guy. I’ve had a blast on FM20, it’s easily favorite video game of all time. I don’t enjoy COD, but you won’t see me complaining on their forums about how it’s “not fun”. It’s obviously a massively successful game with a huge audience who find it fun, like FM. If you have issues, raise them, don’t just come on and claim it’s not fun, because there’s 50,000 people who at this exact moment would like to argue that.
  8. Fm is a soccer simulation. Does it approximate soccer exactly? No. No sports game does. In 2K you can green light (100% make) every shot if you’re good enough, in Madden receivers make insane catches or running backs truck 5 guys in one play, in MLB you can smack everything out of the park. In PES every single shot has a good chance of going in and in FIFA every pass works. No game can 100% simulate the sport, it gets as close as it can. When you look at the game you can’t pay attention to every single thing that happens, you need to look at trends and abstracts. When I watch Liverpool and My save trying to emulate Liverpool do they look the exact same? No. Do I get goals in similar ways and exploit defenses the way they do? Yes. If you expect your video game to perfectly emulate a real life sport I’d suggest you try other video games and see how well they emulate it.
  9. I remember reading through this thread in like December and thinking the exact same thing. It’s always funny to me when someone changes a setting and acts like their game is broken.
  10. Yep, you get 50% off. You’ll pay the full price and then it puts 50% back.
  11. My guess is that the issue is with the support mentalities and low mentality, your players aren't going to be looking to create offence for the strikers as they're focused on avoiding risks and retaining possession. Based on the system, id imagine you have a major hot spot on your heat maps somewhere just above the midfield line and slightly to the left. If i'm right this is happening because your midfield is sliding towards the treq (due to moving into channels and much shorter passing) at the same time as your CF is dropping low, causing you to have 4 players sitting towards the left-middle part of the field. This is leaving your IF isolated on the right wing, which is probably why hes getting so many scoring chances as he has 1v1's all game against the fullback. This is even further reinforced he's the only player who's tasked with making runs into the box as an IF(S), and you have the Work Ball into the Box TI on, meaning your midfield, treq, and CF who are all sitting outside the box on support duties are instructed to not shoot. Assuming i was right with my guessing, with the DLP and attacking set up this feels a lot like a tactic designed to isolate your IF(S) for scoring chances, while your CF is playing as more of a DLF. I would personally tweak a few things to allow more risk (higher mentality, higher passing distance, no work ball into the box) and change Sancho from a Treq to something less playmakery. This should prevent your players from clumping together quite so much on that left side and will create more space for your striker at the expense of space for that IF. Hope this helps in some way
  12. Your primary tactic is as I predicted wayyyyyyyy too aggressive. You have a total of 4 players who take defense seriously, and one of them is your winger. I can see how this team would tear up the championship, you probably just dribbled through every team you played with an AP and Mez both on attack with the dribble more ti on. This obviously isn’t going to work when the opponents are better than you. You’re liable to commit everyone but your CB’s to the attack, completely emptying your flanks and your midfield, and even they are both Ball players meaning they have a high mentality. A legitimate line of play with this strategy is the BPD dribbles forward into a defender Due to being BPD and being told to dribble more, has no passing options near him as everyone but the DM and the other CB are looking to get forward, and is dispossessed with 1 player behind him. If any of your players recieve the ball, they have almost no one to pass to to retain possession, they have to boot it deep to one of the 7 players now trying to make a run. TLDR: don’t have 6 players on attack. Your secondary tactic is better, but still has a lot of issues with balance. I do like the one CB one BPD, but I would take the fullbacks off automatic and set their roles to balance out your defense (ie, more defensive FB on the side of your more offensive midfielder). Your midfield is very dangerous with two players who are free to leave it whenever they want offensively, but the DM should help here. My overall advice would be 1. Read the pairs and combinations guide for info on how to make a balanced tactic. 2. Get rid of dribble more, it’s going to cause your players to isolate themselves on offense, and dribble into danger on defense. If you want some players dribbling more, use individual TI’s. 3. I believe this might solve a huge amount of your problems with little effort, which is why I’ve separated it from the rest.... Move your wings down to natural wing positions. You’ll get more from them defensively and they’ll be more involved in the attack.
  13. You said you’ve played previous versions, so you probably have more experience FM experience than me, but since quarantine I’ve put in about 2K hours. I’ve been promoted a number of times, but never demoted and then promoted back, so I’m not 100% what the AI reaction is to that. If you dominated the championship to such a degree, my guess would be your tactic is significantly over agressive. I had a very similar situation when I was promoted into the Bundesliga, my team dominated the second division, but got dominated once we started facing upper first division talent. I found this to be because when you’re dominating in the second division, chances are there’s maybe 1 or 2 teams who are near your teams ability, especially if you just got relegated. So you can get away with a very aggressive tactic as the results you’ll see won’t look like you’re being over aggressive because other teams lack the quality to expose your flaws and will just park the bus instead. Once you get to the first division, teams are going to treat you the way you treated second division teams, they’re going to be over aggressive, and they’ll get away with it due to superior quality. My Bundesliga promotion ended terribly because I didn’t realize this quickly enough and also suffered massive loses early in the season. Ideally you prepare your tactic for promotion before you actually get promoted, but as it’s too late for that my opinion would be the same as one posted above: don’t make sweeping changes to the tactic, small tweaks to mentality and player roles will keep most of your tactical familiarity while transitioning your play style.
  14. I believe I've seen an SI employee mention before that regens attributes are effected by where the player is generated. The specific example was of South American players being predisposed to having a high technical skill. I assume this happens for other regions as well, but I haven't seen any specific patterns. Has anyone else noticed any other regions having something like this?
  15. Can be done with the editor, costs 5 bucks.
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