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  1. In regards to the WB roles and a winger you put an ! does that mean going into the PI and set cut inside or stay wide for one of two players on that flank?
  2. Any TIs or PI to assign or just leave as is? Thanks!
  3. What roles would you change? I am sorry for all the questions just working my way round the tactic system. I thought having the DLP on Defend would fullback and help cover off the defence and then having the WB on Support I would be able have them stay wide while my IWs cut inside creating space . I know my AF is isolated but not sure wether to go for a PF or DLF. I recently changed both IW to Su and both WBs to Su creating a more fluid tactic. The set pieces was selected as my team have an advantage in Set Pieces
  4. Hey all, How do you play your 4-3-2-1? I am kinda struggling with mine it can be drastically incosistent and sometimes my ST is not involved in play as well as my IW's as well. I am curious to see how others set up and why they set it up like that. Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone! I am kind of new to football manager. What would you recommend for reading and watching to understand how to create your own tactic and analysing how it is working and adjusting to counter opposition? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
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