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  1. This makes no sense, when I look in device manager, intel driver and support assistance and gefore experience it says all drivers are up to date
  2. Hi I have done have you have asked, are you able to check that the problem is no longer showing? DxDiag.txt
  3. I have done as you suggested and am having the exact same issue. the game randomly freezes and wont continue unless I move the mouse.
  4. Hi, I have started a new save today and the same thing happens, however that is with kit and logo packs installed. I can try removing them and trying again however. I know the leagues are removed at the end of the season, what I mean is since removing the leagues it is still an issue.
  5. Hi, I have logo packs and kit packs installed if thats what you mean? I use the default skin however. But I have had those packs installed since the beginning of my save and it it is only in the last few seasons this has started to happen.
  6. Hi all, I am having issues with my FM 19 game. I previously upgraded from FM 17 as I had this exact same issue whilst playing a long term game on 17. My computer runs FM fine usually however my game now occasionally freezes and will not move forward unless I move my mouse on the mousepad. Their appears to be no trigger, it happens both in matches and whilst looking at my inbox/tactics/scouting players. If the game is in a match the timer pauses and nothing will continue unless I continuously move the mouse on the pad. If it is loading between games the load bar will not progress unless I
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