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  1. Hi, I am West Ham and have signed the below player on a free with his agent owning 80% of him, i cant play him in any games unless i buy out his agent. Firstly, the option never came up when he signed for me and secondly on the make offer page the fee is greyed out and unchangable and the submit button is greyed out too. Surely must be a bug unless anyone has a workaround? Thanks
  2. Hi all, I have had a crash dump occur about 3 times in the last day or so as I am about to enter a match. I am about 6 seasons in and my PC runs the game extremely well. I will attach the crash dump - any help is much appreciated :) Thanks FM 2020 v20.4.1.1363262 (2020.06.24 12.42.52).dmp
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