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  1. Yep, cooling pad definitely helps, I bought one myself last month
  2. Are there any mods or databases out there that remove FFP - specifically from English leagues. I like to manage at lower league levels but am finding the FFP rule really prohibitive, if when managing say Sunderland, or Portsmouth
  3. My laptop is at the "important player but may be past his best" stage. As well as the usual in-game options, such as set detail level to minimum or none for internationals, etc, plus also not loading so many leagues, these tips here have really helped speed up processing time for my game https://www.en.magicgameworld.com/how-to-fix-football-manager-2020-pc-performance-issues-lag-low-fps/
  4. I'm using this one on my save game, works a treat (although not using commentary version, just the cheering/crowd sounds)
  5. I'm mainly enquiring regarding youth team prospects, as I realise older players are not going to achieve this, but lets say for example you have a 15 or 16 yr old in your youth team who is a natural midfield centre but accomplished left winger. If you train him individually from day one in your team at left wing and have him play in that position, as far as the game is concerned what are the statistical chances of him becoming a "natural" left winger
  6. Makes no sense - this was on the same day he "mastered" the trait, when I clicked on his profile, I see the 2nd message
  7. I've seen this happen lots of times now, and am wondering whether it is even worth using the "ask player B to welcome player C to the club" option, after a new signing
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