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  1. I'll take a wild guess. The customers who pay 50 euro a time?
  2. "we shouldn't have to speak to you like children" Have you not done exactly like that in your post? This is an expensive game not some free download. People are entitled to say exactly what they think. SI are not above or beyond criticism. To me 50 euro is approx half of what I get to live on each week, thats not taking into account my rent, my electric bill and my internet bill. Quit with your patronising manner
  3. Why is it then, that when I'm playing a European Cup Final, in Russia, I'm seeing graphics specifically pertaining to my opponents home ground. Is this a bug that has been fixed fairly quickly as well? Your response doesn't really add up, and my initial observation is not potential misinformation, I'm observing what I see in front of me
  4. I have to say, am distinctily underwhelmed by the new feature announcements. I'm of the opinion that Football Manager is a glorified spreadsheet, yes, a very fun one to play, but really it's we the fans/"community" who bring it to life with mods like facepacks, skins, logos, kits, etc. There are things that in my opinion, would be fairly easy to fix. The sound issue is a bug-bear of mine. Ok, we don't have FIFA graphics, because it isn't even FIFA, but subtle changes like crowd chants make a massive difference. As far as I perceive, the sound hasn't changed for years, but they are crowing
  5. Yes, they say this every year without fail, and I never notice very much difference
  6. Can any devs confirm whether the neutral ground issue in cup finals is going to be fixed in FM21? I have just played 2 finals in the same week as the "away" team, and lost them both, and I know I was definitely classed by the game as being an away team, because I have a mod that adds ground specific fan banners to the stadium This seems to me like a pretty big bug, yet one that surely shouldn't be that hard to fix
  7. Why is it whenever a player is sent off for a straight redt, the FA without fail decides to extend the ban for a further 2 matches, and also without fail, if you appeal against the extension, its rejected. Is this "hard coded" into the game, to happen this way
  8. Thanks, I think this is probably the answer, to save the game, and wait
  9. If I change a teams kit colour using the In-Game Editor, it doesn't seem to work straight away, does the game have to be reloaded for my changes to show up, or am I doing something wrong. This is the first time I've ever tried to do this
  10. I've played over 1000 hrs of this years version, and in not one single game has my goalkeeper ever rated high enough to get man of the match, although I think the opposition goalie has got it once or twice On a similar theme with goalkeepers, in not one single game have I ever had one taken off injured, so I don't bother including a goalkeeper on the subs bench anymore
  11. Am thinking of starting a new save playing as 2 separate managers, one in the Premier league, and maybe one lower down, like League 2 or National League. Does anyone here play as 2 managers, if so is it a bit tricky switching between the two, is it something generally worth a try?
  12. This looks a brilliant database, am thinking of starting a new save to play with this loaded, is there any versions out with Brexit removed?
  13. Thanks @FrazT, I see it improves morale slightly in some players, but that wears off
  14. Does anyone know if setting a high win bonus for league and cups makes much of a difference and is worth doing? I notice it can eat a fair chunk of your transfer budget
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