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  1. Yeah, forgive me, I meant that I have been failing to score goals in general, I mistakenly said strikers.
  2. So, I have rotated around a few different formations 4-1-4-1, 4-2-4, and now the 4-2-3-1 and I am struggling to get goals from my strikers no matter what I seem to do. Do you have any tactical advice to build on to my current 4-2-3-1?
  3. Sounds good, thanks. I managed to secure promotion last night on GD, talk about a dramatic finish.
  4. I think that the IF and W on (A) will just play further up the pitch and be less involved in link-up play/defending (unless you play a high press). Although I could be wrong, I am not an expert of FM so I would take that with a grain of salt.
  5. Yeah, I should have posted my updates to my tactic, my bad. I will do so now, and hopefully we can go from there. I did find that I agree with you on the winger a game or two ago as my team sucks at crossing anyways and pretty much every attempt at a cross was being blocked. So I moved the roles around a bit and became more aggressive with my LB/RB to try to stretch out the opponents defense. I've also tried to attack wider to further that effect but I didn't think it was making much of a difference and was afraid I was going overkill with tactics again so I took that instruction off. @Justifi
  6. I've adapted to your recommendations but I still seem to be struggling to score goals except from set pieces, maybe I should look to try to move to a different formation?
  7. @davehanson My team is still struggling to score goals, I've gotten two 0-0 games in a row. Do you think putting the MEZ on attack would open up a better route of attack than the striker? I tried putting the DLF on attack just to see how it looks and he becomes too disconnected from the rest of the team if I do that.
  8. So, I've entered into my second season with a Swedish First Division club and I am sitting in third place after a little over half way through the season. I started off the season playing counter-attacking football but decided to change tactics because we started to lose games. After re-evaluating my squad I discovered that we sucked in the areas that counter-attacking football usually needs (dribbling, crossing, speed in general), we did however have very good passing, decisions, and tackling when compared to the rest of the league. This made me think that we could pull off a possession based
  9. Will do just that, very helpful information once again, thanks a bunch.
  10. Also @Zemahh, would you mind explaining your recommendations yesterday more in-depth regarding the countering, high temp, etc. (I'm a bit new to Football as a sport to be honest, I just started watching it in around 2017/2018)? These worked nicely and I feel like opened up the opposition a lot more, but I'm not exactly sure how and feel like I would benefit from understanding. I did take away from that how to prevent the long shots and that I need to provide some variety in the ways that I can score goals, and together with your other recommendations I nearly won the league. If anyone has any
  11. So after a successful season with my Swedish club, where I finished in 2nd with the goal being to achieve a top half finish, I decided to resign after noticing that higher reputation clubs were interested in me. I've joined OL in the French Ligue 1 and I've decided to use a 4-2-4 where I try moving the ball similarly to what I performed in Sweden, except this time I am using an advanced playmaker role in the center and I am using a DLF up top. So far I've won like two games with this tactic and drew once but I got put out of the domestic cup by a team I would classify as inferior. One of the m
  12. Thanks so much for the information you have provided, I feel like that's given me a lot of insight into what I am doing wrong. I will try to adapt the parts of what you've shared that my team can work with and go from there. Looking back, I can spot now how I was being way too limited in the ways that I could score and the errors in the defense.
  13. I am currently in the Swedish Premier Division and I started off the season overperforming, however now I am struggling to score goals in games and my opposition likes to score long shots. I am currently trying to go for wing play where I'll move the ball up the flanks and then cross to either my target man or the poacher.
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