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  1. 1 hour ago, DiasV said:

    Things like this is happening to me far to often. This would "never" been done by a player in Serie A leading 2-1 in injury time. It would hardly been done on 3rd level in a small country  (believe me, I have coached at that level for several years).  The player would/should either play back to GK, or give a throw in.....but as you can see there are several things in this clip that is a bit strange behaviour.



    To be fair though, that clip is hilarious. 

    Are you on the public beta ME? Those two issues seem to be resolved for me.

  2. 1 hour ago, Theos said:

     Some relatively talented youngster 17, from some balkan league, with 3 stars, really nothing special. Millions miles away from being possible star in the future. He costs 350k.

    Guess what? AI asking $96 millions for him. And nah, AI won't agree even for 50, I made an offer just for testing purposes. I don't know what to say here

    Maybe your scout has it wrong and he's a five star? 

    Or maybe you're dealing with a Portuguese club?

  3. PEP-BALL 2010. Nailed it.

    image.thumb.png.65b35d5a39432ba84f115b381cd8469e.png 1318.gif

    Problems solved:

    • Striker auto-piloting to CF regardless of role? Not a problem... he's dead.
    • Every striker role :lock: to 'move into channels'? No worries, don't use one.
    • "prevent short GK distribution" should be renamed "push IF high and FB deep, allowing simple pass to full-back", but I've solved that little issue;) :hammer:
    • AP(s) in CM pressing :lock: at less urgent? Not a problem my good man, he now plays higher.
    • Don't want 7 players rushing the ball? Remove counter-press. :cool:
    • BPD launching it? Not an issue, make him a DC... maybe give him some "runs with ball often"?
    • Urge to vomit at the formation screen? No problem! Go to preferences and turn off match preview.
    • Too many long balls? too many switches out wide? Not a problem! Get yourself a blindfold / wait for the patch! 



    AP(a): drops deep to get ball, runs with ball through centre.

    IFs: cut inside, get forward whenever possible, beat offside trap

    AP: plays 1-2s, refrain long shots

    MC: look for pass instead of scoring, 1-2s, play way out of trouble

    HB: Simple

    DW: Hug line, get forward whenever possible, 1-2s, refrain long shots

    DCs: do simple stuff

    GK none.


    You're welcome ;)

  4. 16 minutes ago, DoubleDenimSuccess said:

    To those who you are referring to then should, relax & curb enthusiasms/expectations slightly (especially this early into release)

    The game is £30.....where else on this planet would you get thousands of hours of enjoyment for £30? If people just played the game like it is supposed to be played like 'A Game' and realise it never ever will be perfect (As is no other game ever created) FACT! im sure people would enjoy the game a little more and realise there are more important things in life to worry/moan about.

    Be seeing you!

    Great username, good Rafa-ing (FACT).

  5. 10 minutes ago, bar333 said:

    Why does a DLF-A not have Get Further Forward PI? Not only is it not enforced but it can't be turned on either, while it can be for a DLF-s IIRC. The option isn't just unavailable, it doesn't appear at alI.

    Is this a bug? Can anyone confirm what the forward runs behavior of DLF-A is? 

    Try a CF (a) with a 'comes deep to get ball' PPM perhaps? or.. is there one about playing with back to goal?

  6. I think SI's communication is good. As long as we're told issues are noted and being looked at then that's great. It encourages the ongoing feedback between players and developers.

    Improvements can always be made to processes and once you cut away all the personal stuff that's what it comes down to.

    The Beta was great in a lot of ways, I remember being particularly wowed by natural passing play in the build up phases and through midfield. Which is why I found Neil's 'making changes to the ME needs to be carefully considered due to complexity and knock-on effects' hard to take, because this is exactly what happened between the Beta and 19.1...

    There was a problem that got through the alpha- lack of central play etc etc- which lead to a change to passing directness in later ME's, which has undone the natural passing play seen in the Beta. From the outside, changes to fix the issues with the Beta seem like a panic buy at the end of the transfer window. A panic buy akin to swapping Busquets for Vinnie Jones because you've just realised Iniesta has forgotten how to play through balls!

    So again, the issues in the beta were either not seen, or are very very difficult to resolve. Following on from what Mensell said, I think it's highly unlikely that they were noticed in alpha testing. 

    Side question, is anyone not playing on balanced mentality, and if so, how ya doing?

  7. 46 minutes ago, themadsheep2001 said:

    It wouldn't be an option as its horrible, and negates good wide play. It's simply a knock on effect


    Of what exactly?

    Trying to fix through balls by upping passing directness and creating direct passing problems, is a knock on. 

    Also, upping usage of PPMs to try to solve the above has had a knock on of disrupting normal build-up / good decision making IMO. That's a knock-on too.

    Making wingers etc dwell on the ball to fix the problem where too much ends up out wide, is an isolated thing... Basically... The nerf solution to a deeper issue. 

  8. 1 hour ago, themadsheep2001 said:

    Yes I know what the issue is, but a nerf suggests a deliberate move, it is not.  Otherwise they wouldn't be looking to change it

    I'm inclined to believe it's a real struggle for them to fix final balls in central areas without affecting passing length all over the pitch. Though I'm sure they're working hard and will get there in the end.

    If on the other hand, they can't improve central attacking play without nuking passing directness all over the pitch... Then nerfing wide play seems one of their few options, because without improvements to central play the ball inevitably ends up out wide too often.

    If it was simply a temporary measure, or a misidentification of the core problem, or something they can fix... I'm pleased! In any case, it appears a difficult problem to solve. 

    Looking forward to the next patch. 

  9. 4 minutes ago, themadsheep2001 said:

    Separate issue. People often conflate separate issues as nerfs when they aren't actually linked

    It is directly and very obviously linked. If the ME has a problem effecting central play in the opposition half, the result is more balls going out wide. In the beta this lead to heaps of crossed goals, and in the current ME the core problem hasn't been fixed yet, but wide play has been nerfed. 

    You can educate yourself here: 


    And here:

    Amongst other places in the bugs forum. 

  10. What's interesting is that upping the directness of passing in this ME has not resulted in more central through balls being played, especially on the ground, when in time and space in the opposition half. 

    Rather than the fix effecting a change where players are able to play through the centre, wide play has been nerfed with stuff like dwelling on the ball.

    Hopefully they can work it out shortly. 

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