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  1. Don't agree with that. Attacking mentality overall, ap(a) in cm, rpm... The crux of the issues are not UI or even tactic related. The current ME is just hard to get to play central through balls in the deck. This problem is exacerbated when your system tries to dominate possesion, and press your opponent back into a deep and narrow block.
  2. Great username, good Rafa-ing (FACT).
  3. Out of curiousity... how does the club doctor cure a flu in one day that takes 5-6 days to cure at home? I want some of the special medicines....
  4. Good to know:) I'm learning a lot and will summarise it at the end of the season.
  5. PPMs help a lot imo, especially in recent MEs. Give your full backs PPMs if they are appropriate for the player.
  6. Interesting one for goal the 9th! Corner: An unmarked player comes from deep to score just outside the 6 yard box, near the far post. This is totally normal and why I don't leave both posts marked in real coaching! 2 (or 1 if we leave nobody up front) defenders stay back plus the keeper, plus the corner taker, meaning 7 in the box. 11 back for us. One keeper, two on the posts, three marking zonally, one on the edge of the area. That leaves 4 man markers to cover 7 players. It only makes sense to remove one player from the post to mark a man.
  7. Agreed. A f9 can roam into channels, but the central focus of it is to drop in centrally and drag central defenders with them. Lecture by guardiola: he starts talking about the f9 around 5:20 Very basically, the key idea is: 1. Drop deep, if marked tight by CB, lay the ball off and an IF is played through. 2. Drop deep, if not marked when receiving the ball, turn and run at the defense.
  8. The search feature says only 'physiotherapy' is relevant to physios. However the star ratings tell a different story: Question: do the star ratings(seemingly influenced by motivating and man management stats) matter? or is it just the physiotherapy score that's affecting injury rates? The above pics show a 4.5 star physio an a 3 star physio both with 20 for physiotherapy
  9. Try a CF (a) with a 'comes deep to get ball' PPM perhaps? or.. is there one about playing with back to goal?
  10. pauly15

    Help needed

    Try a balanced mentality. This version of the ME gives me much better passing choices on balanced. I'd also echo the above post RE contradictory instructions e.g. regroup and press high.
  11. pauly15

    This game...!

    Locked player instructions make it easier for SI to control bugs, exploits, and some un-natural play. A lot of PIs, some of which you've mentioned, should be loosened rather than freed in my opnion.
  12. NP, uploaded as Paul - Ajax He's "devestated"
  13. Goal the 8th! 120th minute long ball. I changed my DCL from defend to cover, didn't help him stop this one. Generally speaking though, the covering player is working as he's supposed to: Less challenges attempted, more key tackles.
  14. I think SI's communication is good. As long as we're told issues are noted and being looked at then that's great. It encourages the ongoing feedback between players and developers. Improvements can always be made to processes and once you cut away all the personal stuff that's what it comes down to. The Beta was great in a lot of ways, I remember being particularly wowed by natural passing play in the build up phases and through midfield. Which is why I found Neil's 'making changes to the ME needs to be carefully considered due to complexity and knock-on effects' hard to take, because this is exactly what happened between the Beta and 19.1... There was a problem that got through the alpha- lack of central play etc etc- which lead to a change to passing directness in later ME's, which has undone the natural passing play seen in the Beta. From the outside, changes to fix the issues with the Beta seem like a panic buy at the end of the transfer window. A panic buy akin to swapping Busquets for Vinnie Jones because you've just realised Iniesta has forgotten how to play through balls! So again, the issues in the beta were either not seen, or are very very difficult to resolve. Following on from what Mensell said, I think it's highly unlikely that they were noticed in alpha testing. Side question, is anyone not playing on balanced mentality, and if so, how ya doing?
  15. pauly15

    Defensive bugs & ME improvements

    NP Jack, here you go: 1. Ajax V SLB, minute 22, weird throw in positioning (esp CF Dolberg). Ajax players bunch. Ajax v SLB.pkm 2. Heracles V Ajax, minute 4, Ajax players in the wall ignore short FK and rush back to original positions, allowing ball carrier to dribble through comically. Heracles Almelo v Ajax.pkm 3. Ajax V Valencia, minute 62-63, CB rushes out to press player already covered, leaving a big hole in defence. Ajax v Valencia.pkm