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  1. Sassuolo I've just started out with Sassuolo so I'll be looking to be more active in this thread and on the forum in general. Looking forward to getting stuck in now work is out the way for the year, I've not really had much of a long term save on this version yet, hoping that this will be the one.
  2. No worries. I was Campos on there too but mainly lurked and read. Got involved with a succession save once. It was a long time ago, dread to think how much time we've spent on FM since then... I'll take a look at that thread too, I rarely start with a small, lower tier side so doing something new is exciting, even if it's been done before. Cracking effort in the top league, can you maintain it all year?
  3. Wow, Ben! So glad that I've stumbled over this thread. I usually lurk in other areas of the forum but decided to explore the game updates threads tonight, and I'm glad I did! I seem to remember reading your stuff on the old Dugout forum too. Going really well here with Volta. I've bookmarked your Beira-Mar save and will take a read through that. Reading this has given me the impetus to sign up here and comment, it's also inspired my new save. Yonathan Salinas Campos, a Venezuelan manager, managing Pontevedra, a Tier 3 club based in Galicia, Spain. I'm going to focus on Venezuelan and
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