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  1. I do all those stuff, but it don't work. Mostly it ends up with other club sending non negotiable offer which is far bellow reasonable. I'm not expecting from AI to throw crazy amounts of money at us for every player once a week, at the end it is needed to have "right" players at our club for nice things to happen, but some "reciprocity" would be nice. For example, if we play with X club and want to buy star player from club Y, who's valued at 50M. In most cases, game won't let us to land him for less than 80-90M. That "easy" should be for us to get 80-90M for him when we manage club Y. That is NOT the case. I noticed, for example, Milinkovic-Savic from Lazio. In every single of my saves he ends up somewhere (during first, "at worst" during second transfer year) for some lunatic fee. Sometimes it's M. City, sometimes PSG or Real, but fee is always astronomical. Now, I never tried, but I'm wondering if it works same way if we start game with Lazio? Does AI always throw at human those same astronomical offers... @HUNT3R, yes,that is nice case, but it seems to me it's "once in a hundred". And it is not always possible to do such things, especially from weak club.
  2. What is "bad deal" for AI? It seems that 50M for 30M player from MY club is "bad deal" for AI, but 50M for 30M valued player from other AI club is not a bad deal Transfer listed players. Try offer anything lower than asking price - offer is rejected. When I transfer list someone (speaking about reasonable asking prices 10M for 15M valued player, etc, pretty much same pattern AI sets asking prices when club wants to get rid of someone). There is no way that any club will match that price (Unless I offer some realy nasty discount). Offers are 1-2M lower than asking price. And non negotiable. If I reject, they don't come back with better offer, their interest in player vanquishes. And when we accept those faulty offers, than (of course) both board and supporters are disappointed cause "club should get more money".
  3. In my case it truth that can't be truth more. I have 30-40 players on shortlist at any point, just once in almost ten years I saw that stuff you're talking about. Just now Barcelona bought one of my shortlisted players from Liverpool for 47,5M (was valued at 30) and than later Liverpool bought another one from River Plate for 13M (was valued at 3,5M). For example, when I'm at club where players are valued around 3,5M --- 7-8M is best I can get after rounds and rounds of negotiating and slow increasing of demands. Only in case that offer is negotiable (around 60% they are not). Well, good for you, but I never experienced something like that. would like, though. Had offers for players from chinese clubs, but nothing spectacular (except they don't ask for sallary contribution unlike european clubs).
  4. Yup, this happens all the time. There is that "unsettling thing", but come on - it is not possible that for almost 10 years in save clubs are trying to "unsettle" my players and nothing else. And yet, in background, clubs are not "unsettling" each other, but buying and selling players for normal and sometimes absurd amounts of money. So how about to "level" things a bit? AI to AI and AI to human player transfers are not equal. Period. For example, Burnley will buy player who's worth 20M from Brighton and will pay 30-40M for him. But that to happen to us? NEVER!
  5. I had that too. Just accept and his status will auto switch to star player. After a while in those assistant reports you'll have suggestion to decrease it to something lower and when you accept, all good. He wont go berserk cause beeing demoted.
  6. You can't adjust budgets cause board won't let you. They explained why. As for "make requests", I had once that issue and if I remember corectly, when you switch to "confidence" section, and under one of those available screens (try them all) you will have clickable button to make a request.
  7. I gave all promises they asked. Treat club as steping stone, to be star player and to give big salary raise (in promise it was something like 2,4 - 2,89M). I just looked at his contract with Everton. He have loyalty bonus at 2,4M and those regular appearance, goal bonuses etc. As for clauses, he have relegation salary drop at 25% and yearly wage rise at 5%. Even no those ridiculous minimum fee release clauses for normal clubs, for clubs in Champions league, for all clubs in case of relegation, for martians in case they land on earth, etc... (all asked from me + salary after 10 games, salary after 25 games...)
  8. Lol, no. He was normal when I got him. At least scouts didn't indicated anything faulty with him in their reports. Was normal first 3-4 months and than became menace. First time he missed training I issued a warning and managed to upset him and entire team. He thought "it was harsh", team thought that I should sanction such misbehaviour in more tangiable manner. It was before this code of conduct was invented.
  9. I signed some regen for 60M and he turned out to be insane. Missing trainings, clubbing, etc. Even didn't showed on match day once. I managed to sell him next season for 40 M. Why did they bought him from me - I do not know.
  10. I had situation where Everton and Swansea (me) was trying to get same player. Both clubs are in Premier league, both clubs have continental reputation, but Everton have 4 star reputation, while Swansea is at 3,5 stars. Now, negotiations with player failed, agent asked for 9 millions per year(!?), and it failed pretty quickly. I wasn't upset, cause I had other options and wasn't willing to give him more than 3-4 millions, but what "shocked" me, is when I got news that he joined Everton for salary of 3,43 millions. They stated that Everton is "more appealing option", and it is truth that they're somewhat "bigger" than Swansea, but come on, that much difference in demands?
  11. Spanner, I lost 1-0. conceeded at 10th minute, but could (should) be more. Can't say that I had realistic chance of winning that game. But what annoys me most, is when I click on that only available option, it ends up in damaging moral of entire team - players says that I'm beeing unfair and that team was not suposed to get trophy ,and that they did best they could. Which is truth, indeed. There is no option which lifts moral, something like, we did well or I dont know... Only "bad" one. Brasilia88, it was "large" World Cup, with groups of three, so it's easier for weaklings to go further. Canada (host with USA, I guess it had some value) was in group with Serbia and Angola, ended at second place. Iran went to quaterfinals, as well. Lost on penalties by Spain there. Belgium won it, beat France in final, Germany third place, against Spain.
  12. I played World Cup with Colombia. Expectation was to reach third round. In group, I draw with England, won against Australia, got qualified. In second round I won against Canada, and in third round I won against Senegal. Got beaten by France in quaterfinal, was sent home and when needed to hold team meating - this happens. Only one option and totaly weird one
  13. Yes, it ends in early november after west and east play off winners play for MLS cup. And it's how it end up on my second attempt. I was transfered on november 20th, 2025., a day after MLS final. I remained at LA just to finish current season play offs. But "bug" was in first attempt, when I was scheduled for transfer in october 2026. To finish current season play offs, than to play entire next season. That is not end of current season, that's end of next season.
  14. Yes, I had that situation few times, too. Sub got injured and press ask why I took him out when he came from bench.
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