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  1. I unchecked box "visit news screen automaticaly" in screen flow, and since than I was 0 times transfered to social feed and in general, "interruption" rate droped for about 75%. Proceeding no more stops on every 15 or 30 ingame minutes, etc...
  2. Those are just factors which helps to determine X. Or parts of it, if you want. Speaking of realistic transfers. But with wrong approach which led off topic. Key was agent behaviour other folks mentioned, I wasnt aware of. Per se it isn't truth but in general not so much. It's even "worse". Or "better", depends on which end of the stick you are. If you see someones offer, you can always make mistake and fail. To think that your eventual lower will be enough and turns out it's not. But when you get info exactly what you need to give, there's no room for error. It's 100% hit, it's just m
  3. They must be discovered elixir of youth, by that time
  4. I'm not complaining about anything, just proving my point. you said this - "Otherwise they’d outbid you, or, at the very least offer exactly the same" . I said - "They offer exactly as they need for him to accept their offer. why would they give him 6M if he agrees to join them for 5,4?" Than you said - "It is quite simply not a case of “offer player X and he joins”. So, yeah, agent came to them, said "give him X", they gave him X, he signed for them.
  5. Well, thing is that I didn't knew for that agent behaviour, cause, as I said, never experienced it. But I managed to summon them. Took over both clubs and resimulated. Agent indeed appeared. It seems that you have to be "prefered destination" and have offer submited against you which would make player to choose "less prefered destination" in order for agent to appear. Interesting. Agent is "snitch", as Freakiie said, that answers my question. Although he didn't said exactly what other offer is, but like he did. Anyway, it's good to know for future, when my some of my club became someones prefe
  6. Yes, it's that simple, just X is not simple X, but combo of all factors you mentioned above. So, if human offers, let's say 7M, AI "calculates" - I have better reputation, my club is biger, it will be enough to offer 6M, player will choose my offer over his. And they will offer exactly 6M, not 6 M and one cent. And that's why they didn't matched or overmatched my bids. Cause simply there was no need for that.
  7. They offer exactly as they need for him to accept their offer. why would they give him 6M if he agrees to join them for 5,4? How to "activate" this?! I'm playing FM since 2000 and not single time agent came to me with such a proposal!!!
  8. Offered for player. Juventus offered instantly after me. Offered max I was prepared to give him, 6 millions + bunch of other stuff. He signed for Juventus 5,4M salary + bunch of other stuff. Than I signed another player. But that's less important. Than I went back to previous save (A), to learn which gap is enough for player to choose "smaller" club over "bigger" for future purposes. I gave 7. Than I noticed that he signed for Juventus for 6 ! Than I gave 8. He signed for Juventus for 6,8 ! Than I let game run for few days and set it as new "starting point" (B) - 8vs6,8, already offered.
  9. Well, I just discovered that other clubs can see what I offered, so I thought that game treats human player and AI equally ,and it would be only fair to let me see theirs.
  10. I ask about contracts when battling to sign some player. Question is where I can see what he got on table by other clubs involved?
  11. He plays. Not very game, but he's playing in russian top division. PTH status is "verry happy". If he wants more playing time, there is scenario for those situation. I've seen it 1000 times. "I want to move cause it would increase my playing time".
  12. Yes, but not in this case. They're newly promoted and Zenit is still Zenit.
  13. So, this dude wants to go from one russian club to another russian club, in order to "test himself in better division"? Those toxic random events should be fixed, this is embarraasing.
  14. In my save Quique survived at Barcelona till retirement. It's also funny who came after him.
  15. I think it's one of random events which game throw to torment us. It will happen no matter what. Conditions are not relevant for those. I had one youngster, put him in first team, where he played EVERY SINGLE GAME from august to december. Winter came, mercato opened, some crap lower division club offered to loan him, I rejected, he got mad at me because I blocked his loan move which could help him to "increase his playing time". I mean, seriously? Are they playing 3 halftimes there? But I noticed that level of discipline have lot with frequvency of those. I usualy had it on 15, game was
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