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  1. Not the response i was going for but ill take it! I will give a better update tomorrow. (Hopefully) Any tips as this is the first time doing this. Learning curve for me!
  2. Good Afternoon Not sure if anyone has asked for this before and how differcult it could be but me and two of my friends recently came back to Football Manager and we started playing on the touch version of the game. This was for the reason that we all hadn't played in a long time and wanted a steady way of getting back into it. We are now two seasons in and really enjoying the experience again. We have got to the point where we want more. Hence my suggustion of being able to send or convert a touch version of the game to the full football manager. As before not sure how possible this is and how many people would like this feature just thought i would mention it.
  3. Good Afternoon First time posting in here but wanted to try it out. Me and two friends have started a FM 2020 Touch file. My Team Cambridge Utd and my friends teams Colchester Utd and Cheltenham Town. League 2 trying to climb to the top!. We have already finished the first season so i have some breaking news stories i made below to help you through what happened. So as you can see was a funny season! I as Cambridge Utd which was first estimated to finish 21st, got to 5th in the first season. Playoffs were an excitment to say the least. I won on pentalites after 2 legs againest Mansfield. Then in the final beat Leyton Orient 3-0 to gain promotion to League 1. My friend who was Colchester Utd didn't really start off very well but flouished in the second half of the season. Finally finshed 8th one place outside the playoffs. To add in the last news update you can see he got sacked and is now joined Crewe still in League 2. My other friend who was Cheltenham had an average season. He finally finished in 12th mid table. We currently play every Sunday and Tuesday. I will update this thread on the days following this. I will also include more pictures and screenshots of the file in my next post.
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