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  1. Hello everyone! Since the last post I played 2 seasons and oh my... the firsts games in league where a huge drama... But I decided to make a huge tactical change and forgot about possession and decided to play to more direct football with a 4-4-2, and I managed to end in the doors of europe, was an amazing run when at the beginning of the season looked like I would go back to the championship. Was a big pity that finally I couldn't make it to europe because was ana amzing climbing from 19th to 9th and was a hardly fought season. Also I used that season to put juveniles from my academy and one of them now is my main player in the middle of the field. But the next season is when the magic was done... I ended 3rd! With a the 3rd worse team in the league and winning games like 3-0 vs Manchester United. Most of season I was 2nd and even a couple weeks 1st but Manchester city and Arsenal where a stone in the road. I am really happy of ending 3rd however and in the middle of the league the england national team offered me their manager position! (with them I am strugling a bit but it is okay). Here I add some photos of my tactics and league board.
  2. Wow thank you for awesome explanation! FInally I signed an striker, a AMC and a goal keeper, all where really young but in future I expect to be star players (they costed me 60M all the budget) also I sold few players. Regarding tactics with the new signings I decided to put passes in standard instead of shorter, removed deep passes, gave more freedom to AMC and ST and finallyI pushed up the defensive line. In preseason I went to spain and won against Sevilla and Athletic de Bilbao easily and not allowing them to even shoot. The new incorporations look really good both being top scorers, however the main problem right now is my AML that last season was the leader in offense... He got injured in the England Sub-21 for 6 weeks, just arriving for the last preseason game, I decied just to make him play half game (even though that fisio told he was able to play 60 minutes I think), however at minute 30 he got badly injured and will be 3-4 weeks out... leaving me with the second AML which isn't good... Also played the first game against Swansea (which was first in the championship las year but I won both enounters last season) and I only managed a draw 1-1, I really had the possession but not the shooting... I hope that was just a bad start and everything will start going better...
  3. Finally the league was not decided until the last game... I played against the second (we had the same amount of points) and we drawed but the 3rd won and managed to win the league. My left winger was injured and missed the last 3 games which made pretty hard to deal with... Thanks for your tips however I do not understand what you mean with pivot... I can not find this position. Thanks! I changed quite a lot I add the photos and the tactics here. My main idea is to play in the sides in quite a posession/counterpression style. I will use the left winger to dribble inside the area, he is the player of the league that made more dribblings through season so is pretty good at it and managed to score good. Also I I have the WB to give support and try to overlap and in the right winger I want him to be delivering long passes to the stiker or if needed also to try to shoot. The main problem I have is that my team is quite bad at passing so I prefer to focus on short passes. Also the striking abilities of my strikers are pretty poor (both with feet and head) which it makes many times to shoot but keep missing. Now season ended and I will not play more until having some tips also which position you think I should reforce, I believe that my strikers and midfield should need a couple of new signings. Thanks a lot!
  4. Hello everyone, Yeah from the firsts season I just keep one player, Dobson and each season I change pretty much half squad Okay here they are After reading quite around I decided to keep going and make some changes. The thing that made change my playing was a message that said most people tries to play too offensive, so I realized that this was my mistake, I made couple adjustments and since then I am first in the league. However I do not feel that I am playing good and when I played any premier team in the cup, they swept me by 0-3 and 0-3 (and where bottom league in the premier). Also lately I am struggeling to score and to win... I rely too much in Racine and Klimala (the last one the lasts games is not scoring). Any tips are welcome
  5. Hello everyone, I am a complete beginner in football manager but quite a veteran in other managing football games (such as top eleven or goalunited in the good times). I started the run with Sunderland and I managed to win the sky 1 and the next year I managed to end 3rd and win the play offs to the premier. All those seasons I used 4-1-2-2-1 with quite ruling the possession and playing in an offensive counterpression (however the AMC position was quite empty because I was sending my striker quite forward). Then in premier the first half of first season I managed to reach UEFA position but from christmas I started going down down down and I ended barely saving the descend, however next season while I won few of the firsts games (one 2-1 against manchester united) then I went down until being second but from the bottom. So now I am starting Championship and I started pretty hard after making few changes (the main in tactics and my wings) winning 3 games and one draw, but since then I losed 3 in a row (on of them against the last team in the league) and one draw against the 19th. I have absoletly no idea what is going on. I use a 4-2-3-1 now and in preseason I ruled, did not lose any game (even against teams of the spanish league such as Atletico de Madrid) but now I do not know what happens that I am going down. The moral is high and I have the best striker of the league and I believe I have a pretty solid team (half is international). My way to go is searching young players and rising them up, right now I have none older than 27 I play the game in another language so I do not know the positons names good, and also some of the players are generated so I will tell the stars and some traits of each player. Sunderlarland in my go reached 3.5 stars The tactics with posession is standard intensity and short passes playing through center and delivering to the wingers that should overlapp to the laterals. And standard shooting and centers (no idea if its called like this the high passes). In defens the striker line of pressure is in the middle of the field and defense just in front of the area. I use counterpression and counterattack and try to avoid the goalkeeper to deliver short. I make my goalkeeper to pass in short. Okay so my team is the following: Goalkeeper 1. R. McCroire, age 26, 3 stars, pretty good at 1 vs 1 and to be honest the savoir of maaany games 28. M. Kovar, age 24, 2,5 stars, terrible, I have him playing in the sub23 and looking to sell him. Left laterals or Backforwards 26. J. Panzo, age 23, 4 stars, his stats ar quite good and I play him in the offensive way, but loses some balls in risky passes (I have set to him to not try risky passes but however...) sometimes however makes AMAZING games 20. O Richards, age 26, 3,5 starts, when I play him he always answers but never makes huge star play, but is steady Right laterals or Backforwards 2. H. ter Avert, age 27, 3 stars has good connection with the winger and i play him in the more defensive way 17. G. Scholz, age 24, 2.5 stars, he was supposed to become a huge star (cpu generated) from borussia, last season played it almost all as the first option due to injuries, was a huge pain... Centrals 19. M. Morik, age 19, 3,5 stars, my fav central and also can play as midfielder, the only complain is aereal game. 5. K.Bryan, age 27, 3,5 stars, with me since beginning and this season is standing out, if not for him and the goalkeeper we would average 3 goals per game 29. M. Fahrmann, age 18, 3 stars, the future of the team right now making some star of the game, good player for the backup 8. C.Kyprianon, age 21, 3 stars, I used him as midefield defender when I was playing 4-1-2-2-1 but now almost never plays so I'm sending him for the sub21 for most games Midfield 10. G.Dobson, age 26, 4 stars, my main men in the middle, focus in the defense but also scored one goal in the few games we played already. 6. L.Fernandes, age 24, 3,5 stars, Mezzala, I expected him to be the main man but he never ended exploding however I do not have any complain, makes his job. 7. M.Roric, age 24, 3 stars, Midfield pure, good passer but thats it I expected a lot and isn't performing enough S. Uhde, age 18, 3,5 stars, Midfield, raised in sunderland cost 0, stunning performance is playing better than any of the team, but due to promises to Fernandes and Roric I can't make him play all games Left Wingers (the source of main ofensive problems) G. Racine, age 20, 3,5 stars, Is pretty average at everything except speed that is awesome, is 1,85 and scored couple of goals from the head. Comes from liverpool and I expected him to be the key of the offense this season... Absolute failure, drains loses... And last seaso happened the same with anotehr winger in the left side. I do not know why but my offense in the left is terrible. Average 6.1 while other average 7.1 12. L. Kan in age 23, 3 stars, has like 18 in dribbling and I expected him to be kind of Neymar... but same of Racine drains loses, last seasons AML, this season I am playing him more like AMC Right wingers. 11. A. Saelemaekers, age 24, 4 stars, my "star" some games rules it others is a disaster, has good stats, bought him for 5M now are offering me 18M in just one season, I think the attack should go through him but when I give him some of the main role just doesn't work... 16. J. Clarke, age 23, 3 stars, barely plays but is not bad, can also play as AML AMC 30. J. Kade, age 25, 3 stars. Scores sometimes 2 goals in like 10 games and average good ratings but in game I never see him doing anything special... Strikers 9. P. Klimala (is a really forward striker but I am considering making him to back up quite) age 25, 3,5 stars. He is supposed to be the best striker in league (the bets say so), made 6 goals in 8 games and right now is in the top of the scorers table, but the lasts 3-4 games is not touching the ball... barely gets a 6.3 14. A. Moser, age 19, 3 stars from Borussia Dortmund, my future "star" when plays makes good job nut never better than Klimala. Thanks for reading and I appologise for the mistakes as english isn't my first language :( I hope someone could helo me because I am loving the game but it is highly frustraiting not winning any game in a row.
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