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  1. We are 25 players that play to FM from 10 editions that play online through a server, but never before this year the speed of the game during the processing is extremely slow. The server has 6ms ping, download 900mbs, upload about the same, 900 mbs. Cpu (Intel Core 7) and ram (16 GB) are never used over 30%. We expend 25 minutes to advance from Saturday to Wednesday and more or less the same from Wednesday to Saturday. Also in the reactivity, the game has become to much slow. During processing, more than 10 seconds pass before any user can read a news. It seems to be all freeze. These problems have appeared since the last patch was released (19.3 onwards). We did some tests with various settings, the only way to have a fast progress and be more playable, is to play with 10 players and not more 25. From 10 editions of FM, we always played with this number of users and, given that you guarantee to be able to play with 32 players, I would expect at least a playable game rather than an exaggerated slowness. We kindly ask for your support to make the online at least fluid and without these issues that make the game heavy and slow, sometimes unacceptable. For many years, the online part has been neglected compared to the offline part. Please do something. @Connor Winks
  2. Putting teams registered and creating a rule only for the first year, it works !!!!! Thanks thanks thanks
  3. doing so the cup is created, but the teams that participate are not those required. He takes them according to their position at that moment (all at zero points, then in the right positions but in alphabetical order). I am now trying to place the teams in "registered teams" and set the rule only for the first year
  4. thank you so much. You've been a genius. Now a question though. From the second season on it works very well, but in the first season does not find the teams in July and waits for the end of premier and Serie A to organize the cup that takes place in June. How can I get the teams to play at the start of the game?
  5. Since nobody has any idea how it can be done, obviously something that seems so simple is not provided in the editor
  6. Minor_si.fmf I can not make them understand the teams I want to participate. In this attached file there is a competition called "minor cup" in which 4 teams participate. I would like them to take part in the eighth and ninth series in Italian and the English premier league. Can some good soul check what's wrong? @krlenjushka
  7. I can not find how to select the first 7. In which screen should I select it? Can you make me a screen? Thank you
  8. How is it done in a cup to participate in the tenth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth of any championship?
  9. @Luke Rumbleyou should understand what the game does when these events happen (red cards, tactical changes, substitutions, etc.). If the server after these events receives and sends the data that modifies the game from the connected users, then the problem is obviously in this data passage. If a game played without touching anything does not stop and instead crashes if you make these changes, then the problem is that. Maybe sending the data fails once and the game crashes, maybe if it were planned to send them several times, the problem could be resolved
  10. In a knockout cup, how do you get teams that have finished the championship in a certain position? for example if you want to involve the teams that have come from the eighth to the twelfth place?
  11. It is by now a few editions that it feels the need for a profound renewal in the heart of the game. I hope it is fm19
  12. I have not yet managed to get teams that ended the previous championship in a range of positions (ex. from sixth to tenth)
  13. I would like to add a national cup with only qualified teams from position 10 to position 18. How can I select those teams?
  14. GeofriFMITA

    Online Game

    A feature essential for the online game is the ability to choose how much playing time must pass between a continuous and another. Now it happens that distance even only 1 hour. The possibility of choosing for example one day, it would be crucial to be able to do online many years.
  15. I'm trying to change the transfer dates in Italy and in England. In England it works, in Italy no. You know what you have to do to make it work?
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