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  1. I really struggle with the sheer ugliness of Football Manger default skins year after year and the community ones are always far better. I get the feeling they cant be arsed with the GUI because they know the community will come up with one. FM always looks really, really ugly out of the box, surely wouldn't take much to employ someone with even half a clue about designing a decent UI
  2. Its not a cheat until the point when you become aware that it is a common fault in the game, once you know that and continue to use it you are cheating. Not saying that you shouldn't do this but don't pretend it ain't cheating.
  3. I am one of those that have been asking for this for a while: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/262638-My-super-simple-idea-for-FM2012-Result-Only-button?highlight=result
  4. But if that's what 95% of users want then SI would be silly to base their whole commercial business model around 5% wouldn't they? I dont think that will happen though - I think people will play a mixture of the two games as I will. I want to play the full game to get a handle on the new features and intricacies but longer term will probably play FMC mainly because of the result only button
  5. I would love an instant result in the full game, strange as it may seem having to sit through the games if for me a pain in the backside and i will play FMC purely because it has this feature. At the moment I just set my team up and go on holiday for some games, especially games that are not important, such as league cup and early rounds of FA Cup, also if I have won the league with a few games to go I will holiday and only play the Champions League games. Before anyone starts wittering on about how Alex Ferguson doesnt 'skip' games etc I would like to point out that I am not Alex Ferguson nor am I a professional football manager, I am a nearly middle aged man sat in his pyjamas playing on his laptop for an hour or two a day.
  6. The problem is that simply applying the tax bands is too simplistic
  7. Not sure about the inclusion of tax rates tbh because its not as straight forward as simply having a tax rate and blindly paying it, there are several ways of legally reducing the amount of tax that you pay that could make up the difference between two similar tax regimes. I am not sure that this is a good way forward for example does it take account of the fact that once you start earning over a certain amount in the uk you also lose your personal allowance on a gradual basis which has the effect of increasing the amount of tax you pay above the headline rate? Not going to make a massive difference to the top earners but very relevant for people earning a few grand a week.
  8. love all the idiots who have the attitude that 'i don't like it therefore no one else should be able to enjoy it' even more ludicrous when you consider that fmc is in no way going to impact the main game. I will put it simply, if you don't like fmc don't play it. I really don't get the issue.
  9. aimed at me?? my question was whether a certain unlockable could be unlocked via game play as well as payment?
  10. In FMC is the only way to get a new stadium to pay for it or can it happen naturally as it does now?
  11. One think that might kill FMC for me is the new stadia 'unlockable' If 'new stadia' is only available via unlock then i wont play FMC because I like my clubs to evolve and have the option to move to a new ground, if i have to buy this then its a big no-no from me.
  12. I was around when the 1st FM was around in the early 90's - and whilst the game is undoubtedly more realistic now than ever i also feel its less fun, now that could be because I have allegedly grown up but I think part of it is down to the amount of time it takes to play the game. On their on own features like teamtalks, press conferences etc sound great but little by little i think they have increased the amount of time it takes to play and also eroded the fun. FM13 gives me the opportunity to play something light and breezy but with the option of also playing more in depth.
  13. Playing football manager these days feels like a chore sometimes, it takes forever to get through a season and all the micro management such as press conferences etc really annoy me and I always designate to my assistant. The main thing I like about football manager is taking over a club and developing a load of good young youth players through and then building the club stature up. Even the matches annoy me - i have been asking for a 'result only' button for ages now and quite often will just set my team up and then go on holiday ticking the box to make my assistant keep my team and tactics. Something more simple without the over bloated nonsense that has gradually crept in would get a big thumbs up from me. Not read into football manager classic much but it seems the way forward for me, no annoyance of teamtalks and press conferences and a result only button. As long as the tactics module isnt dumbed down and the transfer system and player database are the same I can see myself playing football manager classic, seems much better to me. I play football manager to have fun not to click through endless screens of minutia that are repeated to death. Please note that at the same time as giving FMC a thumbs up I am not trying to stop people play the full game which seems to be the motive behind the opening poster.
  14. Pulis is typical of the British attitude to football. Dangerous challenges that snap players legs = fine. Over the top aggression (read passion) = fine Someone goes down easy = Hang him. Pathetic. Would much rather rid football of the the likes of Pulis than players that dive from time to time.
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