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  1. Opponent team name not appear in headline of exhibition proposal acceptance
  2. Four games in four days =============================== Team name not pulling into news item about board response to request =============================== Text issue in news item regarding offer sheet. The team that owns the rights to player signing an offer sheet is replaced with team making the offer sheet. =============================== Opposing team dropped from news item about player reaction to breaking a losing streak.
  3. Yeah, traded Matt Read, Nicolas Aube-Kubel, and Tampa's 1st (mid-twenties) to Arizona for their 1st (#1 Overall, McDavid).
  4. Seconded. Would love to keep separate lists of trade targets, upcoming drafts, future drafts, and free agents. Also, be able to edit news preferences for each. Exactly like FM's news subscriptions.
  5. Excellent. Was very frustrating, trying to trade Mark Streit. Always got offers for second round picks, but he would always veto the trade. Vinny Lecavalier accept a move out of Philly immediately.
  6. Yes please. The straight forward ones are the full No Trade or No Movement Clauses. The more interesting ones would be the time or team limited clauses. Time Limited (i.e. goes into effect after second contract year; expires after third contract year) Team Limited (i.e. will accept trade to playoff team; will accept trade to 5/10 listed teams)
  7. Probably, but likely near the bottom of the priority list.
  8. Player development definitely needs to be something that is worked on. Especially when it comes to development time. I think it's pretty easy to tell if someone will pan out by the time they are 20, in the game. However, I experienced something unexpected in my game. I manage the Philadelphia Flyers (with the TBL roster update). Towards the end of the first season, I get news that my rights to Michael Parks, an unsigned 23 year old NCAA prospect, will expire in June. I look at his attributes and see that every technical skill is in the mid-single digits. I give up my rights to him to free up the spot on my reserve list. Fast forward four months. I'm looking through young free agents to fill out my farm team. I'm paying much attention to names, just clicking through profiles of the players my scouts rated highest. I find a 23 year old forward who looks like he could be a diamond in the rough, may compete for a spot in camp, but definitely worthy to sign and stock on the farm team. I click through to his information to see if he had been drafted and which AI team stupidly cut him. Then I see that he was drafted by the Flyers. Then I realize it is Michael Parks. I haven't played EHM since 2007, but I recall there being random instances where it 'clicks' for a player and they experience a bump in current and potential ability. Maybe I'm making that up.
  9. Short term and long term personnel/franchise management needs to be looked at. I've seen a lot of teams placing a player on waivers the day after acquiring him via trade.
  10. I would like to be able to assign new keys to shortcuts, rather than being restricted to just the F keys. From the right-click menu, it would be nice to set a new assignment for scouts. Still having trouble getting into windowed mode, but I'll figure that out, I think.
  11. I imagine there will be work to do with licensing, if they pursue that route. Could see it going the direction of a slow build, with fake leagues and heavy community support before reacquiring league licensing.
  12. Cross-post: Couldn't be happier for Riz and the team that's kept EHM alive! Recalling the days of the freeware EHM and eastside.peliplannetta.net. The SI EHM releases corresponded with my first years at university. A lot of time spent building the Flyers into champions, instead of my work. This is fantastic news.
  13. Couldn't be happier for Riz and the team that's kept EHM alive! Recalling the days of the freeware EHM and eastside.peliplannetta.net. The SI EHM releases corresponded with my first years at university. A lot of time spent building the Flyers into champions, instead of my work. This is fantastic news.
  14. Would be nice to see confetti and trophy presentation. It's kinda underwhelming to see the players rush the field then cut to match review.
  15. This was my primary formation in FM12. My AML/R would be IF or W with Support role and one of the forwards a DLF with Support.
  16. I'm a habitual rage quitter. If it's fair play (a poor back pass, set piece goal), I can usually temper my frustrations. When it's a player idiocy thing, like my RB, RW, and DM all tracking the ball carrier and abandoning their actual assignment, I'm more likely to pull an Alt+F4. I've gotten more into the habit of saving immediately after each result.
  17. Theoretically, you could create managers to take control of all the biggest clubs and then offer outrageous money for scrub players from the team you want to manage. And hope the board doesn't veto the transfer. But, even with an unlimited budget, you wouldn't be able to sign the top top players to a League 2 squad.
  18. I brought back a 31 year old Cesc for a season and a half; transfer fee was £4.6M (£2.3M w/ 50% clause) Bought him in January 2019; he wasn't available for Champions League (which I won) but he was around for 2019 and 2020 EPL Champions, 2020 FA Cup, 2020 Community Shield, and was a 2020 Champions League runner-up. Sold him to Villareal in the summer of 2020 in order to reduce my wage budget and make room for youngsters. Second Stint Stats 2018-19: 13(3) Appearances, 5 Goals, 3 Assists, 1 PoM, 87% Pass Ratio, 7.26 Average 2019-20: 19(12) Appearances, 8 Goals, 6 Assists, 83% Pass Ratio, 7.31 Average
  19. It's all be covered, but 1) Buy cheap, sell high 2) Tour in the countries that you have merchandising feeder clubs 3) Win, win, win 4) Watch the cost of your back room staff. Every time you negotiate a new deal, the wage will go up a bit. You can usually replace scouts and coaches with newgen non-playing staff without a significant drop off in coach ability. 4a) Hiring former players as staff is expensive; nostalgia is great, but wage demands are greater. 5) Don't worry about the monthly status; TV money is a lump sum payments at the beginning or end of the season. The sum of these payments should cover the majority of your expenses. 6) Try to keep a balanced or negative net transfer spend (players sold £ > players bought £) I am not sure how the monthly payments work but I always buy with upfront money and sell with monthly payments. Theoretically, this should be tracked as having monthly transfer income (which could add up to millions), which could help reduce or eliminate having a negative monthly balance.
  20. Would having a league as view only more accurately reflect results? I wonder if there is a difference when a player is loaned to a league that is completely unloaded versus one that has been selected as view only.
  21. I ordered from GMG the other night and was immediately refunded. What gives?
  22. I'd really like to see an export button that will export an image of each player in your squad. Possibly have the option to filter it so that it only does players on a certain squad (1st, Reserve, U18, B, U23, etc) Ideally, the image would have all the attributes, statistics from the current season (broken out by competition), height, weight, wage, value, national team caps and goals. ANd for easy finding, would be titled with the Players Name and in-game date. This would certainly help those of us who like sharing stories about our save.
  23. Buy cheap and young, sell high. When my starter is around 24-25, I'll buy a 15-17 year old 'heir' or three (depending on what my youth academy has produced). Two or three years later, I have a good idea if my academy product or my purchases will be able to replace him. If the heir looks like a wonderkid, I'll sell the starter when he's 28-29 for a large fortune (£15-30M). If the young player doesn't look up to snuff, I'll sell him for a decent profit (plus sell-on clause). We're talking buying players for £500k-2.5M and selling them for £5-10M. I always try to sell my 2 star academy products: small change, but it adds up (especially with the sell-on clauses). If you want to make a profit, you can't get attached to all of your players. You can form a core that you want to keep and build around those, but you've got to have interchangeable parts. Mine are usually the fullbacks and the wingers, as I rotate them often. I generally offer my players out for their value plus 50% and a sell on fee.
  24. Franco Costanzo circa 2002/3 Oscar Ustari circa 2006/7
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