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  1. I got to 2018 and was offered the GM job for the United States. 1) Players listed on IR for their NHL team are not selected by the AI. Canada went to the Olympics without Sidney Crosby because he was on IR, day-to-day with Olecranon bursitis. 2) I had selected Zach Parise for my squad, who was day-to-day on IR when I selected him. Minnesota never took him off IR, so he never played for me in the Olympics. 3) Seth Jones was injured in my first game of the tournament. He was expected to be out ten days. The Predators put him on IR and didn't take him off (maybe put him on 24-day, I didn't pay attention). He would have missed my group games, but would have been healthy for the semi-finals and finals.
  2. Draft boards would be nice. A kind of shortlist that allows the GM to target players for each draft pick they own. Perhaps associate with scouting. A scout could recommend the likely draft round/ position when reporting on players.
  3. He had a poor example. I tried to trade from #7 to the mid-teens and no team would accept any deal that was my first (#7) for their first and an extra pick. All the offers I got were my first for a combination of their later round picks. Even trying to trade a third round pick, I couldn't get a fourth round pick in the next years draft. The problem with trading draft picks is two fold: the lack of processing/reaction to dynamic draft scenarios and team asset management. The NHL draft is a crap shoot. A team may find more value in two third round picks than a single second round pick because having two third round picks increases the quantity of the prospect pool, therefore increasing the possibility of drafting a diamond in the rough. Especially if the team has no targeted player when it is their turn in the second round.
  4. Draft day is littered with a team trading two or more later picks to move up. The issue with the game is that for a team to adjust to draft conditions, processing needs to happen. As it stands (or so it seems), there is no real-time processing that allows AI teams to assess dynamic changes to the draft. Teams don't assess that their "guy" could be had ten spots later. I've seen a couple times where the team with the #1 pick drafts a player ranked in the mid-late teens. They don't try to trade down and pick up extra assets. Nor do they think, I *must* have this player and I'll trade two third round picks to move up ten spots to make sure I get him. From this past draft http://espn.go.com/nhl/transactions/_/date/201406028 Saturday, June 28, 2014 Traded a third-round (No. 73) draft pick to Montreal for a third- (No. 87) and fourth-round (No. 117) draft picks. Traded a second-round (No. 39) draft pick to Washington for a second- (No. 44) and third-round (No. 74) draft picks. Traded F Brandon Bollig to Calgary for a third-round (No. 83) draft pick. Traded a third-round (No. 63) draft pick to Detroit for a third-round (No. 76) draft pick and a 2015 third-round draft pick. Traded a third-round (No. 79) draft pick to Tampa Bay for a third-round (No. 80) draft pick and a 2015 seventh-round draft pick. Traded a second-round (No. 46) draft pick to San Jose for a second-round (No. 51) draft pick and a 2015 fourth-round draft pick. Traded a third-round (No. 65) draft pick to Florida for a 2015 third-round draft pick. Traded a seventh-round (No. 185) draft pick to Tampa Bay for a seventh-round (No. 200) draft pick and a 2015 seventh-round draft pick. Traded a third-round (No. 89) draft pick to Washington for a two fourth-round (No. 104) and (No. 118) draft picks. Traded a fourth-round (No. 119) draft pick to Tampa Bay for two fourth- (No. 140) and (No. 142) draft picks. Traded a third-round (No. 62) draft pick to Nashville for a third- (No. 72) and fourth-round (No. 102) draft pick. Traded D Carl Gunnarsson and the fourth-round (No. 94) draft pick to St. Louis Blues for D Roman Polak. Traded a second-round (No. 50) to Los Angeles for RW Linden Vey. Traded G Eddie Pasquale and a sixth-round (No. 159) draft pick to Washington for a sixth- (No. 164); seventh-round (No. 192) draft picks and a 2015 seventh-round draft pick. Traded a seventh-round draft (No. 189) to Ottawa for a 2015 sixth-round draft pick.
  5. Training More feedback from staff and players Attribute progression charts to show increase/decline of the past calendar year Scouting/Shortlist Assign scouting assignments from scout profile. Individual assignment queue so that a scout has minimal idle time. Accommodate multiple shortlists. Contracts Expand No Trade/No Movement Clause Trading Salary retention in NHL trades AI Draft day trades GM Interaction with Board/Coach/Players Conversation with board to set goals/expectations (i.e., "this team is a few years away from competing, bear with me while I blow it up and rebuild"). End of season interviews with players/coach at the end of season/elimination from playoffs: Set goals for the next season; Let a pending free agent know you do/don't want to re-sign him; Identify an aspect a player should work on independently; let a player know you may be looking to trade him; et al Request player waive NTC Tactics/Roster Selection Identify to coach/player the preferred position (to override natural position ability). Especially necessary for the wings. If I let my coach set the roster and run tactics, the lines get unbalanced because of a player's natural position. Farm Team/Prospect Interaction Specify preferred role when assigned player to farm team Indicate training regime for prospects/farm players (still affected by assigned team's coaches though) Rookie camp for all unsigned/free agent rookies, optional for other players/free agents
  6. I know of three "blocker" screen that must be exited (OK or Canceled) before continuing the game. The Scouting screen, the NHL Entry Draft screen, and the trade screen. Click the back button a couple times and if you come across any of those, click ok, cancel, or reject (as is seen in your first screen shot).
  7. It would be nice if we could export information on player personnel (position, height, weight, DOB, all visible attributes) as html, xml, or .xlsx. Given there is no means within the game to track player progression, I'd like a way to make my own graphs in Excel or in a Google doc.
  8. Not necessarily. You could have two great coaches who have conflicting methods/advice on how to improve the player.
  9. Same, no season ticket sales under 15.02 in the second season. No season tickets in season three under 15.1. However, the June 30/July 1 season update process ran under 15.02.
  10. Speed definitely shouldn't change drastically, unless weight is dynamic too. Some players have improved speed by shedding weight, but I don't think height/weight is dynamic in the game. Or work on skating form to improve acceleration.
  11. My AHL team is independent, so I have zero control over the practice of my farmed out players. Some develop, albeit slowly.
  12. Would love to be able to customize the data-set and try to make a manageable the NCAA Umbrella.
  13. Playing as Philadelphia, with the TBL 7.3 roster, I received a notification that Ed Snider "retired." That likely occurred in the first release A couple month's later, his replacement's contract expired. For the last, year, I haven't had an chairman or a managing director. Perhaps it's something to look at. Maybe nothing to worry about, purely aesthetic. Between lack of season ticket revenue and this, things aren't right in the boardroom.
  14. I get that from the fans, but the board should show some greater trust in the GM/Coach who just won the cup.
  15. It's a known issue. Your screen height has to be greater than 768. I hope the resolution will be addressed in a future update.
  16. What is your in-game date? If it is not past July 1, the issue may be that you have contracts that expire June 30.
  17. I'll start off by saying I won the Stanley Cup. In the offseason, I've traded away a couple players to manage my salary cap and make for some younger players. After trading away Steve Mason and Alex Radulov for a stud 19 year old right winger and a second round pick, I received immediate notification that both fans and board are angry. A few days later, with the monthly overview, my board says they are unhappy with my management and may listen to the angry mob of fans if things don't improve. First, I haven't suffered any drop off in quality, on paper, in any of the positions I've traded away. I've traded from positions of strength to stock draft picks or improve weaknesses in other areas. Second, it's August. Can we wait until some games are played? Given that I won the ultimate trophy in the sport, perhaps the board could get off my back? Shouldn't the fans be elated?
  18. Check your filter. From the looks of it, it is set to show only forwards.
  19. Noted, but it was more for other users that may not scroll down very far.
  20. It doesn't seem to, in my experience. I have noticed trade offers are in line with the general setting (Balanced, Veterans, Youth, Prospects, or Draft Picks), but rarely the specific needs.
  21. Maybe just revise it to 0 game(s) and 3 day(s) on NHL Roster.
  22. In reference to the Salary Cap, the only number you need to pay attention to is the Estimated Club Average Salary. These are the salaries of the players on the NHL roster. The Player Salary number is the total amount paid to all player personnel signed/paid by the club.
  23. This may have been an issue before, but I don't recall when I updated to 15.02b. It looks like there is no automatic off-season break where players take leave of their practice schedules. I ran a simple test. The first run, I went from 6 June, I placed all of my players on the "Resting" schedule and went on holiday until 1 September. When I look at the players' condition levels, they range from 87-99 percent. The second run, I started at the same time, 6 June, but left my players on the last training schedule I had them on. On 1 September, only one player returned with a condition level of 87 percent or higher (two others were juniors returning to the team and default to the "Resting" schedule). The of the other players the highest condition level was 81 percent. Shouldn't all players go "On Holiday" when their team's season ends and return sometime in late August to get back to proper fitness levels? In the ideal game scenario, will independently work on some facet of their game in the off season. When they come back, coaches point out, or I notice the improvement. It could be noticeable attribute whether it's or improving faceoff performance. Or it could be less noticeable, like a coach pointing out a player is working harder or is more consistent than previous years.I've uploaded Harper_EHM_OffseasonFitnessPractice.zip to the ftp site. It is in FM/Save Game because there is no dedicated EHM folder for upload. The zip has four save game files. The names will indicate whether practice is on or off and the in-game date of the file.
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