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  1. As a part of player/media interaction, could I, as a club manager, make a statement that could potentially influence a national team manager's squad decision? For example, I found a 25 year old Brazilian newgen, natural DM that can play as a DC, who looked to be a good option for my Arsenal side. I signed him up, but he failed to get a work permit because he hasn't had any international appearances. Sidebar, he's a 25 year old regen that I signed in January 2018. I didn't realize newgens would be created in their mid twenties. I loaned him out to FC Gronigen, where his form has been pretty good. Playing primarily as a central defender, 17 games, 4 goals, 3 assists, 5 player of the match awards, and a 7.21 average rating in his first season in the Eredivisie. The first half of his second season on loan, thus far, 17 games, 2 goals, 0 assists, 1 PoM, and a 7.05 avg rating. He's listed as the key player on the squad profile page. As his manager, and in the interest of my team, I'd like to be able to make statements to the media that I think a player's form deserves a call up. Or, as a counter to the media items that a player should be dropped from his national team for lack of appearances, that I can make a statement that a player's absence from my starting 11 doesn't reflect negatively on his ability, and that I believe he can still help his national team.
  2. Three parties (if not more) in every deal. Hopefully he's playing well enough that you might find a buyer in the next window?
  3. Ah, found it. Championship Manager 4. Way back when before the breakup of the SI/Eidos relationship. Makes me realize I'm getting old. I surely thought that was a feature in Football Managers (or World Wide Soccer Manager as it was known state-side). But no, it was back when I was still in high school.
  4. Ah, forgot about that training. The more complex one, where you would have to build training routines with various exercises...5-a-sides...keep away (pig/monkey in the middle)...sprints...distance runs...weight training...tactical review.
  5. Which release of the game had the complex training module with the various exercises? Did a brief internet search, but couldn't find it.
  6. Arsenal, because it's the only way I'll see the squad A) win the league any time soon and B) see Wenger Out immediately.
  7. Getting a 403 Forbidden Error when I try to download from FM Scout. Is it hosted anywhere else?
  8. Make: MSI - GL62M 7RE-623 CPU: Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU Frequency: 2800/3800 MHz 6MB Intel® Smart Cache (Task Manager was wavering between 3.3-3.56 GHz during testing) RAM: 8GB DDR4 2400MHz (Task Manager never exceeded 4.4GB during testing) OS: Win 10 Home 64-bit Install Storage*: SSD M.2 Save Game Storage: HDD 7200RPM Test A Time: 4 min 34 sec Test B Time: 9 min 19 sec *Base model comes with HDD as the only storage
  9. Your goal difference is the same. Two goals for and two goals against. Third tie breaker, IRL, is higher number of goals for (both are two). Fourth tie breaker is the number of away goals scored. The other team scored one away goal, your team did not.
  10. Used to, but as I've gotten older, more active, and more heavily leaned on at work, I find playing time hard to come by.
  11. Enjoying the full release, thus far. A few things that could use improvement Scouting Assignments: Something more fluid and informative. It's difficult to maintain good scouting coverage. Would be nice if there was some scheduling that allowed you assign a series of teams, competitions, et al to a scout so they continue to have work. Scouting Reports: Particularly for the drafts, would be nice if the scouting reports could be retained in some way. If you have scouts that were assigned to the the NHL Draft, but reassign them, the reports disappear and you have no reference for them from the main draft screen. Shortlisting: Would be great to have multiple shortlists. Training: Some sort of progression tracker; even as simple as exporting an xml or csv of the visible player attributes so that differentials could be performed outside of the game.
  12. Three years, four months, and twenty-three days between join date and your first post. That's pretty impressive. And I agree that there should be a cancel option.
  13. The latest update indicates a change to player attribute generation and progression.
  14. How many times in real life has an RFA signed with another team? Hint, it's not often.
  15. Snap up young players before their 18th birthday and train them up. Either they make the grade, with Home Grown status; or they don't and you can sell them off for a profit.
  16. Thanks. Also, I didn't mean immediately, but at your leisure. Enjoy vacation.
  17. Could you do some posts demonstrating prospect/new-gen development under 15.3?
  18. Agreed, I made a trade for Drew Doughty and got a notification indicating first that the fans were upset with the trade, then that the fans were eager to see Drew Doughty in action. I gave up Michael Parks (3rd line RW), Samuel Morin (#6/7 defender and improving), and Callum Booth (blue chip G prospect) for Doughty and a 2nd round pick.
  19. Once there is an editor, you'll be able to do that here. The game has been publicly available for one month, as an early access beta. Slow your roll and be patient. Additional functionality will come, from SI or third-party developers. Additionally, to accurately simulate simulation cap fluctuation, an economic model would have to be developed. Of the things to implement in the game, that would be a higer demand of a limited resource (dedicated time from the developer). Many of us would rather the "on-ice" product improved, as well as the more tactics engine, trade models, AI squad management, scouting, training, and player progression models. Having a static cap and relatively static wage demands are acceptable, for the time being.
  20. Would be nice to see more fanfare around championships and awards. Aesthetic, but certainly helps immersion. Fans are pretty fickle. I stole Drew Doughty from cap-strapped LA. After confirmation, I received three news items. Two stated that the fans and the board were upset with the trade, accusing me of poor asset management. The third was the fans being excited about the acquisition of Drew Doughty. My reaction: http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/2589361/wuhwhat_medium.gif Los Angeles acquires Callum Booth: 21 years old, goalie prospect. Highly rated, but surplus to my needs after acquiring Olle Eriksson Ek Samuel Morin: 23 year old stay at home defender, with room to grow. Michael Parks: 26 year old right winger, scored 15 goals and 17 assists in 59 games the previous season. Philadelphia acquires Drew Doughty: 29 years old star defender Los Angeles' 2019 second round draft pick
  21. Not after a game has been started. All finances are static in the game. No cap increase, no ridiculous salary inflation.
  22. The league structures are likely a database issue. Not sure how feasible it will be to correct until an editor is released, by SI or a third party, that can change the new database format.
  23. In one of the monthly confidence updates, I read that blurb that basically says "if results don't improve, we may follow advice of the fans and fire you". Went to the preferences and click the button that prevent the firing of human GMs. I was just tanking the first season, because, well, the Flyers actually suck. Three years later, I've won the cup, won the Olympics, and am in the conference finals again.
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