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  1. A thought I had was to make youth intake more dynamic: instead of a waterfall of candidates, at random intervals throughout the season get informed that one or a few recruits have either been promoted to the U18 team from the academy or brought in for a tryout from one of the feeder clubs. Would that be possible? Or is there a processing advantage in have a team of youth candidates generated all at once?
  2. Also think this can be inverted, where I act as the director of football and can hire a head coach to take charge of the matches.
  3. Ah, admittedly, I haven't taken full control of scouting. I'll look into it.
  4. I'll buy the game regardless. If anything, I'd like to see the USL added below MLS. Even if it were, I'd likely replace it with a custom pro/rel North American pyramid.
  5. Sports Interactive tried the console thing with xBox a while back, ya?
  6. Wouldn't this essentially be two full backs, three central defenders, and either a sweeper or a DM with anchorman/halfback role.
  7. You can use the notes to create reminders that will appear in your inbox on the specified day (with repeat frequency). I use this, particularly when a first team player finishes tutoring a youth team player, I create a reminder 6 weeks out to remind me to set a new tutor sesh.
  8. In general, I like the revamp of scouting. I get the long-term and short-term scouting goals. I would like to see one change, that is the ability to create a list of competitions (and prioritize that list). Every time that competition starts, a scout (or multiple scouts) are assigned to it. Reports delivered at a designated interval, with a post-competition summary about players exceeding and failing to meet expectations, and recommended players to sign/scout further. Additionally, I think the next evolution of the scouting department would hire regional/national scouts who are focused on that region/nation and the international and domestic competitions relevant to that region. To expand, for competitions that take place at multiple locations on the same day, this should be reflected. For example, this world cup, except for Saturdays, three games occur each day at three different stadia (at different times in different cities). Realisitically, one scout is not enough. For adequate coverage, I should send at least three scouts, so that each game is covered. However, on Saturdays, there are four matches, so if I wanted complete coverage, four would be necessary. This also impacts the team's scouting budget and scouting range, as the travel/expenses add up. I'm not saying I want to schedule this stuff as the manager, but that I want to be able to set a list of competitions I want scout and designate how many resources to dedicate to said competition (or leave it to my chief scout/director of football).
  9. When you are filtering there's an option to have your assistant filter for youth team candidates. I'll post a screenshot when I'm back at my computer.
  10. Harper

    Coach Lineage

    The old coaching tree. Similar to the where are they now that exists for players, but for staff. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coaching_tree
  11. Harper

    Yearly Kits?

    Wouldn't mind it as something that just happens (for unlicensed leagues). Comes in along with the commercial summary or something. No need for manager input though.
  12. Just mentioned Oscar Ustari in another post. Can't remember when the negative potential numbers were introduced, but I think that's helped the wonderkid overpopulation tremendously. Ah, Sherman Cardenas and Nicolas Millan, world beaters!
  13. Way back in the day, maybe FM 2007 or 2008 so, I was playing as Arsenal and was in the CL Semi Finals against a Spanish team, but not a Barca or RM, think it was Valencia. I won the home leg, 3-2, but obviously let in two away goal. Started off the away leg well, scoring in the first couple minutes. Kept pushing for the second to nullify swing away goals into my favor. Conceded at some point in the match, so it's 4-3 on aggregate. Switch my tactics in the last 15 minutes to waste time and be more defensive. Kolo Toure, central defender in my back three has the ball. Gets pressured and passes back to Jens Lehmann. Mad Jens doesn't collect the ball and it rolls past him, into the net. I lose on away goals. After the match, I immediately put them on the transfer list and drop both of them from the first team squad. I may have fined both of them for poor performance, I think that was still an ability we had at the time. Just did everything I could to get them unsettled and want out. Forced the old wonderkid Oscar Ustari into my first team. Was actually mad at the players IRL. So much that when Toure was sold to City a few seasons later, I wasn't really upset because of it.
  14. I routinely structure transfers in a similar fashion that always include milestone payments for games played, goals scored, competition milestones, and international caps, if the play isn't an established international. This can be pretty click and time intensive. How feasible would it be to add functionality that allows me to save transfer offer templates. Similar to using saved tactics or player/staff search filters, the next go round, I can select a template which will then populate the transfer offer sheet. All I need to do then is adjust the values and be on my way. Similar functionality could be available for contracts, populating the contract offer sheet with pre-determined bonuses and clauses.
  15. Championship Manager 4 and FM 2005 had individual drills. As manager, we could develop training schedules, with different drills per day, and assign players and coaches to each schedule. I forget why it was simplified.
  16. If I'm keeping track of the letters correct, the following are possible with the letters given (and not repeating use). Dynamic Faces Dynamic Potential 1v1 Training Set Piece Training Here are my counts of letters and numbers (114 total) A: 10 B: 0 C: 7 D: 4 E: 10 F: 2 G: 3 H: 1 I: 10 J: 0 K: 0 L: 5 M: 2 N: 9 O: 7 P: 3 Q: 0 R: 9 S: 9 T: 11 U: 3 V: 1 W: 0 X: 1 Y: 5 Z: 0 1: 2 2: 0 3: 0 4: 0 5: 0 6: 0 7: 0 8: 0 9: 0 0: 0
  17. With the right tactics and instructions a CA/PA player can out perform a player with a double digit advantage in CA/PA.
  18. Harper

    Contract Histories

    How much of each performance bonus or fee was actually paid out could be useful too. 30x appearance fee, 15x unused sub, et cetera
  19. It would be nice to be able to filter the scout assignments hub. I know I can go to a scout's profile and see his individual assignments. However, that doesn't let visualize and reduce overlap or redundancy. I know I can sort the scout assignments page by columns. But every time I drop an assignment, it scrolls back to the top. Therefore, I think it would be nice to filter by assignment type (geographic, competition, or specific player/position, loan reports), by geography. Filter by Assignment Fairly straight forward. If I filter by regional assignments, I see all of the regional assignments. National filter, national assignments. Competition filter, competition assignments. Player; player assignments (including loan reports), where as filtering for loan reports, only returns the assignment for my loanees. Filter by Geography/Confederation Alternatively, if I filter on geography then I see the scouts and assignments within that geography. For example, only want to see European Assignments. I'll be returned with my scouts assigned to the Central Europe region, scouts assigned to France, England, Italy, et al, and scouts assigned to Premier League, UEFA Youth LEague, Champions League, et al.
  20. Would like to see a screen that displays a contract history of players or staff members, including base wage, signing bonus, agent fee, and performance bonuses (and whether they were paid out).
  21. When you request a feeder club, you do get to choose one from a list of options. My post was in regards to when you pick the club for the board to negotiate a deal with. Rather than submit Club A and basically get a 50/50 shot, I'd like to submit Clubs A, B, C, and D. At which point the board goes away, negotiates, and comes back "We were able to negotiate these deals with Clubs A, C, and D; pick one." Or even, be able to populate an ever present list of clubs that the board considers when requesting feeder clubs.
  22. Could always try recreating historic tactics https://visual.ly/community/infographic/history-football-tactics-1863-2014 https://www.football-bible.com/soccer-info/old-football-formations.html
  23. When given the option to pick your feeder club, it would be nice to provide a shortlist of clubs, rather than a single recommendations.
  24. That's what FM is missing! Need more John Williams introductory fanfares and the Hans Zimmer's BRAMMS and Shepard tones;
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