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  1. I agree, the scouting is pretty bland. I think more media reports of scout sightings would go a long way to add to realism. "Arsenal's Steve Rowley was spotted at Lyon's French Ligue 1 match against Lille. It is speculated that Arsenal is looking to sign Dejan Lovren to reinforce their defensive options. However, Hugo Lloris and Yoann Gourcuff could also be targets." Competition scouting needs to be tweaked so that scouts can be assigned multiple competitions, as long as those competitions don't overlap. Example, Scout A could be assigned to Euro Championship Qualifiers, Euro Championship, Euro WC Qualifying, and World Cup without overlapping. And he'd always be busy. Scout B could be assigned to the equivalent for U-19 and U-21 Euros and U-20 World Cup.
  2. I'd like improvements to the transfer engine and contract demands. It's nearly impossible to offload young players. I've had young players valued around £1-2M and can't offload them. I'll offer them out at there game-based value and get returns saying X team isn't interested at the asking price. So, I'll drop the offer in half £500k + 50% next sale, and still no bite. Aging stars refuse to take wage cuts in exchange for more performance based contracts.
  3. I'm in the same boat. An abundance of young talent ranging from 16-20 year olds that have already stepped up during injury crises. Currently looking to trim my squad. The issues I have is that some of them have not gained home-grown status, near have they been with the club for two years. Not really an issue for the league, but Champions League registration is an issue since you have to register players that have not been with the club for two years.
  4. Wow. How did it finish? What were the matches on the last day? Any of the title contenders playing each other?
  5. In my game, in the 2015/16 season. I started in February 2012 and went on holiday until the end of the 2011/12 season Arsenal I replaced Arsene Wenger on 14 May 2012 Wenger became French NT manager on 20 October 2013. Won the playoff qualifier a month later and went on to win the 2014 World Cup Manchester United Alex Ferguson retired on 27 May 2014 Gregorio Manzano managed the team from 2 June 2014 and was sacked on 25 May 2015 Jurgen Klopp was hired on 1 June 2015 Chelsea Andre Villas-Boas left for FC Bayern on 21 February 2014 Roberto Mancini took over on 28 February 2014 Manchester City Roberto Mancini left for Chelsea on 28 February 2014 Sinisa Mihajlovic was hired on 6 March 2014 Tottenham Harry Redknapp retired on 27 May 2014 David Moyes was hired on 2 June 2014 Liverpool Kenny Dalglish retired on 26 May 2015 Michael Laudrup was hired 2 June 2015
  6. You can change the squad status. I think it's Transfer/Contracts -> Squad Status -> Select Your Option.
  7. Usually have a Belgian feeder club. I tend to avoid non-EU players. By the time I've purchased them and they've spent three years acquiring their passport, they're so far down the depth chart that I have no use for them. However, if they are a special talent, I'm able to loan them for a year, then renegotiate their contract with a higher squad status and have a work permit granted.
  8. Had a board takeover whilst playing as Arsenal. It was towards the end of my third season in charge, but I didn't get fired. No change in my transfer budget or debts.
  9. When I've played with two strikers, I've had most success with Trequartista (van Persie) and Poacher (Walcott). But mostly, I play with a poacher in front of three attacking midfielders: one attacking midfielder, one advanced playmaker, and one trequartista (sometimes inside forward).
  10. I think newgens should come in with a basic position (Goalie, Defense, Midfield, Forward) and leave it up to the manager to train their primary position.
  11. EHM, before it was an SI product, had a feature that at the end of the season occasionally re-evaluated a player's potential and increased or decreased it accordingly. Perhaps something similar could be reflected in FM? Obviously should happen with every player, but a combination of things could be taken into consideration: transferring to a club with better training and/or coaches, increased quality of competition, effective tutoring, quality of appearances at u18/reserve/first team/national team level. Injuries, lack of game time, etc could decrease PA.
  12. Regarding Finances and the Wage Budget...it would be nice to have a breakdown of each player's loyalty bonus. When it was started, how much has been paid/how much is owed, how much will be paid to the player upon transfer.
  13. -Being asked to name your squad for a tour. Teams don't take every single player they have at the club -Work friendlies into the MLS schedule. As an MLS manager you aren't required to take advantage, but as a top club in European leagues, you can tour the US during these friendlies playing against MLS teams. (Or allow the ability to select fellow foreign teams to play in US stadiums, as is done in real life).
  14. 2009/10: 2nd 2010/11: 1st 2011/12: 1st 2012/13: 2nd, but still in progress, 2 games in hand. Barring long-term injuries or poor form, I'll likely go top again. My squad depth is basically a lot of U-20 subs, with a few mediocre talents that won't complain about playing time. I won the Champions League in 2011 and 2012. I completed a triple, winning the FA Cup in 2011 as well. I've not won the League Cup, but was runner up in 2010.
  15. 2012/13 Season: EPL Stats GK: Joe Hart (10M - Man City - 2010): 5 games, 3 CS, 3 GC DL: Criscito (Free Transfer - Juventus - 2012): DR: Aurier* (5M - RC Lens - 2009) DC: Vermaelen DC: Montejo* (5M - Mallorca - 2009) MC: Fabregas MC: Nordtveit AMR: Wilshere AML: Kroos (10.5M - FC Bayern - 2010) TM: Dzeko (11.75M - Wolfsburg - 2010): 5 Games, 11 Goals, 1 Assists TQ: Barazite: 5 Games, 2 Goals, 7 Assists Montejo and Aurier are regens, both are 19 years old, but established themselves in the 2011/2012 season when Shawcross, Otamendi, and Sagna went down with injuries. I ended up selling all three. After the first season, I was surprisingly offered Dzeko by Wolfsburg for the measly sum I indicated above. Shocking, as I usually have to bid more than 23M after the first season I talked up Criscito in December 2011, when I noticed his contract was expiring at the end of the season. I even went as far to have a bid and contracted accepted, delaying until January 1 rolled around. Cancelled the agreed transfer with Juventus and offered him a contract under the Bosman ruling. Barazite has been quite the surprise, he is should be 4-5 on my pecking order at the forward position, and even further down for midfielder positions, based on attributes alone. He has been the perfect complement to Dzeko, after Bendtner and Van Persie had injuries in the 2011/12 season. He only scored 7 goals in 31 EPL games, but provided 17 assists. In 14 CL games, he scored 7 goals and 5 assists.
  16. Not football related, but name related...one of my friends back in high school pronounced Alexander Ovechkin (NHL player-Washington Capitals for those of you who don't follow NHL) as Alexander Oven-King...he was being dead serious too.
  17. Daniel Vazquez - Daniel Vaskehs Sometimes Z is sounds like a S in Spanish. Atleast that is what my American Spanish professors told me.
  18. I'd like to see a full out depth chart. When we read scouting reports, they say someone would be the 7th best defensive midfielder on the team. I'd like to see how each scout ranks each of my positions.
  19. With the new board confidence, your goals for each competition should be taken into account. As the manager, I should be able to tell the board that I expect to win the Premiership, make it to the quarterfinals of Champions League. I'd also expect to be able to tell the board that I plan on giving fringe and youth player's first team experience in cup games. When we are first starting the game or starting a new job, instead of the board asking for just our goal in the league, they ask for all the competitions.
  20. Two Ideas Home Grown Eligibility There should be a screen or someway of indicating a player's "homegrown" status at all times through out the season. I am selling off a lot of my younger players that could play first-team, but won't play for me. I'm sure I'll be fine when registering players for Champions League. Maybe in the Club Information screen, there could be a blurb stating how many Club Grown and Nation Grown players there are at the club Transfers When offering players to clubs, be able to offer a value range. Say I am trying to selling Van Persie. Instead of indicating that I want $30M, I can opt to say I won't somewhere in the range of $25M - 35M.
  21. I'll do a little "Key Points" at the end so those that aren't interesting in reading the whole thing don't have to. All of this sounds good on paper, but I am not a programmer and do not know the feasibility of implementing it CA/PA. The argument that everyone has the potential is completely wrong. Not everyone can combine the power and precision necessary to kick a corner, free kick, or penalty. Not everyone has the timing, reflexes, and judgment to make a diving save. However, Football Manager only deals with athletes, but the reason one person is in League One and not the Premiership is because he isn't fast enough, or his reflexes aren't good enough, or he is otherwise incapable of adapting and keeping up with the Premiership. Some players peak at a semi-pro level. What SI should do is sticky an attribute guide that details average Current Ability and Potential abilities for the various leagues. I'm not going to get into specifics, because my knowledge of the European hierarchy of football is minimal, I know that the Premiership, Serie A, and La Liga are the best of the best, with different styles of play, but I don't know where to rank France, Germany, and the rest. And I don't want to offend anyone because I am an ignorant American. Furthering the idea of starting regens with the offensive, defensive, all-around, goalie, or no preference. Managers have until a player turns seventeen to determine a position, but the earlier that is chosen, the sooner a player will gain potential, which I explain later. Instead of generating random set of static potentials, each player is generated with an active potential ability between seventy-five (75) and a hundred twenty-five (125) and a current ability that is between fifty (50) and a hundred (100). Potential could grow by being generated or transfered into a club with better staff and facilities, being trained into the best suited position (there could be multiple), being tutored by the best player at that position, and getting U19 or first team playing time. PA would lose points by major injuries (concussions, ligament tears, ruptured tendons, et cetera), poor positional training (taking the player's adaptability and versatility into account), poor tutoring spells, personality conflicts within the squad, or getting buried in the squad depth chart. My idea is that by the time the play becomes a professional by age, his potential will then become unchangeable. Current ability can rise during this time, but not very quickly and the visible attributes that may increase during this time would be key attributes for the designated position. Ideally physical ability wouldn't be tied to either potential or current ability, but mirrors the amount of time that a player spends doing condition training. I have though of some ways that managers can be assisted in which position to train their undefined players. The players themselves, in the "Personal" section of their profile, might hint to positions they feel best suited or "played" in recreational leagues before joining the academy. Also coaches and the assistant manager could report at the end of July the position that each player would be best suited for. This could reflect the coaches preferred style of play and what he is best at (coaching attack, defense, or goalie). For Example: John Doe has come into my youth squad with the first batch of regens and has a PA of 125. He is a 5'11" 15 year old with good pace, great jumping abilities, above average heading ability, and no preference as to what role he plays. After the friendlies, one of my coaches that prefers an attacking style of play and excels at coach shooting recommends he be a striker. One of my coaches who prefers a shut down style of play and is better at teaching defense recommends that he would be best suited as a central defender, while another coach thinks he would be good as a defensive midfielder. Taking into account each of the coach's abilities to judge ability and such, I decide to train him as a central defender. I set him up to be tutored by John Terry. During the season, I give Doe some FA Cup and Carling Cup playing time, about fifteen to twenty minutes in games that I have already won. Now lets say that central defender was a good choice, he gains fifteen points toward his potential. He gains a lot from Terry, a few preferred moves and his mental attributes (determination, teamwork, work rate, positioning, all the ones related to central defender) rise a little bit, and twenty points is added to his potential ability. So now his potential is at 160. Lets say he plays fifteen first team games, twenty minutes each game, five games go well (add ten points, two for each game) and five games games go decent (add six, one for each game), and five games go terribly, his error leads to a goal or he fouls out (subtract five, one for each game). Playing time has gotten him eleven points towards potential ability, so he is now at 171, the potential to be a good Premiership defender. He turns seventeen and his potential is now and forever 171. After he turns seventeen his current ability (and visible attributes) will rise or fall greatly depending on his coaches, available training facilities, further tutoring, his loan spells, and international play. By the time he is twenty or twenty-one, you'll have a better idea of whether or not he will reach his full potential based on his performances on loan, with the reserves, or with youth international teams. How Would It Affect Other Aspects of the Game <UL TYPE=SQUARE> <LI> It would encourage users to not overload with superstars at each position, in order to rest starters in favor of reserve and youth players for Carling and FA Cup games, as well as league games toward the end of the season if a team does not need to fight for the league championship, a spot in European Competition, or battling against relegation. <LI>It would also give greater weight in choosing assistant managers and coaches. <LI>When sending players on loan the level of league play, the team's facilities, and the amount of playing time would need to be taken into consideration <LI>I think that the U-17 level of international competition would need to be added to allow for players to begin an international career for developmental purposes. <LI>The system could allow for more late blooming players, like getting a player with a current ability of fifty and a potential ability of hundred twenty-five. <LI>It should make the majority of players peak in their mid-to-late twenties, where as I see a lot more players peaking in their early twenties and staying at that level until they are in their mid-thirties. Clarifications <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>A player would be able to train to any position, but if he prefers offense and is trained to goalie, his road to getting the maximum amount of potential will be tougher. Not impossible, but tougher and rarer. So you would be possible to train players that prefer defense to be a striker or attacking midfielder, but they might not reach their full potential as quickly. <LI>To minimize the affect of birth dates shortening the amount that potential is active, "active potential" would convert to "static potential" the first time that new players are generated AFTER a player's seventeenth birthday Key Points <UL TYPE=SQUARE> <LI> Players start out with preferred role <LI>Managers decide which position to train youth to <LI>Players have an "active potential" until the first time players a generated AFTER turning 17 <LI>"Active Potential" becomes "Static Potential" <LI>Current ability and key attributes increase slowly between the time a player is generated and potential becomes static <LI>Potential can increase or decrease depending on coaching quality, available training facilities, playing time (loan spells, youth squad, first time, international), injuries, adaptation to trained position, and tutoring <LI>Current ability begins to increase or decrease more rapidly after a player's "active potential" becomes "static potential" based on coaches, available training facilities, playing time (loan spells, youth squad, first time, international), injuries, adaptation to trained position, and tutoring <LI>Players peak in their mid-twenties, with late bloomers in the later-twenties.
  22. -Lower reputation clubs request you as a parent club, upon board approval. This does not affect the six month wait period for the manager's own request for feeder clubs -Give manager the opportunity to suggest a country for the board to look in for a feeder/parent club or even suggest specific clubs before the final recommendation is made -Have manager recommend type of link (commercial, WP, loan agreement, first option) for a new feeder club -More feedback on training, on the training overview in the player's profile, maybe have a place where the player or assistant manager thinks the player needs to focus in training (ei. XXX needs to focus on aerobic training to help his pace). -Be able to apply personal instructions to specific player, not the position he is playing. Maybe another tab in the player profile, similar to the training tab, but allows you to set his personal instructions.
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