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  1. I feel that the current squad depth screen is a bit wasteful in screen real estate and doesn't help really visualize the state of my squad depth. 

    What I'd like to see is my squad is broken up into general position groups and their squad assignment.

    I mocked up a crude example.


    I could see function for the screen having an contract view to better visualize/calculate where the wage budget is allocated.

    The drag and drop functionality would pertain to moving players between position group and squad.

    Position groups are purely aesthetic to visualize where squad may be too deep or lacking. The current squad depth screen is dependent on the ratings provided by my coach(es). Having some ability to show where my players actually play would be useful. 

    Moving a player between squads actually changes the player's assignment.



  2. On 06/02/2020 at 04:16, latrell said:

    would it really take up so much memory i am not that tech savvy enough to know, but personally speaking i would still like it.

    Even licensing an API to use ESRI, Google, Bing, HERE, or another service would likely be cost prohibitive.

    ESRI's API is $125/month and allows one million transactions per month (i.e. rendering a map). Not unreasonable, but I'm not sure that having a map is a value-add that would see SI get a return on investment for something like this.

    Right now, Steam says there are 57,440 people in-game. Which equates to 17.5 transactions per person. Many of us exceed that in a single playing session.

    To have an in-house integrated map engine would come at the cost of overall game speed and development time that would be better suited towards the core elements of the game.

    Not sure about licensing map images and just having screen shots of the map area, but that would come at the cost of storage space.

  3. On 18/12/2019 at 16:14, Amazingortega said:

    Can you share your Tactic? I’m struggling with arsenal 

    No, I can't because 1) I don't save my tactics, 2) I tinker with the tactical instructions game to game, 3) I change the tactic in-match frequently, and 4) I think the recent update tweaked some thing that made the core of the tactic (overlaps and crossing) less effective.

    Basic outline was alternating between Fluid Counter-Attack and Wing Play, both playing a 4-3-3. I'd change the starting style depending on the opposition and then change in match depending on game state.

    AMR as a IW(S or A) and RB as a WB(A), but set to aim crosses to the far post.

    Rest of the team had player instructions tailored to the player in the position.

  4. 16 hours ago, noelnoel said:

    Gabriel Martinelli hasn’t been performing for Me as IF or PF despite giving him tons of starts. 

    is this related to random ability generator of the ME? Will restarting a new game help? 

    Thanks guys

    He's done decent for me as an IF. I don't have the game in front of me, but my general tactic is a 4-3-3 with the AMR and RB set to cross to the far post. Before the January window in which Chiesa arrived, I was rotating Martinelli (IF), Saka (IW), and Smith-Rowe (IF) in the AML position and they've each popped in a few goals across various competitions.

    Edit: Back at computer


    Overall: 10 starts, 13 subs, 7 goals, 2 assists, 0.59 goals per 90

    Europa League: 3 starts, 2 subs, 4 goals, 0 assists

    Premier League: 4 starts, 9 subs, 1 goal, 1 assist

    FA Cup: 1 start, 1 sub, 2 goals, 0 assists

    League Cup: 2 starts, 1 sub, 0 goals, 1 assist

    By comparison,

    Saka has 6 starts, 10 subs, 6 goals, and 6 assists

    Smith-Rowe has 10 starts, 7 subs, 4 goals, and 2 assists.



  5. Have to say, this game has been pretty easy with Arsenal. 

    Started with transfer window disabled.

    Once the summer window "closed" in September, I asked the board to buy Chiesa. Agreed for £56M and 88k per week.

    Then in January, had the option again, so asked for one Ruben Dias. Agreed for £52M and 73k per week. 

    Chiesa, Pépé, and Auba destroyed Liverpool at Anfield. Chiesa with four goals, Auba with two, and Pépé with three assists. 

    January window closes and I get the option for a board negotiated transfer again. Ask for Haaland. Agreed for £63M on 83k per week. 

    Silent Stan putting in the money. 

  6. On 14/08/2019 at 11:17, Sopel said:

    Problem with this one lies in the fact that SI is pretty adamant in what the series is about. "It is Football Manager, not Football Chairman". What you described is tied to the competence of the federation, not NT manager.

    In this sense, similar to the randomization of a club being target of a takeover, there could be random philanthropic (retired star's setting up an academy, for example) or government investment into football that improves club and/or national team infrastructure, national interest, and youth rating.


    On 14/08/2019 at 11:17, Sopel said:

    While I agree that this shouldn't be a static cap, the rating should be less tied to the national team accomplishments and more to the average club ratings. People with talent are born everywhere in the world, the main difference is how you can train such talent. It all comes down to the fact if the talent can be spotted (youth recruitment) and taught (youth facilities). In theory, every youngster can become a great footballer because they are all human, but in practice the combination of determination, talent and enviroment are what makes the greatest what they are. First two are individual but the third one must be created/given in order to progress as a footballer. And these are created by clubs (I mean, usually - ofc in some countries there are some ideas of finding and training national talents but one national project has smaller chance of success than thousands upon thousands of club academies) - the federation can introduce projects, league rules, etc in order to support them, but that's the most they can do. National teams in it's own don't impact this process. Winning a tournament doesn't make the kids more talented... permamently. After a success the "kids" (regens) should get motivated, which would mean that more of them should pick up football, which would mean that the clubs would have the greater variety of choice for their academies, thus increasing the number of greater-than-usual talents. But it's not an everlasting boost.

    The national team doing well in a high profile tournament spurs interest, especially among youth, who then take to the sport and play with the club teams and emulate their idols from the national team's glory days. A bit of a cycle.

  7. Right now, the training calendar for the first team has a copy and paste function to copy schedules week to week.



    But for the youth teams (in this case U23 and U18 in England), do not. Would be nice if that functionality could be added to all training calendars. (my mouse was hovering above August 14 in both screenshots to to display the Copy Paste button)


  8. It would be nice to do some "pending hires" when your own staff are approaching the end of their contracts.

    For example, my U18 and U23 Managers are out of contract at the end of the season. They did well with my youth teams, but I want to move on to younger staff. With that in mind, it would be nice to be able to offer the U18s manager, effective July 1 for example, after the incumbent's contract is up.

    Same when you get notice that a staff member is retiring. Either, at that time, their position should be available to fill, or at least be able to do a contract start date that falls after the staff member's retirement date.

  9. In general, I want to know how people maximize transfer fees?

    Do you place players on the transfer-list and wait for an offer or o you offer a player out without placing him on the list? Either way seems that when ever I do that, it signals that I don't want the player and therefore, vultures swarm with cut rate offers. 

    I rarely get an offer that matches the listed value of a player, much less receive an offer at my asking price or one that blows me out of the water (I have on two occasions, once for Lucas Torriera and once for De Ligt --but both reject).

  10. I'm American and an MLS fan and I don't really understand it, to be honest.

    Well, I understand trades, because those are pretty standard fare in American sports. Your player(s)-for-player(s) swap, a la Sanchez for Mkhitaryan, some times with one of the teams adding more assets (like draft picks or younger, unproven players) to a deal.

    The draft is standard talent distribution, but MLS has the academy approach as well, so fewer and fewer impact players come via the draft.


  11. Would be nice to have, at minimum, an academy screen that allowed you to set preferred tactical familiarity, positions/roles, and maybe core focus like technical, tactical, or physical traits.

    Perhaps a broader philosophy like "positional versatility" would see more multi-positional players come through who are natural in several positions (but ultimately lose that status for a couple positions after finding their niche in the U18, 23, and First Team) 

  12. Would be nice to start contract negotiations by approaching the player (or player's agent) about contract negotiations and get their offer first.

    Player Interaction -> Discuss Contract -> "The club is open to negotiating an extension to you deal. What are your terms?"


    • "Not interested in renewing. Period"
    • "Not interested in renewing unless conditions are met." (improve squad, increased status, playing time, et al)
    • "Interested in renewing, not at this time." (basically gambling that performance in the upcoming season will increase contract")
    • "Interested in renewing, here are my terms..."

    Player Interaction -> Discuss Transfers -> Transfer -> "We've signed [select new player] and plan to use him in your position. We expect you to [fight for you place] or [rotate with new player] or [mentor new player] or [be transferred away from club]."


    • "WTF Mate, you don't respect me. Here's my transfer request"
    • "This concerns me, but I'm willing to fight if you guarantee me fair rotation"
    • "Bring on the challenge"
    • "I'll help [new player] acclimate to the position and role"

    Player Interaction -> Discuss Transfers -> Transfer -> "We're looking to sell you because [you don't fit into my plans] or [you're not going to get enough playing time] or [we need to offset recent transfer outlays]."

    Responses ranging from willing to have agent seek transfer/loan offers to expressing desire to stay and fight for place.

    Player Interaction -> Discuss Squad Status -> "Your importance to us has changed and we're [increasing] or [decreasing]"

    Responses ranging from transfer request to gratitude and increased respect for manager.

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