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  1. The Board Objective for the season was to 'Reach the Championship Group' which I completed and then finished 2nd overall which is a massive improvement to what was originally asked. However, the Board are disappointed that I 'only finished in the two top places this season'. I took over the season before with them in the Relegation Group and I took them to the top of that group and then won the European Playoff so the expectation of 'Reach the Championship Group' was the realistic goal for this season. Concerning as my job performance is now C+ so if I hadnt reached European Conference League Semi Final's I could be looking at getting sacked.
  2. @XaW thanks for the quick response, thought it might be as couldnt find a way around it. Lucky they arent exactly world beaters so no one is knocking my door down for them!
  3. I took over a Norwegian Amateur side which were just promoted to the lowest Semi Professional league. All of the players were on Amateur contracts so I offered Semi Pro contracts to all players. However, two of the players were already transfer listed and I am unable to change their Transfer Status. When you go to the Transfer Status Page for both players there is no option to change their transfer or loan status. The option is completely missing including setting asking price. I cant renew these players as they are unhappy about being transfer listed but I also cant change their status so I am stuck. Is this a bug or am I missing something very obvious?
  4. I went for Cerber V3 for my Leeds team and had great success (finished 1st with 101 points). My aim was to develop the young talent that Leeds have whilst remaining competitive. GK: Casilla CB: White CB: Cooper RWB: Shackleton LWB: Douglas RW: Stevens DLP: McCalmont BB: Phillips LW: Harrison SS: Bamford AF: Augustin I really wanted Tyler Roberts to be good but he just didnt score for me. Eventually Bogusz turns into a very good DLP and far exceeds McCalmont who is good enough to keep as a squad player. Retraining Shackleton as a RWB was the best decision as made space for Phillips, McCalmont and Bogusz and has incredible attributes for a WB (excluding his low Jumping Reach). Just haven't been able to get his Tackling past 11 yet...
  5. These are the PPM's I always try to develop for Cerber and usually have had a good success with this. I have stated primary and then secondary in brackets which I will sometimes aim to develop. Most importantly it does depend on the player and whether the PPM will be a good trait for them i.e. dont have them run with the ball often if they have low dribble attributes However, I am interested as to what others do to see if I am missing anything or am making a mistake: CB: Mark Opponent Tightly, Stay Back at all Times WB: Get Forward Whenever Possible (Runs with Ball Down Right/Left, Knocks the Ball Past Opponent) DLP: Comes Deep to get the Ball, Plays One Twos, Likes to Switch Ball to the Other Flank, Tries Killer Balls Often, Dictates Tempo, Tries Long Range Passes CM / BTB: Gets Forward Whenever Possible, Plays One Twos, Gets into Opposition Area W: Runs with Ball Often, Runs with the Ball Down Right/Left. Plays One Twos (Hugs Touchline, Gets into Opposition Area) SS: Plays One Twos, Gets into Opposition Area (Places Shot) AF: Moves into Channels, Likes to Beat Offside Trap, Places Shot, Plays One Twos The only negatives that I am really aware that aren't good are the following as the tactic encourages wide play and scores a lot of goals from crossing: WB: Cuts in from Both/Left/Right Flank W: Cuts in from Both/Left/Right Flank CM / BTB: Comes Deep to get the Ball SS: Comes Deep to get the Ball AF: Comes Deep to get the Ball These are just my opinion and could be completely wrong but it seems to working well with multiple teams. I do try and use Plays One Twos all the way through the team to encourage short quick one touch passes but again need to have the right players for it.
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