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  1. Is it just in my version or have the sorting options been reduced on the team tactics / team selection screen? When viewing my squad to pick the team for games, I used to be able filter by Selection Order (e.g so it runs Gk, Defs, Mids, Attackers in order, then unpicked players by position below it. The game was set like this for me by default but then I accidentally pressed a column header which seems to have rearranged it Just by Selection OR by Position. Now my screen shows squad selection from 1-11, then subs, then the rest of my squad in a totally random order. If I
  2. Yeah playing on Ipad and thought as much. There's an opportunity to nationalise some decent Spanish talent and improve the national team there but never mind!
  3. I'm currently managing FC Andorra in the Spanish leagues - the Andorra national team manager has just left his post but I can't take over. Is it strictly limited to the 'larger' nations on Touch? Wanted to be National and Club team manager of Andorra!
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