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  1. I understand why SI put it in, but I don't think the manager should have the opportunity to ask for ground increases. It's the board's job to ensure that the club runs sustainably (and maybe even profitably). It's your job as manager to get the best team you can within the resources the club allows you. If I was on the board I'd be looking to restrict your wage bill, if I'm honest
  2. In some leagues the matchdays are hardcoded. For instance, in my Italy online game I play on a different day from everyone else because Serie B plays on a Sunday, even with the options unticked.
  3. Football Associations bid for World Cups etc, not the national team manager. Similarly, I doubt Sir Alex has much say in when OT gets put forward to host a final.
  4. May be worth trying Hamachi
  5. Shhhhhhhhh, we have a (false) reputation to maintain
  6. Done. Lucky I did as "my bad" is a cardable offence on LLM.
  7. I'll close this before it goes somewhere it shouldn't. I believe Digital Download versions are available in places like the States.
  8. Are you getting any blue screen messages?Checked out the event viewer?
  9. I really hate my board ::

    The game's football manager, not financial director.
  10. [FM10] Manchester United - Pride of the North

    Moved to career updates. Try this again in LLM and you'll be infracted.
  11. not sure if your graphics card will cut the mustard to be honest.
  12. That said, they continue to make a Mac version, so...
  13. I would have thought it unlikely, but then again I'm not in the know.
  14. Some people want these tweaks, but for the life of me I can't fathom it. Give me leagues not currently in the game (properly, not via the editor) before bells and whistles!
  15. Rubbish - I've played in network games where some are on pcs, some on macs, some on FM, some on WWSM.