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  1. Understand what you're saying but I still don't think it's realistic. My team was on a great run of form and way above it's expected position in the table. Not having enough depth at right wing back should not be the reason for a "full blown dressing room revolt". If players were just concerned, a little worried, I'd understand. Instead, this tiny detail resulted in the morale of my team drastically changing.
  2. Agree, if that's the issue, just get rid of the "additional comments" feature. It's completely pointless anyway. You can play as a real manager in fifa so not sure what other reasoning there could be.
  3. I've never like starting my saves with a high profile team because you're always seen as "inexperienced" by the media and players, plus the manager you take over from appears to be sacked for no apparent reason. Overall, it always feels unrealistic to me and takes away from the immersion. To fix this, it would be great to take over as a current manager, instead of creating a new profile. For example, playing as Eric Ten Hag at man utd and trying to turn his fortunes around.
  4. This is just ridiculous. Players being unhappy to the point they want to leave because 'they think' you don't have enough depth. At the moment my captain is unhappy because he believes there is not enough depth at right wing back. This is just stupid. I can understand players thinking the attack, midfield or defence is lacking. But slack of depth at right wing back being the reason for a "full blown dressing room revolt" (as described by the media). It's just idiotic and incredibly unrealistic.
  5. Completely agree, always felt odd selecting this as a response, yet you never get any backlash from it.
  6. Okay, so what's the difference? In my mind, an inside forward is someone that should play much like an advanced forward in possession, then moves back to the wing when defending. I'm also expecting lots of diagonal runs across the marking full back. An inverted winger (in my mind), sticks to the wing until he receives the ball. Then he cuts inside, with his main aim being to create, rather than score. In games however, I just can't see a difference. Stats, highlights, positioning...it just all looks the same. Am I missing something here?
  7. 1. Offer made for my player of 10k (value 10-120k). 2. Negotiated 100k and transfer was withdrawn. 3. Player unhappy that I priced him out of a move. 4. In player interaction I selected that "the finances weren't right on the deal". 5. Player negotiates an asking price of 220k... (much higher than the 100k I initially asked for) You can use this exploit to deter interest from the majority of clubs.
  8. Were defending throw ins part of the update? I'm still conceding lots of goals that start from a throw in, usually a short throw. Can't tell if my defenders have really poor positioning or if it's still an issue.
  9. It's the phrase "I believe this would make us more compact and difficult to break down". Having a lower line of engagement would make your team more compact and difficult to 'Break down'. In fact, I think this exact phrase is used when describing reasoning behind a low defensive line. I don't see how shorter passing makes a team more difficult to 'break down'. You don't 'break down' a team that's in possession. You 'break down' the defending team. I can understand how a team with short passing will be more compact if they lose the ball, perhaps making them less susceptible to counter attacks. At the same time, shorter passing could encourage overplaying, making them more susceptible to counter attacks.
  10. As the title reads, my job is at risk after winning 3 games in a row. I now have to win against top of the league (away) to keep my job. Backstory... I started as unemployed, Sunday league with the lowest qualification. I was offered a job at a club I believe to be much too good for my reputation (I believe that this is the main cause of the bug).
  11. See screenshot. Assistant recommends short passing but the reasoning makes no sense.
  12. See screenshot... "Ben Stanway isn't from away from our level..." Should read... Ben Stanway isn't far away from our level
  13. As the title says. Started game as unemployed, continental C license and pro footballer regional. Received job offers for turkish super league, scottish prem and championship teams. Previously, a cont C license would 'maybe' get you a job in the national league.
  14. Yep, you could tie that in with the first press conference when you join a new club. Answer a bunch of questions, be given a summary of your 'media management style' at then end. Lastly, be given the option to answer all future press conferences in the same way. Anything that stops you having to answer the same questions in the same way, over and over and over and over and over again.
  15. For some time now, it has become increasingly evident that many players grapple with the nuances of media handling. Not because it's inherently complex (in fact, it's remarkably straightforward), but rather due to its monotonous and time-consuming nature. Considering this, what alternatives could we explore? In my view, the manner in which managers engage with the media is intricately linked to their distinct personalities. Take, for instance... Mourinho - A no-nonsense individual unafraid to critique players, fostering a more professional and determined approach but potentially impacting laid-back players negatively. Klopp - Exceptional with nurturing young talent and highly adept at motivation. However, one wonders if his approach is suitable for individuals who prioritise personal gains over team success (exhibiting inadequate teamwork and work rate). With these observations in mind, I propose a significant streamlining of the media handling process. Instead of individually responding to questions, an automated summary of the manager's responses could be generated during the press conference, tailored to the unique personality of each manager. For instance, a manager characterised by stringent discipline might be inclined to critique their own players more frequently. Similarly, a manager driven by unyielding determination might deliver an impassioned speech before a crucial match. Conversely, a manager lacking in interpersonal skills might inadvertently ruffle a player's feathers while discussing them in the media. Perhaps, introducing 'Media Handling' attributes, distinct from the key managerial attributes, could be a novel approach. This would encourage the signing of players that align with the manager's personality. In the case of a disciplinarian, players with high temperament and a tendency to disregard professionalism might not respond favorably to the manager's press conferences. Similarly, if a manager struggles with mentoring younger players, they might inadvertently say something in the media that doesn't resonate well with the youth in the squad. I trust that you grasp the overall concept. This proposition would infuse a fresh dynamic into the game, while mitigating the tedium associated with the conventional press conferences. No more clicking away at the second option from the left, just a news article showing how you answered important questions in a press conference based on your personality. Players react based on their traits and their view of you.
  16. I'm sure B teams can come up through the divisions. I feel like it's pretty random and not necessarily dependent on the quality of the team though.
  17. You usually get asked at the start of the season. If it helps...a Bteam really isn't all that in Portugal. They go to a very low division and there's no way of seeing their fixtures or progress. I managed Academica Coibria for 10 seasons and never saw my B team play a game (unless it was an organised friendly).
  18. Not sure if this if I'm doing something wrong or if this is a bug. After I set up a recruitment focus, if I go back to edit the search criteria it's completely blank (screenshot below). I cannot work out what's causing it. But it happens regularly when my scouts aren't returning many results...so I go to edit the criteria and everything is blank.
  19. I also brought this up back in fm21. Was told it would be under review.
  20. Academica de Coimbra in the Portuguese third division. One of the oldest clubs in Europe with a 30,000 capacity stadium.
  21. Yep, I managed to find a skin that gives me in game stats and shows attributes in scout reports. I cant comprehend why this isn't included in the original skin though. I understand fm strive for realism but these small details just become annoying.
  22. Don't think you've read my post mate. My issue is mainly the interface. I'm never said I wanted to see every attribute, my issue is scout reports do not show attributes unless you click on the player or hover over the 'i'. Thankfully I've found a skin that fixes this (this isn't something I should have to do with every FM!) I never said the data hub was useless and I didn't use it. My problem is with the same stats being fed back to me in my inbox after every single game. Example... "Academica FC's passing was a site to behold with 650 passes completed"...every game I get this. This is just a tiny part of my original post though. I've been playing this game for 19 years. If I didn't like the finer details, I wouldn't play the game. The problem is there's too much pointless detail and the important things are hidden away (in game stats for example).
  23. Okay, I don't want this to just be a rant, I want it to be productive. First of all, I've put hundreds of hours into every football manager game since the Championship Manager days. This year, I have put in 20 hours. For the life of me, I can't get into this game. The main reason is, everything is so much effort and so thoroughly unenjoyable. 1. How do you still not have attributes viewable on scout reports? Believe it or not, the main reason everyone scouts is to find players and see their attributes. Maybe, I care a bit about their hidden attributes, that's a bit useful. What I don't need to do, is read bullet points of text explaining what attributes a player has. JUST SHOW ME THE ATTRIBUTES! The fact you have to hover over the 'i' and/or click on the player for every scout report is ridiculous. I have 75 scout reports to go through, it's effort! Make it easy for me. 2. Lack of match day info Last year I had to download a skin for this. This year I was hoping it would be fixed. The match day interface is awful. So much wasted space! Why can't I select what onscreen data is constantly available? Why can't I resize boxes? Why is the data available so limited until half-time? A reminder to the devs, 99.999% of players don't watch full match highlights. Therefore, live stats is imperative to summarise how the game is unfolding. Why should I have to wait until half time to find out why my LB is a 6.3 rating? I need to know now! I need to make changes/tweaks so I can get that rating back up. I have match stats, overall ratings and momentum bars on my screen. Why can't I see more? This was available on all games prior to FM22. 3. Too many clicks... Of my 20 hours played, I think I've spent at least 10 on holiday. How are press conferences still a thing? Why is training so long winded? How many pointless messages do you want to send me about the data hub? The average player does not care about any of this. Either make press conferences and training remotely interesting, or just simplify them and concentrate on more important things...like I don't know...set pieces. I've got to say. I am so so disappointed by the game this year. You need to start listening to the player base. No one asked for the squad planner! And whilst the champions league license is cool...again, no one really cares.
  24. I tried this but a shadow striker doesn't track back. I even tried asking him to man-mark the opposing wing-back/full back but this never worked (maybe because all my inside forwards don't have good marking).
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