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  1. Why not scrap news and have 2 new things One is FM.Com-which will be like a in-game ticker/website,which will keep the days news,and will open,whenever processing stops. The other is a FM-Zine type of thing,which will contain stat of the league,and a expert column(tipping the match winners,scorers,who will go up/down,win the title etc.)which will change throughout the season
  2. Right now in the transfer suggestion screen,you can only change and withdraw offers. But a transfer centre should include 3 sections 1.Scouting and player search-All the scout reports and the player search tab should be in here. 2.Own club players-This section is where we can right click on any players tab,and put him on the transfer list 3.Make/accept bid-as same as the current transfer centr
  3. But how about having a table just showing the position which all the clubs are predicted to finish according to the bookies.Also it should change until the transfer window ends. What do you think
  4. Can we see the past fans player of the year Top ten all time goal scorers Top ten all time(league) scorers Top ten all time(league)appearances Top ten all time appearances Past managers etc in the history section
  5. We can have the ass man,coaches and physios popping up a monthly report of each first team player.It would include,fitness levels,taining performances,behaviour,should be playing or not and development as a footballer.
  6. Rickinho and me have some disease or something,coz heres another one from me When there are 5-8 games left,could'nt we have a run-in meter.So we can compare the run-ins of the teams around us.It would make the experience of surviving relegation,and winning the title more exciting
  7. Apart from Youth,training facilities Why dont we have Medical facilities.Top flight clubs,have sort of mini-clinics for rehab,gym workouts,massages,etc.If a club's facility had a high stat,the injuries till would and should be the same,but the recovery time better.
  8. eg Di Canio is at west ham.There is a 19 year old Italian,who is struggling to settle in England.Now manchester city,come for him,and he goes to join Billy Davies. Wouldnt he be better off with Di Canio,who is italian,as is he.Wouldnt Di Canio,make it feel more like home for him. Player and manager nationality should be taken under consideration while transfers,especially when they are young,and are trying to settle in the place.
  9. A season summary of every club,and the whole league at the league reset date. Means that,a written detailed summary,with statistics of my club will appear at the league reset date.Just like player XI and the format will be similar to a match report Same for the league,highlighting the whole season ups and downs.Including the stats.
  10. when you've become a experienced manager,than,if a young and new manager/former player who is a manager,is on your favoured list,then he should be able to interact with you,telling us to recommend him some signings,or a suitable club It can happen vice-versa to We're new into the game,make friendly relations with a experienced manager,and then he can recommend us about who to sign,a suited club etc
  11. the martian legaue of mars. would like african leagues though,we would get some more quality youngsters though
  12. donate your cosmetic and useless wages/salary to your club,(or your fav. club).might be of some use,when they're in debt
  13. We should be able to give instructions and pep-talks to players when we bring them on. eg.Bringing on a striker in the 83rd minute,I should ve able to give him some instructions and talk like,Score a goal and change the scene.etc. Not only in half-time,but also when we're bringing them on
  14. How about this a weekly in game magazine/supplement,website sort of thing every week.Before or after the weekend,including stats,scorers,facts,past meetings etc. I think it would be nice,will keep you updated even if youre in 2044
  15. how bout this i make a move in the transfer window,n then ther'll be a fan reaction page.it'll show how fans react to every move you make to your team like not playing a player,selling good players etc.
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