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  1. Thanks you Freddie. Have you an ETA for fix or it will be in next patch ?
  2. I've made some changes on db (new players, somes data changes). It work on editor but it crash when starting a new carreer game. I select country and database, and it crash when the DB is loading. cache cleared. more try and more crash... Database on ftp :
  3. it worked. I made new changes (no new teams, juste some data and stats), now no longer works ... newx file here : Editor is very buggy this year... I didn't have similar problem in other FM.
  4. I've same problem. 1 new team in update and another one i've creater by mistake then deleted. crash dump FM 2016 v16.1.1.740934 (2015.11.15 16.04.11).dmp in /fm/gamecrash data file : Luxembourg Data_28EAA71C-F7F7-4739-A110-66F715DFA7CB.fmf in /fm/game editor ( Edit : I've deleted all news teams and it work correctly with other edited data (stats, news players...)
  5. Ok Neil, Thanks. This fix will be savegame compatible ? What's ETA for next Update ?
  6. I maked three leagues in Luxembourg with players and staff. Test rules is ok in editor and in-game first season is ok. Crash coming on 1 july 2014... I've put crash dump on ftp as lvlichel-FM 2014 v14.1.3.438735 (2013.11.02 22.26.33).dmp and i've put dbc file on ftps as Luxembourg 1.0.dbc
  7. The transfer window option on the editor is not working properly. It seems that the date introduced in the editor is not used after the first season. same problem from 11.0 et 11.1 ...
  8. In real life, the opening day, we use the 1.7.20xx... In game, the opening day is the weekday. For example : if 1.7.2010 is saturday, in 2011, game will opening transfer windows on saturday... not on 1.7.2011 because this day isn't a saturday.
  9. I'm testing others updates and same problem... I maked luxembourg update, same thing... it maked with editor 11.1. is there download link for your faroe islands league?
  10. Sorry for bad english. There is transfer, it's not problem. The bug is the opening date of transferts : in first season, windows transfers is open in 1.7.2010, ok? In second season, windows transfers is open in 7.7.2011... and in competition rules, it's opened 7.7.2011 to 5.9.2011. there is same problem for winter transfer. I think than this bug is for all new league with editor...
  11. there is bug with transfer window in second season... Transfer will launch on 1.07.2011 or it has launched on other.