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  1. My answers to your questions will reveal my ignorance, so apologies for that in advance... - I didn't realise that a mezzala on attack wouldn't help with defence. - I geared my recruitment to find players who'll be mustard in the box on corners, and good corner takers. Often this is how I get goals. I had no idea that "play for set pieces" wasn't compatible with possession football. - I wasn't aware that BPD/SK on support weren't compatible with possession football. - Tight marking because the AI suggested it... My team is predicted to finish solidly mid table, so perhaps patient possession football isn't a tactic that I should be using. If you could give any advice, especially on player roles, that'd be fantastic!
  2. Thanks for the reply, those are good points. Could you please elaborate about the flaws of my tactic? I don't have a good tactical sense yet, so I'm really keen to hear how more experienced FMers think.
  3. That makes sense! So if I want to play down the middle, I should focus play down the flanks? There's a perverse logic to this, so I'm gonna try that for the next little while.
  4. I acknowledge that's usually the case. So what kinds of tactics create space in the middle, whereby you can successfully exploit the middle?
  5. Is this enough info? Feel free to rate my tactic! But please bear in mind I'm just a humble beginner ; )
  6. I'm using a 5-4-1 Diamond WB formation, aiming to play through the middle. But for match after match, the match report says that focus of our attacks have been down the flanks. This isn't ideal, because I've only got wing backs out there, no wingers/wide midfielders. What would cause this to happen? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the input y'all, it's much appreciated! I'm really trying to develop a deeper tactical sense of what to do when, but I'm still very much at the "thog make fire" stage. I want to find someone who's written/made videos about this sort of thing in depth. Do you have any recommendations?
  8. My next opposition has a strong, tall CD with good heading. I want to set my similar CD to mark him when defending corners, but not during the rest of the match. In the section for setting up player instructions on corners, there's an option for man mark, but I can't see any way to choose who is being marked. How do I choose who is being man marked on corners?
  9. Hmmm. I think my team doesn't have the quality to go toe to toe with them, so I'm thinking sit deep and hit them on the counter. I hate inviting pressure though, I prefer to take the attack to them. DM powers - activate!
  10. I have a match coming against Borussia Monchengladbach, and they're the classic control possession, work ball into box, play out of defence, high pressing team. My question is how to play against them in a broad tactical sense. I know a lot depends on who's playing, but generally speaking, eg should I play a fast counter attacking style, etc. Thanks!
  11. So I stumbled across a lovely little player, only one fly in the ointment - as you guessed, he dreads playing in big matches. Just as long as I don't put him in cup finals, am I good? Or is this a trait that'll be a more overall problem?
  12. Have you ever had this message? If so, did anything happen?
  13. Have you ever had this message? If so, did anything happen?
  14. For the first time ever, I got this message : "I think Dejan Janjatovic is having trouble handling the pressure of first team football at the club". I'd understand if this was for a youth player, but he's one of my standout players, who's made about 50 appearances for the club, and was voted the player of the season last year! What gives?
  15. So, we all know that feeling. Best lineup picked, tactics calibrated to countering the next opponent's tactics and formation, threats and players with weaknesses identified, get the players pumped and on to kickoff. You're in with a shot, they're a team roughly on your level. Your system is working and creating chances. Clear cut chances. Chances your gran could put away. Chance after chance. Spurned. Then they sneak a goal. Bollocks. Demand more, switch to more and more aggressive and risky play to get that goal. Nothing comes of it, and then they get another goal right at the end from a counter attack. (From an own goal no less). Double bollocks. Lost the game, punch a pillow ; ) My question is, of course, are there games that are genuinely unwinnable, not because the opposition is Liverpool, but because the RNG gods have chosen against you on that particular day?
  16. It worked!!! Hallelujah! I'm not tech savy at all, so I appreciate all the help. Hope your next match is a win. ; )
  17. Dude, thanks for your patience and help! I think I'll have a stab at it tomorrow, because in my part of the world, it's nearly bed time. Have a good one!
  18. I renamed the file, put it into the correct folder, but the id still doesn't show up when I try to edit the config file...All the numbers are in chronological order, and the number isn't where it should be.
  19. You have to rename the picture to the ID number? I didn't do that, it didn't say that in the original instructions I followed. The format is lower case png though. Let me try again...
  20. Thanks, but I already did that. I know the number, but it's not there.
  21. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask this, but it's graphics related so here goes. I really don't like having player in my team with blanked out faces, so I went online to find out what to do. I found these instructions : "If you have the cut out of the player, you need to drag and drop the image (make sure it's a .png image else the game won't recognise it. ) into the facepack folder you currently have. Then open the config file in that folder with note (windows) or textedit (mac) or similar programs. You will be greeted with (if you don'y understand code) alot of what look like rubbish, but alot of lines that look the same but with different numbers. Example : <record from="29086182" to="graphics/pictures/person/29086182/portrait"/> What you have to do is find the players unique ID (UID) via the editor. In this case Josh Hunt-Lauren ID is 28094200. So in the existing config, copy and paste the bottom line but change the last numbers to Josh Hunt-Lauren's UID. So now, it should look like this : <record from="28094200" to="graphics/pictures/person/28094200/portrait"/> Make sure you save and then reload your skin and it his face should now appear in game." I followed these instructions, but when I looked for the unique player id I couldn't find it. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  22. Hi, if I pick a player for a match and they just stay on the bench, does that count toward their match load? (Matches appeared). I'm delicately juggling a UEFA run and a league campaign with a rather small squad.
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