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  1. Hello everyone. I made some changes based on some tests performed over my current save which is already 9 years old and 4 teams in total. Then a version 2 of the tactic is attached, remembering that it is quite offensive. 4-2-3-1_EQUILIBRIUM_V2_DARKONN.fmf
  2. Hey dude. I did several experiments over a long period of time to find out what the best role for AMC and Wingers Back is in 4-2-3-1 tactics, and some may not agree or find it strange but ... AMC is much better as a Trequartist and the Wingers as an Advanced Playmaker.
  3. Good evening. What does each of these intensities mean? Is important?
  4. Good afternoon. Any recent updates? If so, which version is it in now?
  5. Staying Open on the Fields. I'll see how it translates to English and publish later
  6. I owe you a screenshot, as I have just been called to train INTERNAZIONALE MILANO, but of the 11 holders there are 3 over 8, and 8 over 7.4 Winger: Staying Open, Kicking Less, Aggressive Tackling and Dribbling More IF: Staying Open, Kicking Less and Aggressive Tackling
  7. The tactic changed a little, because as I said, I was hired by FC PORTO and I had to change a lot from the original published.
  8. Exactly. That's right He only puts aggressive tackling and shooting less, so that he only kicks when he has a good chance. Team width is wide with extremes, almost 90% of the time currently plays with Wingers, so it is good that the attacking and defensive width is up to the sides.
  9. I also took the time to find the best option for 4-2-3-1 tactics. The conclusion I reached was as follows: If your Wingers have the best foot contrary to your effective position, you go from Inverted Winger, if his best foot is equal to your position, go from Winger. Why? If you put Inside Forward, it will disrupt the midfield, so it is best that the Wingers stay open. Try that.
  10. Cool, put your tactic for download, I’m going to test it. I need a tactic with good counterattack qualities, because I'm at FC PORTO now, and playing in the Champions League is complicated.
  11. That's because I just started the pre-season. Anyway, since the Championship Manager is like that, then it will not be now that this will change, it is adapting, having a slightly larger squad and praying for not having so many injuries. Thanks to everyone, I got a lot of great tips. Subject Closed
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