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  1. I also took the time to find the best option for 4-2-3-1 tactics. The conclusion I reached was as follows: If your Wingers have the best foot contrary to your effective position, you go from Inverted Winger, if his best foot is equal to your position, go from Winger. Why? If you put Inside Forward, it will disrupt the midfield, so it is best that the Wingers stay open. Try that.
  2. Cool, put your tactic for download, I’m going to test it. I need a tactic with good counterattack qualities, because I'm at FC PORTO now, and playing in the Champions League is complicated.
  3. That's because I just started the pre-season. Anyway, since the Championship Manager is like that, then it will not be now that this will change, it is adapting, having a slightly larger squad and praying for not having so many injuries. Thanks to everyone, I got a lot of great tips. Subject Closed
  4. When I go to start a game, the first thing I look at is the RISK OF INJURY column, whether high or high I substitute, but even so it doesn't work, the injuries are usually during training, and my load is not high.
  5. This image is from the Medical Center (Risk Assessment or Injury Analysis). But if you're talking about the general, it's here... Detail: I just started the pre-season training, and on the second day of training 2 players were injured.
  6. Only now that I read about this issue. Well then, SI is completely CRAZY, because nowhere in the world is there this absurd amount of injuries. I'm Brazilian, and we have the largest number of championships in the world, because unfortunately the leaders here (as well as the politicians) only think about money. Anyway, it's an error, bug, madness or whatever, but that high number of injuries shouldn't exist.
  7. I set up my workout that form. Is it that good?
  8. I will improve my fitness coaching staff and medical team right now.
  9. What are the essential attributes the Assistant Coach should have for a good training?
  10. I am not reminded of this screen. Where do I set up to receive these updates? Do you know?
  11. I did the same thing, it improves a little, but this game definitely has some problem with injuries, it is very high.
  12. I just did it here in my game, I hope it gets better. Thank you
  13. Yeah. There are many injuries in such a short time, it ends up annoying us players over time. But anyway, we are adapting.
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