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  1. Hi, I'm in progress of creating an 8-province-league system in one of the European nations, it's 90% done, I'm just having a bit of a problem. I have created 8 leagues consisting of teams from 8 different provinces, each league has 10 teams from the same province, the winner of each league gets promoted to a 1 round championship league where they battle for the champion of the country, everything works well but when the league ends the teams in the final championship play off round do not get places in European cups, some of the teams do get them before the final play off round starts, so they get picked randomly when they finish their province league rather than when they finish the play off round based on their position in the final play off round. Does anyone know how I can get this to work? This is how it looks like: 8 Provinces > 8 Leagues > 10 teams in each league from each province > 8 winners of these leagues gets promoted to a championship play off round > championship round has 8 teams that play with each other once > the team that finishes 1st becomes the overall champion of the country.
  2. One of the things that I would love in Football Manager series is to actually use the money you earn from your contracts, what I mean by that? I don't mean to be able to spend that money on personal things etc. like in FIFA Manager, no, that's not what I mean, what I would love is to use that money to buy a club for example, you already have ''Create a club'' feature so why not make it the same but actually be able to buy a club or create one yourself from the money you earn through your career! It would be fantastic as then you would really consider whether to move to a ambitious club for less money or actually go to a club which offers you more money but then you would earn money to buy yourself a club, right now the contracts are useless, if we were able to earn this money and then be able to do something with it like buy a club or create one then it would be fantastic, yes you would be a chairman but also a manager, it's the same thing with ''create a club'' feature. Then when you buy or create a club you can use that money for transfers, stadium build, academies, youth facilities etc. just like your chairman you work for is doing now.
  3. Big issue for me in the recent versions of Football Manager is the way the crowd looks and behaves, I used to love the crowd in FM12-14 where the crowd was way realistic than it is now, when you are playing in a club that has a decent sized stadium but doesn't have much fans the crowd looks terrible, they are scattered on the whole stadium rather than being in a huge group on one stand or two stands, they also get excited even if there is nothing happening while in previous versions from FM14 downwards they were all seated and just excited when there was a goal or a shot or a foul, I even remember there was some flares lighted up in the game which was so cool to see, I know it's a small detail but details like that made me love it even more, wish that in the next versions it could be improved.
  4. I was wondering if it's possible to make clubs of a certain league use just national players or at least limit them to signing foreign players maybe by changing club vision in the editor? I just would like to see a certain country develop stars from their nationality rather than after two or three seasons have a team mostly made of foreign players.
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