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  1. @Ben Allingham I started a new save. And now suddenly no matter what I do, as soon as I hit the year 2021 I can't save my game anymore. And what's weird is, that it doesn't even tell me "Game couldn't be saved". Instead it just goes forward as if press the space button.
  2. I got the same issue. It was all working fine since I started playing (I occasionally couldn't save the game but after a while it worked). But today I suddenly can't load my game that I saved yesterday at 1am. I downloaded my game file and uploaded it as instructed maybe it will helping solving the issue (File name: Tottenham_aktuell) (Stadia tag: Blacktroup#6284). Btw where can I send in an additional list of bugs and problems so that the next FM on Stadia will be better?
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