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  1. Hello, whats the latest on this Harry, i obviously have played on the save i sent you since - is there any chance the issue has been resolved and can be done on my latest save? Thanks, David
  2. i have also saved an old save in the link from december 2019 (date in game) 3 years back in the game... i hope this helps
  3. It is now saved as Leamington.v3 thanks, i hope you can help fix the issue.
  4. Hi, i have looked and followed the link via the local file on the pictures below. i can't find the saved files anywhere. Are you able to remote access to find the files? Where do i find the files saved in the cloud?
  5. Hello, When i click on application support there is no option to click on sports interactive.
  6. Hello, i can't find on my macbook where the saves are found. Do you know where this would be? I do have old versions of this save from the 22nd May this year as well as my recent saves and back up. Thanks
  7. Hello, Recently started the 2022/23 season and all stats from 2019/20 to this date are missing. I.e goals and appearances and assists and previous clubs etc. Any suggestions to fix this?
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