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  1. Sure, I have to admit I don't remember ever updating my intel drives.
  2. I tried disabeling both apps and it didn't make a difference. Also have it whitelisted on avast.
  3. I have a logo pack installed. Strange thing is last night it worked fullscreen but today it doesn't anymore. I'm not sure if I did anything else other than restart my laptop, but doing that now doesn't help.
  4. Hello, sorry for the lat reply I had a busy week. I followed the instructions and uninstalled the drivers and then installed them again. But sadly the same issue is still happening:(
  5. Hey, yeah I've previously done that and it didn't help. I also disabled Nviia experience overlay and updated my drivers.
  6. I've only had the game a month and played it on my second screen for most of the time. I first noticed this 2 weeks ago when I disconnected the other screen.
  7. Hello there, I can only play FM20 using my laptop(gtx1050) using a small screen. If I start in fullscreen (either using commands like -fullscreen -no_exclusive_fullscreen, or with the game option), change to fullscreen or change or maximise the window the screen goes black. Alt-enter back to the small screen works and allows me to play again. Curious thing is that when I plug a second screen in to my laptop the game does start fullscreen on the other monitor. Anyone have an idea what I can do to get this to work?
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