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  1. lmao 😂 City always mismanage Foden and is always available for scraps, an absolute beast tho
  2. noooo 😭 you sold all I love bout this Leicester squad, tbh I’m gonna bite anyone’s hands that comes for any of them (looking at you arsenal and Chelsea) buh your squad is amazing and youthful , might be tough at first buh in 3/4 years that’s a powerhouse buh why would you sell Ndidi , should have built the team around him
  3. I get what you are saying , meaning Grealish is more likely to thrive with tiki taka then , concerning the muchness in attacking options what do you suggest bro?
  4. Mile svilar (cause ward is crap), Tonali and stengs, what bout you? who do you have on your team I also need a good first team ball playing defender that’d agree to sign for us any ideas bro?
  5. I need him playing regularly if I do get Grealish and without European football there won’t be much games for him here , oh and I have my boy Hakim Ziyech on that right side, I play with IFs and Barnes is not fit for the RW
  6. Barnes is pretty decent but comparing him with Grealish, Grealish just seemed a bigger step up and I’m aiming for Europe qualification first season so I need to strengthen as much as I can, I want him on loan , then to return as a rotation option when I qualify for Europe , I’m playin a 4-3-3 gegenpress with Maddison as an Advanced playmaker in center midfield and Tielemans as my Deep Lying Playmaker.
  7. aye cheers mate, did you play him on support or attack? and how many goals and assists was he averaging at the time if you don’t mind me asking
  8. Okay I’m just here wondering if speed is really all important for my inside forward in a gegenpressing 4-3-3 tactic , normally play as Man United who ofc have Martial and Sánchez (playing Fm19 btw 😁) buh I’m heading towards a different direction to play as Leicester and I really want to get jack grealish as my LW IF but his acceleration and pace is just a let down at 13 and 12 respectively so I really want to know if he can still very much deliver at the inside forward role with not much pace. would be nice to know if you guys have had any success with slower IFs and any opinion you have on the topic , thanks in advance 😁👍🏽
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