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  1. The rise of an unlikely Asian star

    Euh, just because I never post in between your story entries doesn't mean I'm not following. I always never fail to look up your story and follow it. Go on, I say!
  2. FM08: Official Liverpool Thread

    I don't know if this has been addressed before, but the 14m pounds we paid for Djibril Cisse is our most expensive catch in the club records in FM08, whereas we got Fernando Torres for 22m pounds. Maybe it's just me, but I don't know. Correct me whether the database is wrong, or I am.
  3. FM08: Official Liverpool Thread

    Aha! I finally got my FM2008 for almost two weeks now. As usual since CM4, playing Liverpool, yada yada yada. Here's some highlights I've done for the first season (which is still ongoing): - Sacked half of the coaching staff (Ablett, Miller among the casualties) and re-hired Pako as AssMan. As soon as the season's done, I'm gonna revamp the whole coaching staff. - Bought Croat duo Luka Modric (3.5m pounds) and Darijo Srna (7.5m pounds) (Pako voiced out that midfield needs cover, which is weird as I thought the one needing cover is at the back), with Modric being the revelation of the current campaign. - Struggled with 4-4-2 as I could not break through Chelski even after 20+ games, so rotated between 4-3-3 for easy home games (with defensive mid and two wingers with farrows) and 4-5-1 for tricky away fixtures (with 2 defensive mids and an attacking mid). - Long layoff for Stevie G and Masch means that Lucas and Modric had extended runs in the first team. The problem came when Stevie and Masch returned to first-team action when Modric is a creative force in the team as chief playmaker. - Torres has been an assassin in front of goal as a lone striker. I only play Crouch when the height needs to be there. It's hard to slot in Kuyt and Voronin when Torres and Crouch has been outstanding the whole time. - 11 wins and a draw against Chelski away is a good omen for my Liverpool team. Top of the table, with Everton at second. So there. I'm enjoying my FM08 right now.
  4. FM08: Official Liverpool Thread

    He said something about needing a very large contract offer for him to consider agreeing terms. I'm still stuck in mid-September. And yes I do have a fitness training regime, maxing the Strength and Aerobics training.
  5. FM08: Official Liverpool Thread

    I managed to chalk up a win against them, courtesy of a solitary goal by Lucas Leiva. Here's my wrap-up of my Liverpool experience in FM08: - Very hard to get an assman after I sacked Gary Ablett. I offered Angel Vales the post, and even tried to bring back Pako, but with no avail. So here I am, having to think of a suitable first eleven and not knowing what the players are thinking about during team-talks. - Got Brede Hangeland (Norwegian defender playing for FC Kobenhavn) as cover for center-back. Forgot the transfer fee. - Got Luka Modric for midfield cover. Forgot the transfer fee. - I found myself with tons of unfit players, most of which either have not played for a long time or recently returned to full training after injury. This explains why I didn't pick Steven Gerrard for a few games in a stretch. I guess that's about it from my view.
  6. I found this story familiar from somewhere in the wilderness of FM Stories. Loved the previous story for this, hope this one is special.
  7. The rise of an unlikely Asian star

    Right... no strenuous activity. That means no to being on top of her or using your feet to do the- <_<... >_>... Ahem, sorry. Move on with your story
  8. The rise of an unlikely Asian star

    Hey, I like the story man. Keep up the wonderful work! P.S.: This is a wonderful one-off story here. Kudos to the forum mods for letting this stay alive!