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  1. I'll give it a go, hes just such an animal I want to milk him before he forces his way to Madrid etc.
  2. I've tried, he can only play on the left and up front. He's one of those players who will get a 6.8 average for the season but scored 16 goals for me, which is not that bad for a wide player? I just expect him to dominate with them stats.
  3. Okay this is what I'm starting the season with. I've also done away with More Urgent pressing, and gone for a split block with the front 4 as my press. Also I'd like to ask a question if possible. I'm going to go ahead and commit to a W(a) on the right, is it worth buying an out and out star for that role. Or could I use a player I already have who likes to cut inside, meaning they'll play like a winger and cut inside occasionally? That sounds kind of dangerous no?
  4. Yeah I did sorry, it was something I would change game to game depending on opponent. It doesnt help that over the seasons ive collected all wide players that like to cut inside.
  5. Okay how about this - I've won 3 games but they've all been 1-0 wins against rather poor opposition. Only thing that worries me is the left flank
  6. Also I wondered if you could clear something up for me, As you can see Gouiri is amazing stats wise and yet he has two conflicting PPIs in; "runs with ball down left" & "likes to cut inside from left wing" Does this mean every time he has the ball he will just choose the best option, or will the role I play him influence him to do more than the other. EG I have him on inside forward attack, so does he dribble up the left and then cut in, or does it mean he might do either one and cut in more often.
  7. Will give all this a try, Would you say Goncalves and Tielemans would be an effective AP and CM considering they both like to try killer balls, the only difference being Goncalves is looking more so to get into the box as he has 'arrives late in opponents area' as PPI?
  8. So long story short.. I'm about 3 games away from being sacked. Yes this is me, sitting pretty in 11th place. This is my 4th season, and I have finished in the top 4 the previous 2 years ( I promise I'm not that bad) Yes, wolves are ahead of me. These are the tactics I'm currently tearing my hair out to fix, especially considering it has served me well the previous 2 years. This year was supposed to be the title charge A few thoughts; I have stripped it back to its bare minimum - and if I'm completely honest usually I wouldn't even have shorter passing on as I don't like to restrict my players in taking the odd risk here and there. In my head (whether or not this translates I don't know) I try and have; runners, creators & scorers within the midfield and forward line. E.G. Gouiri (scorer), Silva (runner), Santos (creator) - in the midfield its more ball winner, goal creator and box attacker. E.G Ndidi (ball winner) Soumare (chance creator) Tielimans (box attacker). As you can see from the table - I draw a lot of games, and most of the time its because I cannot punish the average/bad teams in the league. Although the PL does get very competitive the longer it goes. The tactic on the right is when I go away to the big teams, and this has lead me to get royally slapped conceding 3,4,5 goals a pop. The Key Players A bad workman should never blame his tools, however there are certain times I wish I wasn't a football manager otherwise I think I would have punched one of these in the face during the season. Beautiful isn't he? Wrong - he's averaging around a 6.6 for the season and couldn't finish his dinner let alone a 1v1. The star man arrival in the summer - Netted me 6 goals this season and one of them was a hatrick. I use the DLF(a) because I just love his mentals Bought him because I like the balance of physicals and creation, understand he isn't the most creative player - but wait. Because this beast is right next to him! Can't knock this guy, hes like my baby. This is where it gets interesting - let me elaborate. I know what you're probably thinking about what I said earlier - This guy seems like the perfect CM(a), has great movement, finishing and traits to play the role of a devastating Lampard esque player However this is where it gets dark. So, I'd consider myself a pretty experienced player - I understand the basic concepts of making a tactic (I think) however I have convinced myself it is the traits on my players tripping me up and not the tactic. Let me explain; Inside Forward, Deep Lying Forward, Advanced Playmaker all have 'take more risk' as a coded part of their role - Tielemans likes to play killer balls, so does Goncalves - does this mean they can operate as an effective 2 man midfield especially when they have an IF(a) looking to take risks and a DLF(a) also trying to take risks? OR will they both be too busy looking for killer balls that I give it away cheaply and get countered. That's why I have played Soumare as his traits are a little more passive. Goncalves can play ST and would make an effective DLF(a) as he likes to play killer balls - do I drop the Summer arrival of Silva? This feels like a regular occurrence against 'bad teams' - very congested relying on fullbacks to whip in the perfect cross. I drew this game 1-1 vs bottom of the league AT HOME and yes I made sure to throw a bottle. I'm unsure if its my tactic, players & in game adjustments (or lack there of) that are killing me in this save. So I don't forget to mention - I would say most of the goals I concede feel like a flash in the pan. It feels like I'm keeping the ball nicely, creating some half chances and then suddenly im 1-0 down and fighting to get back into the game. Sorry for the long story, I am just out of ideas with this team currently and would happily listen to any advice and or suggestions about how to turn this sinking ship back around. So my friends don't laugh at me.
  9. will give all of this a go, thanks for the advice.
  10. 3rd season with Leicester City and struggling to kick on and challenge for honours. Usually comfortable with a 433 - suits my team very well. Few points Want to play quite a free-flowing passing game which is why I opt against shorter passing as I have very creative players like Tielemans, Santos etc. I opt to try and play wider as I have two wide players that like to cut in, so I want to make sure they have space to cut in. Really struggling to creative consistent chances even with overwhelmingly creative players - Tielemans DLP(s) for example has 19 vision, 17 flair, 17 passing, 17 decisions etc. Gouiri is my best statistical player and is good enough for CF(a) Left flank is where I concede 50% of my goals Currently I rank 19th in the league for 'Clear Cut Chances' created on the season, my xG is very poor, I actually out perform it. Consistently draw or lose to the bottom teams in the league.
  11. I see, that makes sense as it got so bad at one point I had to put 'close down less' on both my CB's as they would get sucked into marking the striker leaving space for an IF to hit or something.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'll give it some tweaks - to be honest I don't truly understand the pros and cons of the tight marking instruction I have just always had it on. The LOE is something I change, but usually its in relevance to my defensive line as I try and keep it some what compact.
  13. Hi all, Reverted back to the classic 4-3-3 but just having some trouble getting some consistent form together to mount a title charge. I'm working on two tactics; first one is my go to tactic that I play 75% of the time as im Napoli (one of the better teams in the division) and my second tactic is for when I'm playing a Juventus or something - (just beat Milan 1-0 away from home). I'll post them and walk through my thinking with roles & instructions and if I have misunderstood hopefully someone smarter could add some input. MAIN TACTIC I always struggled to keep the ball; Shorter passing | Work ball into box | Fairly Narrow | Play out of defence I use 'Be more expressive' along side WBIB as a nice situational pairing against the bad teams. Without the ball A lot the goals I concede feel like I'm playing prime Barcelona - I just had Verona score a goal where they passed it around the midfield 30 times before eventually playing a defence splitting pass behind Koulibally to lose 2-1 at home. Therefore; Counter press - to win the ball further up the pitch; as I already have a lot of bodies up there I feel like it is a good idea - I also use a split block on my players instructed to close down more rather than the team instruction. Higher defensive line - I have CBs with good pace, anticipation etc and use it to camp teams in their box. I occasionally concede chances to the ball over the top (but who doesn't). A few roles that may stand-out Manolas on CD(c) - Koulibally has this annoying tendency to be out of position and/or charge out of position - his concentration is 8. So I figured having a fast aggressive CB on cover to sweep up his mistakes and also cover for the FB on attack was a good idea? Fabian DLP(d) - I have always been more old fashioned and had either a DM, HB or Anchorman on defend in my saves, however I noticed I gave away the ball a lot in situations like; I cross the ball, opposition defence clears it, it would fall to my DM and they would either lose it or use the ball poorly, so I moved my best playmaker into that position to help recycle the ball with more effect. I am unsure about the Mezzala, Winger and WB combo - Is this an overload? They all have instructions to either stay wider, run wider with the ball etc. I have usually used two 'inside running roles' such as IF, IW however I like the idea of W stretching the pitch although I am yet to find the perfect player for that role (currently playing a left footer there) I switch from a BWM to a BBM if I feel like I need a little more going forward from that position ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AWAY TACTIC (TOUGH TEAMS) Mentality - Attacking - I've always played my best 'counter attacking' football on higher mentalities. With the ball Hit early crosses - I like to whip the ball in behind the defence to my AF (who is super fast) Run at defence - I want my players to travel with the ball as my AP, IW and W are all great dribblers however I don't know if I am handicapping myself as; am I sacrificing fast transitional passes? Playing wider - Want my players spread out to encourage a more direct passing style without the team instruction Without the ball Distribute to flanks - That's where I have found the most space for my attackers when playing against tougher opposition as they usually push their fullbacks up. Distribute quickly - Counter attacking mentality although I flick this on and off in game if I feel like my GK starts kicking the ball away needlessly. Counter instruction - obvious reasons Regroup - I want to suck the opposition in and then transition into my attack so I opted against the counter press - I still use the same split block with my attackers although writing this I wonder if that is counter intuitive? The LOE is something I tweak depending on the highlights I am seeing, although I never put it past standard especially on such a high mentality - but the idea again is to suck the opposition in and hit them with a quick transition I know this is long, so thank you for any help you can offer - I hope I explained it all!
  14. Started a save with Lazio - I've always played either 4231 or 433 with most clubs I've managed. However Lazio just don't have the players that fit or the budget to drastically change. So I really need to make a 3 at the back work. Few things; 1. Wing backs are really strong going forward. 2. Lazio are notoriously a quick hitting transition team which is what I have tried to emulate. 3. Have really strong CB's aerially. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  15. First of all the general mentality of a player on attack and support is different. Also as mentioned - if you hover over the overlap box it explains that the player in front will hold onto the ball and await the overlap - could slow down transitions or discourage him from playing a central pass, or switch of play. I personally tend to go for a fullback or wingback on attack duty depending on roles on that flank and create the natural overlap rather than use to instruction.
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