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  1. The Holy Grail of FM20 (an unrealistically agressive tactic and unrealistically high morale) should make you demolish smaller teams like that. Hopefully XG will be used to balance the ME
  2. A narrow diamond with a back 4 suits my side a bit better than a back 5, so I think I'm going with that and a HB or Anchorman to mimick the sweeper. As Fyssas often tucked in as a left back, I think an IWB on support would be my best bet? And a standard FB-A to provide width on the right. In the middle, I'm going with a BWM, and haven't decided the other role yet, I'm torn between BBM, CM and CAR (all on S). Don't know about the AM yet, and one of the strikers could become another CB. As for TI's, you're pretty much spot on I think. I'd just maybe add hit early crosses, be more dis
  3. Looks like people got bored and fell asleep midway through reading the post
  4. I'm currently using a bog standard 4231 gegenpress, but since it seems like it's the meta this year, it's become quite boring. And since it became dull, I thought "why not go all the way and bore everyone to death?" And that's exactly what I'm trying to do. Rehhagel's 2004 Greek side is the most boring team I could think of, and before devising a tactic mimicking it I decided to ask how you'd do it. Enough said. Let's turn all our teams into a cure for insomnia!
  5. Thanks for the advice, I'll try to change the regista to a half back, and the B2B to a second shuttler or a CM on automatic. As for the CWBs, a simple FB-S with maybe some instructions might work, as apparently the CWBs have too much ground to cover, supporting attacks more aggressively and then keep dropping back to a lower DL. I wanted to implement a more direct style of play instead of a more passive defensive one, but with that many central midfielders I thought it wouldn't quite work, so I went with those instructions. I'll give it a try though, and post here again once I start having mor
  6. So, I'm quite new to FM, bought it after the free week and started a save with Ipswich recently. I wanted to play using a Simeone or Dyche style 4-4-2 low block in cup games against bigger teams (can't really use it in League One as they're one of the favourites for promotion), but Ipswich doesn't really have any good and natural wide midfielders, particularly on the left side, so I've decided to go with a 4-4-2 Diamond formation. It worked wonders against weaker L1 teams, normally going for the default gegenpress or a form of fluid counter-attack, but it was quite leaky in defence. I figured
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