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  1. Resets were only back to the match preview, immediately before playing the game(s). I note your comment about the game not ‘warping reality’. Back in the real world, Leicester lost 2-4 vs Newcastle last night. As an outlier, this was a surprising but not unthinkable result. However, the notion that Newcastle would beat Leicester at the King Power on 6 out of 8 occasions is obviously nonsense.
  2. I love the game, but there are times when it is just toe-curlingly bad. This seems to be mostly down to an overly intrusive game engine attempting to build narratives. As an example....... I am currently playing as Newcastle Utd, decent season, 8th in the Prem, 3 games to go, on a good run of form with confidence high, same team as previous 3 games, no new injuries etc... playing at home against West Ham Utd, ‘woeful’ form, lost last 5, injury problems etc.... betting odds are 1/3 for a home win.... You can probably guess what happens next..... it took 8 attempts
  3. I have exactly the same issue. slot 6 has vanished
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