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  1. Wow, I have not been able to find much information about the son feature on the mobile forums. Would you be able to perhaps explain how you manage to get it etc? TIA
  2. Hi, Before I raise my issue I want to first thank the devs for introducing the affiliate club feature, it has been a real joy in this year's version. However, I believe as raised before, there is a issue with that clubs we get affiliated with. I'm 14 seasons in the Prem but I still get affiliate clubs that play in a league too low to even be generated, let alone be beneficial to my academy players. I've had 3 clubs end the affiliate links up to now due to them "being big enough to grow their own talent etc" (winning or runners-up in the highest division in the nation), but
  3. Hi, Has anyone got any clue how the favoured people feature on the player's personal page works? Apart from the obvious mentorship and favourite manager links, I have some players that have a completely bizarre favourite people. For example, 33 year old Italian player playing the PL for the past 13 years has a 19 year old German kid playing in the Spanish second division as "favourite people" At first I thought he might be a former teammate or a family member but their playing careers, nationality and last names don't add up. On the side note, is t
  4. But how do you do that with - Offer to Clubs? What I usually get is that 2-3 clubs comes in with offers and I dont get much say on sell-on or buy-back clauses etc
  5. I currently have a very big squad with a lot of 4+- star rated players surplus to requirements (over healthy squad depth), mainly already having a good squad size but too many promising youngsters reaching 22-23y/o forcing their way into the first team squad. However, I'm finding it difficult to offload them, reasons being either asking price not met, clubs submitting ridiculous offers, player turning down contract offers. Any tips on how to offload players while not compromising too much on the transfer fee?
  6. Yeap, went to search players and cleared all filters but still couldn't find them. Thanks @Louie Silvani
  7. Well I just assumed this was the problem so I cracked on with my save, but yea maybe could consider adding features alerting that the teams are full and we get to move players around before accepting the intake again. Also, I looked everywhere including my first team and they were no where to be found
  8. I'd like to add that player stars are also influenced by overall team rating. For example a 3 starred player in City/Liverpool might be a 4 and a half starred player in a team battling relegation. One thing I've learned from having played this game for a while is to check player stats as well. Some players with high stars might not necessarily deliver if ratings are based off reputation over ability. If that makes any sense at all
  9. Yea, bit of a shame because it was my best intake ever with 2 golds and 2 silvers
  10. Had a problem where I picked a few players I wanted to keep from the intake but didn't appear in my team. From the images attached 'Connor Grounds' was no where to be seen. Was thinking it could be because my reserve squad is very full, but maybe a pop-up window to say that so I could've moved a few to the first team to make space. Also checked in 'Search Players' and 'Transfers' from club but my intakes were no where to be seen. Abit of a shame since its my best intake in a few years (2 golds and 2 silvers TT)
  11. Hey, Yea not sure going for a strong tactic counts as a cheat (I use 4-2-2-2 high press all the time, had its problems along the way and needed to tweak necessarily but gradually became very OP winning me titles year after year) I think biggest thing I realise is strong teams like Pool and City don't stay as strong as the years go by, they tend to make poor signings even with huge budgets, hence reducing the competitiveness as my team grows. And as I was progressing up I had problems with key players wanting to leave for bigger clubs or being tempted by high wages but I have not
  12. Some really good suggestions! Hope the devs see this Second the one saying having foreign affiliates as there are rules of max no. of loans for teams within the same nation
  13. Thanks guys! The survive on youth players options sounds like a tough one As I've not loaded the smaller nations I'll probably leave it for now but that's a great idea I might revisit!
  14. I'm playing fm mobile 2021 and am finding it a little too easy. just won my second premier league title with Chorley in 2030 with a 13 point gap. (also in the champions league final) Any tips on making gameplay more difficult/challenging? (apart from playing FM on desktop 😂)
  15. Well I'd say starting from the bottom is definitely challenging because you get problems like: having low wage and transfer budgets, not knowing anyone, players wanting to leave to step up their game etc. I started with Gillingham in League 1 and took me 8 seasons to win the champions league. Then my rule was to build up your team so strong and leave at its peak, then pick another team (not doing well) in the SAME LEAGUE and play against the beast you created. My career has so far been Gillingham > Chelsea > Norwich > Arsenal It's fun because I'm always up agains
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