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  1. Players wanted for our online league for Season 4. Year 2022/23 in game We are running a network game of Football Manager, where players can compete online to test their management skills against others. Choose any available team from Spain, Germany, Italy, Scotland. We currently have 11 active managers playing We’re particularly looking for dedicated managers; experienced network FM’ers. New member will be asked details before being accepted via our Discord Server, where someone will go through the process with you. https://discord.gg/McsWkh * We play Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7-10pm GMT. The game will be up 30 minutes beforehand at 6:30pm UK time. (19:30 CET, EET) * You’ll need Discord for chatting and messaging during gameplay. * During the game you'll need to be on comms but you can mute yourself. You will need moderate internet speed and a decent computer spec to ensure smooth flow to the network game. Continual slow play/speeds may result in you being asked to leave the clan. If interested please click link
  2. @knap would you possibly be able to recommend a tactic for Chelsea? I'm a big fan of you're Blue Matter tactic, but I find it can be quite defensive/counter based, and normally struggle.
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