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  1. @Travis Bickle Great job with Cyprus fella, got bored of a couple of saves recently and was looking for a decent file covering Cyprus, I have to say well done and really appreciate the efforts, I've gone for Apollon Limassol....i'll drop the odd update in here on my progress
  2. No, only Kebbeh. I decided to play a DM instead of an AMC this time round and so picked up Rahim instead of Ouattara.
  3. A defensive masterclass in the opening games.........so far so good
  4. @raymondafc So true, LOL, really like managing in France So I've statred my Sochaux save after my last one corrupted. The Squad The summer signings - I decided to re-sign Kebbeh in this save, I don't usually sign the same player twice but my first save wasn't finished, so......
  5. @Jogo Bonito I'm always reading through the FMCU updates of yours and @Hootieleece saves..... I've just started the season with Sochaux and it's going really well.....I've also just started a save with Hamburg as I've not done a German based save, will do a Hansa Rostock save at some point too
  6. Started up Sochaux again as I really enjoyed that save until it corrupted, there will be no restrictions around transfers, will mostly stick to French and African players but will add the odd South American / Eastern European to the team. Will still promote heavily from within the youth system. Will post up my progress later
  7. Yeah it was going really well with some very nice youth coming through....thanks, not tried Germany this year, the issue with the 3rd tier of German football can't sign anyone outside of the EU...No African bargains for me...at least until we get into the 2nd division. Haha, post it up, certainly interested in seeing how you're going....
  8. I was in the third season, just coming into March.....topped my Uefa Cup group with 6 wins out of 6, league form was suffering though, was in 7th, signed Bamba in the Jan window for 2M from LOSC......the boy Pellissard was a true gem of a player....
  9. My Sochaux save corrupted I'm off to Germany for a save with Hansa Rostock I will be back to France at some point....once the tears have subsided
  10. @karanhsingh @Ronaldo Beckham Good starts in Spain chaps......I will start a save in Spain with Zaragoza at some point...I've just finished my Rangers save, got Sochaux going into Season 3, I also want to start a save with the team I support Charlton and a longer term youth save with Eintracht Braunschweig (it's a blue and yellow thing) I also want to start a save in Greece as it's generally a hard slog with the financial side of the Greek game
  11. Sochaux - Season 3 - September update Great posts on all the saves chaps, keep em coming September was a really good month, the only blip being the home draw against Strasbourg, the start to our European adventure couldn't have gone any better, thumping Roma 5-0 at home was particularly pleasing The League Table Ligue 1 - Player of the Month Europa League
  12. Season 3 - August update Transfer Business - Quiet window really, not much in the way of in's as we look to promote a couple of the youth into the team The season has started very well The team - sorted by Average rating - you'll notice that King Kebbeh is sitting top of the pile....I mean who else would it be?? The table The Uefa Cup draw was made, Roma the team to beat
  13. Thanks @Jogo Bonito Nebodon and Grillot are getting promoted to the first team this year as I am letting Daham and Moltenis go, they've done nothing but moan, Kaabouni is going as he's just not good enough now. This guy is going to spend another season in the U18's, is probably my top prospect
  14. It's true this man is a KING....Kebbeh pretty much mopping up all the awards:-
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