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  1. Champs League group, aiming to finish 3rd
  2. Thank you, hoping to use the money to upgrade facilities, making progress on the youth side but the board wont budge on upgrading the training facilities.....Looking at a new RB and LB to challenge Hickey at the end of this season and the team will be set. Hoping to see a decent youth intake too, the last one was very disappointing, only one player at 4 star potential.. See your having fun with Udinese and got some nice players in too.....90M for Papetti too good to turn down...
  3. Just finished the first season, had a great mid season run of form which got us into the Champs League spots I was dreading the summer, I needed to move a lot of players on as well as having to deal with nearly all the first team being wanted by bigger clubs.....my fears were realised when Liverpool and Chelsea battled it out for Tomiyasu €62M was too much to turn down and allowed me to bring in two incredible signings, both requested to leave and were transfer listed. Here's my summer, a huge turnover of players, not ideal but necessary (some of the transfers are showing in the previous transfer window), managed to cut a huge chunk off the wage bill and bring in a little quality for the first team as well as a few decent prospects. Here's the squad Still playing a 4-2-3-1 although will look at training up 5-2-2-1 through the pre-season
  4. Great season 2 so far.......Might go for Tonali myself as Milan quite often don't take up his option....plus I want to try and add an Italian spine to the team
  5. Yeah RJJ is fantastic this FM. He's carrying my Charlton....
  6. Bologna are perfect for the 4-2-3-1, I have also got a 4-3-3 and 4-2-4 trained too. In my Nordsjaelland career i settled on a nice 5-2-2-1 playing two IF's to support the DLF...it worked very well, might move to it in a couple of seasons when I've got the right personnel in
  7. Decided to give Bologna a go, currently half way through first season. Started with the first window off, so onto January transfers, let a few of the older guard leave to free up wage budget. Finally decided to bring in Arezo, I'm normally at low rep clubs and can't afford him. He is certainly living upto the FM hype Also decided to bring in Gozzi as a longer term replacement to Danilo, a young left footed defender from Juve, highly rated and consistent performer. Also fits in with the signing policy of Bologna, he'll mainly be on the bench but will make the odd start this season Also got some future signings sorted, Soumaoro is currently on loan at Bologna and has impressed, so made him permanent as his contract was expiring in June. Major concern is the pre agreed signing of Barrow, he's inconsistent and never gets a good rating. Performing well in the League and was knocked out in the first round of the Cup by Lazio:- Looking forward to the end of the season and the summer clearout, we have many players both in the under 20's and out on loan who are nowhere near good enough to take the team forwards.
  8. Playing as Charlton, just coming upto the end of the 1st season, we've won the league and just had the first youth intake....got probably one of the best prospects playing in the lower leagues I've ever had:-
  9. FC Nordsjaelland, have a fantastic young team that can push Copenhagen and Midjytlland for the title.
  10. Donnarumma is normally on a free 2nd season...he might join. Vandevoordt, starts at Genk I think, if you can get him he will be your no.1 for 10 years no problem
  11. I'm doing a Nordsjaelland save at the moment too. In my fourth season. Despite being a Champs League regular and Europa League semi finalist, the coefficiant and club reputation hasn't grown that much It's probably a number of factors, such as, the country you play in, your reputation as a club, the coefficient, how good your Head of Youth Development is, your world knowledge, the facilities, youth coaching and recruitment etc etc, some factors are also hidden, like how good the country is at producing prospects..
  12. Got a nice FC Nordsjaelland save going....looking at also starting a DOF save....looking for a team outside the top 5 leagues...just so much choice!!
  13. Made it to the Champs League Group Stage after beating Craicova. Not the easiest of draws to be honest
  14. Decided to try out a save in Denmark, went for FC Nordsjaelland, disabled the first transfer window.. They have an insane number of prospects, really difficult to fend off the attentions of bigger clubs. Just finished the first season:- The transfer business first season - The sale of Kofod to Lyon was a blow. This man is a beast Atanga is a class act at this level, great stats despite stropping for the 2nd half of the season after I turned down bids for him Onto the 2nd season, just played first two league games, here's the summer business, got Richards on a 2 year loan The squad
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