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  1. Need some help, I'm playing an online game and one of the guys (who's winning the league) is playing with Beowolf 442 and I can't beat him. I've tried using the same tactic but he edged me out and that sent me on a losing streak using the Beowolf 442 tactic myself. I know he's using it cause I took control of his team briefly while waiting for him to log in (it wasn't password protected) and recognised the tactic (I'd used it in a single player game). Are there any tips or suggestions on how to beat this tactic? I figure there must be a way if I know exactly what his instructions are but can't figure it out. Yeah I know logging in and looking at his tactic was a bit of crappy move but this guy hasn't stopped bragging about how amazing he is and how his tactic is so good that he came up with etc and I've know the guy for years and had a feeling he'd downloaded a pre-set tactic and couldn't stand his bragging any longer. I'd really appreciate any help!
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