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    i am a massive forest fan! come on you reds, we ate derby an all tht

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    football, playing football manager

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  1. hi, did you do a tactic for fm 07? because i used one with the same name to great effect. Maybe it was the 06 one that worked with 07. This is why i had to try this. So my Tiverton Town (BSS) team are well good enough for the league, after losing in the play off final last year. Ive just started now and have been using Home because im always favourites. i dont know if this is the right thing to do so will try control occasionally instead. So far i have gone: Lewes (H) 2-0 loss - Forgot to select a playmaker, and team hasnt gelled to tactic yet Chippenham (H) 1-0 win - Not great performance, havent gelled obviously. Centre half scored, they missed great chance in closing stages Eastleigh (H) (cup) 5-3 AET - were comfotably 3-1 up but kept the attacking formation stupidly and conceded two, in Extra time showed our class to close out result, strikers two each Will keep you imformed on how things go, im sure i will have the success that everyone else has enjoyed
  2. hey just a suggestion, you could get offers to be nottingham forest under 18 manager as a start and then try and work your way up through the ranks and get offers for say preston reserves or foresr reserves maybe. finally on to proper management but you will have experience and a good managerial start. i think this would be good, but possible to do? any comments on this would be appreciated
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