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  1. Hi all, Hope everyone is well. I was just wondering if it is possible to transfer a save file on FM20 Mobile to Football Manager on PC? I know these "Cloud" save files exist but it seems like that is just one way (from PC to mobile). Bit of context is that I downloaded the game on Mobile first and have played about a decade with Sunderland. So not particularly keen to start all again. Appreciate if anyone can let me know whether transferring from mobile to PC is possible or not. Cheers, Frank
  2. Awesome, thanks for letting me know. Is there a way I can force myself onto a national team btw?
  3. Hi team, Hope you are well. I was just wondering how one changes national teams on football manager 20 mobile edition? I currently manage Sunderland and Portugal. However while I can see the ”Job” tab which allows me to manage a team that isn’t Sunderland, I am unsure how I can change the national team as the “Job” tab does not provide national team opportunities. I am also not particularly keen on purposefully underperforming as a manager for Portugal so that they will forcibly remove me. Appreciate if you can advise on the above. Happy to discuss. Cheers, Asianbigeyes
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