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  1. I just want to highlight the striker roles. The two strikers role is definitely spot on in my opinion. It's exactly how they play, both strikers like to press & also drop back. I don't watch RB Leipzig week in week out, but when I watched them, I don't see Timo plays an advanced striker as per the OP instructed. Look at the map pass, you can see he's aligned with Poulsen. If he plays as advanced forward, he should be further from Poulsen. Pressure Forward in attack role is identical to advanced forward but not as advanced as it is. We often see Timo went through from through ball or l
  2. May be you should change it to "slightly lower the tempo" or "slightly higher tempo" and pressing is "extremely urgent". I'm saying this because Nagelsmann is known with his style to slowly build up the play in the back from goal kick, passing around across the back waiting for opportunity, once the timing is correct then they will start passing the ball to midfield or attackers who dropped deep. When off the ball, his players tend to close down opposition very quickly and rely on the pace of Werner for counter.
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