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  1. ok, but why allow alterations to happen if the code, or the game as a whole, can't handle them?
  2. I do understand that you won't try to fix the issue for just one user, but I have heard and read that many face similar issues, so talking down the issue seems to me as avoiding the problem. There are loads of people who were stuck with their save and couldn't progress a save which was otherwise apparently normal, forcing people to end that specific save due to technical issues. To me there are clearly bugs within the code of the game... Error applications are not something new with FM, I wonder why they keep on happening? (Many in the past and many also complain about bugs in FM 20). Since my
  3. I have already started a new save. Still hope this save can be saved though, as I really got into it and really dedicated. Hope to have a positive response soon!
  4. Yeah, the crash follows after being frozen for an hour or so... I will try to get you the crash dump
  5. Yes, I do have custom add-ons installed (logos and facepacks). I did remove them, but that also didn't change anything... I also deleted the cache and preference folders, but again, that didn't do anything either. I will upload the save to the link you provided. The name of the save is "The Big Dream II"
  6. My save keeps crashing on 20 November 2033. I have tried various things, but nothing seems to resolve the issue. I have also contacted SEGA customer support, which also didn't help. What happens is that when I press "continue" the save goes to the weekly loading screen, takes hours trying to process and eventually crashes by sending me an application error. My current game version is 20.4.1-1363262 My approximate player count is at 192,000 (which has been exceeded throughout the save), my computer performance is at 2.5 stars, whereas the estimated game speed is at 0.5 stars. Althou
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