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  1. After a self-imposed absence to eat my body weight in terrible yet delicious food, embrace the prospect of yet another lock down, begin said lock down and then get back to working once again, I have returned. As you may recall, we had ended October in the rarefied air of 1st place in the Premier League. Top of the tree. Numero Uno. Of course, they don’t hand out the title in November, so now we had to make sure we continued the form that was required to stay ahead of the chasing pack. When that group contains both the clubs from Manchester, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs and the rest, th
  2. Apologies, just catching up with this one. Love the update! Brings back memories of how razor thin I found the margins to be when I was in the Championship, and how much of a difference the right loan signings can make! I didn't feel I was equipped for the PL either, but we made it work in the end. A few summer signings and a couple of loans and you'll be in better shape than you think. Seems like a world away for me now! Keep me posted with how you get on, always love to hear from people who are following along.
  3. I wanted to pop my head in once again to say that I will be disappearing for a few weeks so things will no doubt be a little quieter. The vast majority of my writing, playing and posting time comes during the week and over the Christmas and New Year period I doubt I'll be in front of my laptop much if at all. Rather than just disappear without a word as this thread more than likely tumbles down the pages, I wanted to put something up to say I will be back, I'm just going off to enjoy some family time etc. To everyone that has read, supported, followed, posted, thank you so much.
  4. So, here we are again. I typically think of this update as being the start of a season proper. July and August still contains transfer news and all that type of stuff, but September and October is nothing but football. The window is closed and we’re down to business. Can we improve this year? August certainly suggested we could start well, though we were yet to play any of the big guns. We had beaten Sheffield United though, which is more than we managed last season. Let’s see how things panned out. Oh Lord….This Again?? My previous experiences with consortiums trying
  5. I now love the cups, having won 2 last season. They are a wonderful thing, and I am looking forward to them as always this season! Spurs, they're no worse than other teams that didn't want me. Arsenal, Liverpool, they're all on the list but I don't mind Spurs as much as I tend to give them a beating whenever we play. Hard to be too grumpy when that happens. The FA however. Well, they're just idiots haha
  6. I was at the start of what was likely my final few acts as Wednesday manager. I sit here writing, feeling like I’m penning my memoirs, a final note to those that will come once I am gone. On the eve of battle, I was ready to do my duty. Well, not really. Just managing England. For queen and country! The mighty England!! It’s coming home!! Hurrah!!! But a few more things before all that…. The Curious Case Of Tommy Doyle Cards on the table, I had a big thing going on for Tommy Doyle. He looked like an incredible young, English talent. City were under utilising him, as th
  7. Massively appreciate you dropping in and catching up! Hope you enjoyed! Pulis just needs to buy Esposito and Kean. Easy as that. Goals will come naturally at a rate of about....70 or so a season! :-D I watched the game against Stoke at the weekend, it was pretty dire. Tight at the back, but going forward, not good.
  8. Firstly, an apology to you all. Furlough has hit for most of us, myself included, and as a result I have less time at my computer these days. Not that I would ever do anything FM related between the hours of 9 and 5 you understand, ahem. But updates have been a bit slower to come out, and thank you for sticking with me through that. Unless you've all buggered off, in which case, I doubt I'll get much interaction on these next few updates haha With that said, here we are, once again, ready to start another summer. Time for some reflection, planning, and general stock taking. Anot
  9. May was a strange month. We had more games than usual, with 4 games in a row all at home. We had the FA Cup final, plus the prospect of getting fired by a new chairman looming over me. Quite the contrast in emotions, but all I could do was concentrate my efforts on the pitch and leave the rest to take care of itself. Falling At The First Hurdle So here’s the plan, guys. Listen up. We smash Burnley, then Brighton and Leicester. We’re on such a high we then knock off City, and then we can take it easy at Old Trafford knowing we’re already guaranteed 2nd place. Ok. Ready? Go!
  10. Gotta love a bit of Eddie :-) Cup win was most unexpected, as a long time reader I'm sure you can understand haha Final itself was pretty wild as well!
  11. I always remember Les Sealey getting a little touch on it, but only enough to put it onto the inside of the post. Frankly, that made it look even better I reckon haha Still, as you say, at least there's a trophy back in the cabinet at Hillsborough! Could have the FA Cup in there soon to, now that'd be something!!
  12. We were once again angling for a top 4 finish, though due to our own frailties and Manchester City’s lack of them, the title race felt like it was pretty much already over. But, we were still making strides forward. Young players were developing. Teams we used to lose to now gave us draws, sometimes wins. We were making progress, but how fast and how long it would take to reach the top, if it ever happened at all, was another question. And with that jolly, optimistic filled intro, here’s March and April! Over 30 Years In The Making I’ll not lie, I was as surprised as anyone
  13. It would be the first call I'd make hahaha Listen, Dejphon, I know a guy, alright? He's gonna be MEGA!!
  14. In light of Wednesday's recent decision to sack Garry Monk, I just want to say.....I am available Come on Dejphon, one Yorkshireman to another, you know it makes sense! This thread is all the proof you need haha
  15. With the consortium bid now quashed, we could get on with January and once again having a poke around for ways to strengthen our team. It felt like we needed to get to the next level, but I wasn’t sure how. I couldn’t throw endless money at the situation to catch City, we didn’t have it (though we did have plenty). Perhaps my young players just needed time to develop? Either way, it felt like a balancing act that I didn’t quite have the answer for yet. It was a strange feeling. A bit like failure, but whilst experiencing loads of success. Anyway, here’s January and February.
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