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  1. True, and I get the domination in a smaller nation....but: 1) There can always be a slip up, somewhere, or a rotated squad, or a red card, or all three at once! 2) Even getting through that number of games is a serious achievement, regardless of result. Do you leave the house often? I mean, I know that most people haven't left the house for a good year, but you get what I mean
  2. Thank you matey, very kind of you to say. Hopefully things go our way, and I'll keep an eye on your thread as well :-)
  3. South Africa is now booted up as a playable league, it’s time to have a peek at what the game has been doing in the background whilst I’ve been conquering England with the mighty Owls. My knowledge of South African football starts and ends at the World Cup they hosted, vuvuzelas, Kaizer Chiefs (because of the band), and the fact Orlando Pirates are based there (and have a fun badge that is popular to use on FIFA Ultimate Team) Let’s have a look at what I stumbled upon once I took over at Ajax Cape Town. As always, click the spoiler for a proper read, or feel free to skim the Too Long
  4. Thanks matey, very kind indeed. Looking forward to SA, somewhere I've never been to on FM and a country I know pretty much zero about from a footballing perspective. Gonna push those frontiers and see what we can achieve, and prove real-life Ajax wrong!!
  5. And there it is! 10,000 thread views. That is class, and far exceeded my initial expectations. When I started, I just figured it'd be me posting here rather than bugging my friends, talking to myself and knocking the occasional update out! Thank you all so much, to people who just read, to those who post, and to anyone who pops a head in going forward. I appreciate it!
  6. I caught up with this thread over the weekend, it was highly enjoyable. I recently changed course with my own save, taking over Ajax Cape Town in the bid of helping South Africa become a world force: I'm interested in how the National Team have done since your 35 years or so of dominance? I seem to remember seeing that the country had won an AFCON? And they're the #1 nation in Africa? Would be interested to know how your success has moved the needle internationally. I'm also going to shamelessly steal your spreadsheet for the prospects that you've sold with various add on clau
  7. From Sheffield to South Africa - A Sheffield Wednesday, Ajax Cape Town (and probably other places) career So, here we are. Sheffield to South Africa. A fun little change of direction, I’d say! As you will have seen, I decided to call time on my Sheffield Wednesday career once I won the Premier League. Was there merit in defending my title? Trying to win the Champions League? Bringing further Cup glory to S6? Absolutely, without doubt. But it wasn’t something I was overly drawn to, and after six seasons. I fancied a change. With the team I’d assembled, most of them young and read
  8. Thanks matey, great to see you back again It was a fun run with Wednesday and I'm really pleased with how well this thread appears to be going so far. New update should be around next week I reckon!
  9. I'm not. My FM20 career will be continuing and I have no plans to upgrade, so you can look forward to seeing where I end up next!
  10. Just dropped into this one as I saw you had a topic (and you have of course poked your head into my topic on multiple occasions!) A fun read, love how you've dotted yourself around the globe so far, both domestically and internationally. Really interesting that you decided to turn down the France job, but fair play for wanting to see through what you'd already started. Will keep an eye on this one, good stuff!
  11. Awesome, great to have you along and thanks for taking the time to go through the stuff that has been posted to date. I'm not that far from starting the next chapter, just lining it up now. Should be in the next week or so, providing the UK bank holiday doesn't interfere with things in any way. Have a great long weekend!
  12. Oh my lord, I finally got a 5th page haha That 4th page was getting massive!! No plans to get FM21, even now it's gone down in price. 20 still fills my needs and I get so much more from enjoying a game world that I've watched evolve than starting with one that's up to date when I begin. I'm currently on the fence about posting my next adventure as it'll be a lengthy undertaking and once I start, I'll need to see it through. Write ups and collecting all the info does take time, but it is enjoyable so I'd imagine I will Plus, I still seem to be picking up a minimum of a couple of
  13. I sat at my desk, as I had so many countless hours before. Seemingly endless days and nights had moulded into a six-year journey in the blink of an eye. Pouring over the sort of fine detail and tough decision making that had landed Sheffield Wednesday their first topflight title since 1930. The Premier League winners medal still sat on top of the dark wood, one of the few elements of glistening light in what was now a room cast in darkness and shadow. The sun had long since set, only a desk lamp for illumination, allowing the silvery reflection from the medal to catch the eye. The me
  14. So we’d done it. For those that stayed with this thread to this point from such humble beginnings, my heartfelt thanks and admiration. For those who have popped in and out, you guys are pretty awesome to! Every upvote and comment drives me on to keep saving screen shots, writing, posting, it is all truly appreciated. Now that I’d managed to win the PL, I thought I’d throw in a post to summaries the squad that had done it. A lot of my updates mention the same names, Kean, Esposito, Pauly, or players get named when I buy them then are lost when they play regularly but don’t score etc.
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