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  1. Notts County F.C | Season #4: 2022/23 | Division: Sky Bet Championship | Manager: Fergus Hunt Waiting patiently for the World Cup '22 to finish To say our "World cup break" went well would be an understatement. We started off the "2nd preseason" with another Friendly League, the Forced Break Invitational (FBI), and looked really comfortable next to PL opposition. Throughout the entirety of our friendly fixtures, we've also beaten Brighton, Blackburn (3rd in our division) and looked good against Bournemouth while taking care of all the very small teams, which helped with
  2. Again, an excellent group of players! Our last few youth intakes were superb and we have a solid group of youth players in our U18 and U23 squads because of that. Unfortunately, most of those are wingers as well, so I don't know what I'm supposed to do with even more of them Can I have a CB, please?
  3. Thank you but we've had a slight dip in form recently. :/ Notts County F.C | Season #4: 2022/23 | Division: Sky Bet Championship | Manager: Fergus Hunt Eight-day hiatus After a short break from FM, I'm back and excited to get back into this journey. It was a mixed comeback, as we won 3, lost 4 and drew 1. It's now time for the dreaded WC22 break and the fixture congestion when we come back at the end of December up until the end of the season. We'll probably finish the first half in the top 10, which, considering we're predicted to finish 18th, is pretty good
  4. Notts County F.C | Season #4: 2022/23 | Division: Sky Bet Championship | Manager: Fergus Hunt Playoff dreams An average month but it's been good enough to help us stay in a contender spot for the playoffs. We'll probably not reach the 2nd spot anymore but a 6th placed finish is very much in the cards for us. Our three game win streak was very crucial and so was the fact that we haven't had long losing streaks yet. We'll just have to keep it going. Match of the Month We deserved to win this match and after going 2:0 down, I thought this was over. How
  5. Notts County F.C | Season #4: 2022/23 | Division: Sky Bet Championship | Manager: Fergus Hunt Settling in nicely We didn't have a "great" month by any means with us having a 3-2-2 record but we're playing than what was expected of us coming into the season. We were the better team in every match (except for the Leeds one) but we dropped a lot of points anyway and we were especially unlucky to lose against Birmingham in the EFL Cup (we can't do penalties). Still, two league wins means that we can move into the playoff spots if we win our game in hand. Even a draw w
  6. OBJECTIVE #28 COMPLETED Club Goals/Records -> Have a Balance of £10M We were barely below the £10M mark after the Butterweck sale but our next match in the EFL Cup put us over.
  7. OBJECTIVE #26/27 COMPLETED Player Goals -> Sell a Player for £5M+ Club Goals/Records -> Break the "Highest Fee Received" Record (£2.5M for Craig Short, 1992) Our first major sale! Dominik Butterweck got an offer accepted by the board because "it was too good to decline" at £4.6M + a bunch of clauses that would have gotten it to £9.5M. Half of the £4.6M were instalments though and I also didn't want to wait a few years for the rest of the money, which we possibly would have never seen if Butterweck doesn't develop as Everton will now hope. So I offered him out and we
  8. OBJECTIVE #25 COMPLETED Club Goals/Records -> Become a Top 50 Team based on Reputation in England As you can see there are only 48 teams in England with a better reputation than us currently, which means we've gotten into the Top 50!
  9. OBJECTIVE UPDATES I forgot to do this up to this point but here are a few updates in regards to our objectives. Club Value: £14.64M -> £20.55M Become a Top 50 Team based on Reputation in England START: 78th LAST SEASON: 69th NOW: 49th (objective completed) Win Manager of the Month Award 20x [12/20] Win Manager of the Year Award 3x [2/3]
  10. Notts County F.C | Season #4: 2022/23 | Division: Sky Bet Championship | Manager: Fergus Hunt The great wall of Notts County A solid start to life in the Championship. 0 goals conceded in three matches and 4 points out of two league fixtures is not too bad of a start. Let's hope we can build on this in August. I won't be listing best/worst players this month because we only played three matches but you can see that we got our goals through our RW's and strikers so far. Match of the Month Reading didn't know what hit them as we comfortably won 2-0 i
  11. Notts County F.C | Season #4: 2022/23 | Division: Sky Bet Championship| Manager: Fergus Hunt First Team, U23 and U18 Squads| Club Vision | Club Info | Manager Profile | Preseason | Finances | Dynamics It's been an eventful offseason. Our squad looks quite a bit different, as it always does after promotion and I think we've strengthened it enough to make sure we avoid relegation this upcoming season. Our youth teams also look very solid for a club with our resources and as soon as we can start upgrading facilities, our youngsters should be able to take their game to another lev
  12. We made have found ourselves a really good player in Dominik. An £11M offer by West Ham :O I will decline for now but this bodes well for Butterweck's potential.
  13. Notts County F.C | Season #3: 2021/22 | Division: Sky Bet League One | Manager: Fergus Hunt SEASON #3 IN REVIEW League Table | League Stats | Player Stats | Fixtures | Club Vision | Finances | Dynamics Three seasons. Three promotions. Who would've thought? Not me, that's for sure. This past season was incredible, especially since we struggled much more in League Two. We did however end as champions and the teams promoted with us are Charlton and Luton Town. In the league stats you can see that we scored 92 goals and created 136 shots. We had 179 chances created and 86 goa
  14. Notts County F.C | Season #3: 2021/22 | Division: Sky Bet League One| Manager: Fergus Hunt A fantastic season comes to an end We've done it. Our third straight promotion and our second title within those years means we'll be playing in the Sky Bet Championship next season. I'll be honest, I didn't expect this. Yet, this is the situation we're in and it's looking really good for the club. While the club is now £1M in the red, we're about to get sponsorship money, we have A TON of young talent to develop or sell and we'll be getting £5M+ for each season we remain in
  15. OBJECTIVE #24 COMPLETED Domestic - League Achievements -> Break the Sky Bet League One Wins Record (32) We broke the wins record as well. I don't think beating the goals record will be possible though. We need 23 goals in 2 matches. Yeah, not gonna happen.
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